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Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

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Vintage: 2020
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    Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, crafted by winemaker Austin Hope of Hope Family Wines, is a remarkable expression of the renowned Paso Robles appellation. This limited Reserve edition is the pinnacle of the Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon legacy, offering wine enthusiasts an unparalleled experience.

    The vineyard responsible for this extraordinary wine is situated in the sun-drenched Paso Robles region, known for its exceptional terroir and ideal grape-growing conditions. Here, the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety thrives, capturing the essence of the land and translating it into a wine of exceptional quality.

    In the glass, Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 exhibits a deep, opulent color that hints at its lavish character. From the first swirl, the air is perfumed with the intoxicating aromas of freshly baked blueberry pie, filling the senses with a sense of indulgence. These enticing notes are complemented by underlying hints of cracked black pepper, adding an intriguing spiciness to the bouquet.

    On the palate, this wine unfolds with a symphony of flavors. The initial impression is one of luscious fruit-forward notes, where ripe berries and succulent plums take center stage. As the wine develops, the taste profile evolves, revealing the elegant presence of vanilla bean and the luxurious embrace of cacao. A whisper of dried tobacco leaf adds depth and complexity, contributing to the wine’s overall character.

    The finish of Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship. The integrated tannins gently caress the palate, exhibiting a supple and velvety texture. These refined tannins harmonize flawlessly with the wine’s inherent power and depth, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and elegance.

    24 reviews for Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

    1. Johnathan Carpenter

      The 2017 Cabernet lacks depth, but with age, it will shine. Spectacular potential.

    2. Arlene Harris

      Winebar [4 Whites, 8 Reds, & 6 *shared* bottles] from 01/03/19 (Vintage Wines Ltd., San Diego, CA), : “The making of Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet begins with small lot fermentations separated by individual vyd blocks which receive daily pump-overs for maximum extraction. These lots are constantly supervised, tasted & analyzed for tannin & anthocyanins in order to determine optimal length of extended maceration after fermentation. Once drained & pressed, the young wines are barreled down into a combination of once used & neutral FR oak. In winter of 2019, the lots were blended together & continued barrel aging in 75% new FR oak. Just before bottling the 2017 Austin Hope Cabernet, the winemaking team tasted & selected individual barrels that displayed exceptional quality & character. These barrels were combined together to form the AHCS Reserve. After an additional 6 mos of ageing in 100% new FR oak, the wine was then bottled in Fall 2019.” 15% ABV, N: RIPE (poss jammy?) berries with undertones of pyrazines; Intensity lurking?, P: Med body; RNDISH entry with NICE, ALMOST swtish frt (suspect threshold R.S.) met by a bit of astringent pucker which TOTALLY resolves by the LONG, balanced finish with a tangy/SWTNESS to the still firming, but *quite* INNOCUOUS, DUSTY tannins. For now with food, may improve a TAD during ’20, then drink through ’25. BEST for those who seek out the flirting with R.S. style — & aren’t adverse to PAYING for it. (Caymus [with which Hope has at LEAST had a *past* relationship] C.S. drinker alert!) So, for those folks my VG+/EXC- (88-91/100 using that metric) *will* be low, & that metric would be trending towards the lower 2 #s based upon poor QPR for the style. [Check with this vendor if interested in their COMPETITIVE price.], Note: Since their “regular” ’17 C.S. pushed MY limits of tolerance, I guess it was unlikely I’d think > of a wine put together by selecting indiv barrels of “exceptional quality & character” for 6 ADDT’L mos in 100% new FR oak — PARTICULARLY when the sugg retail amped up 2.5x for the supposed benefits. 🙁

    3. Frank King

      Complex, deep, and tense, this reserve Cab surpasses the regular bottling. Reminiscent of Caymus Special Select, it flaunts flabby, jammy sweetness with notes of toasted oak, vanilla, blackberry jam, and creme de cassis. Some may find the added sweetness appealing, but it’s not my preferred style. Nonetheless, it’s easy to understand its popularity among the American palate.

    4. Leslie Joseph

      Austin Hope’s Reserve wine is good, but not significantly different from their regular Cab to justify the higher price.

    5. Marcia Kiani

      Butterfingers was chosen.

    6. Larry Klepchick

      Fruity, yet balanced. Perfect after 5 years.

    7. Eleanor Cofield

      Vibrant fruitiness, intense hue, and delightful taste. Enjoyable now, promising future with aging.

    8. Cheyenne Goldberg

      Delicious wine, lots of fruit, mild tannins, smooth finish. Unsure if worth 3x non Reserve price, but highly enjoyable.

    9. Neil Sharp

      Promising wine, destined for improvement with age.

    10. Malissa Kachmarsky

      2015 Cab-like. Excellent.

    11. Lynn Howard


    12. Cathy Sloan

      Balanced and full-bodied.

    13. Mary Garcia

      Highly recommended, will repurchase!

    14. April Smith

      Solid fruit-forward AH Cab, enjoyable but on par with their regular offering.

    15. Lisa Garibay

      Intense aroma of dark fruits, earthy notes, fig, chocolate, caramel; impressive mouthfeel.

    16. Edith Winters

      Smooth, fruity, great finish.

    17. Maria Sturmer

      2019 Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon pushes boundaries, with notes of blueberry, vanilla, and baking spices. Luxurious and full-bodied, it lingers on the palate.

    18. Linda Brooks

      This wine is deep and rich, with notes of mocha, cinnamon, berry cobbler, tobacco, and vanilla bean. It is nicely balanced compared to the regular Austin Hope.

    19. John Searchwell

      Austin Hope’s Paso Robles wine boasts a chalky, earthy nose with hints of vanilla and oak. After decanting, blue fruit emerges with a velvety finish. Full-bodied with medium tannins, it offers lingering flavors of oak, vanilla, and black and white pepper. Perfectly pairs with steak or red meat. A friendly and special wine. 8/10.

    20. Joshua Nichols

      Great QPR (quality-price ratio). Well made, tastes great. Good structure for long cellar potential. Might develop for another 20+ years. Worth it if within budget.

    21. Linda Baker


    22. Charles Lamanna

      Dark ruby with concentrated depth. Flavors of cherries, blackberries, vanilla, tobacco, and leather. Low acidity, pleasant tannins, and a long finish. Fantastic!

    23. Clarence Ruff

      Too sweet, like Port, full of flavor, but too strong for my taste.

    24. Rowena Sloan

      Great Paso cab, but not worth the steep price compared to their exceptional regular cab.

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    What does Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, smoke

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla

    peach, stone fruit

    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, cinnamon

    Citrus notes found in the wine


    cheese, cream, oil

    raisin, fig, prune

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, lavender, perfume

    Food Pairing with Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

    Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Austin Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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