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Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

14.50% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2021
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    Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 is your quintessential red wine from Paso Robles. From the depth of color and intense nose, this wine is made with structure and purpose. On the palate, flavors of beautiful rich blackberry, warm vanilla, toasted coffee and black cherry are finished with firm but refined tannins.

    75 reviews for Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

    1. Rosa Morrow

      Impressive value for money.

    2. Carole Snedegar

      Delicious Paso Cabernet with dark fruit flavors, raisin, plum, and anise notes. Comparable to Caymus.

    3. Joseph Chavez

      Fruit forward with heavy oak, lacking integration. Jammy dark fruit, vanilla, and chocolate notes. Long, mostly oaky finish.

    4. Mark Augustine

      Vintage Wines Ltd’s 01/24/20 Winebar features 1 Rosé, 3 Whites, 8 Reds, & 7 *shared* bottles. The wine has a ripe, jammy berry scent and a medium body. It has a nice, almost sweet entry, but with an astringent pucker that resolves by the long, balanced finish. It has a tangy/sweetness to the few, innocuous, dusty tannins. It has a 14.5% ABV, VG+/EXC-, and is a flirting with R.S. style. Check with the vendor for their competitive price.

    5. Linda Giles

      Delightful wine with medium tannins and dark fruit notes. A subtle spice flavor adds to the pleasant experience. At $26, it’s worth buying again.

    6. Sean Talbot

      Dark and extracted with plush notes of blueberry, blackberry, and baking spices. A toned back “little brother” of the Austin Hope Cabernet. Great value and best served slightly chilled.

    7. Nelson Brickley

      Excellent balance, fantastic nose.

    8. Robert Welch

      Fabulous , Well balanced , Great nose

    9. Kathryn Voigt

      Fruit-forward Paso Cab, easy to drink.

    10. Dane Hopper

      Good value. Acidity softened after decanting, letting fruit shine. Not as good as Austin Hope Cabernet but solid under $30.

    11. Cindy Pineda

      Affordable crowd-pleaser. Ripe fruit, dark chocolate, and baking spices with round tannins. Drink now-2026.

    12. Earl Stephens

      Jammy with barrel char, minimal acidity. No improvement with air. Hangover juice. Not worth buying.

    13. Carleen Jodoin

      Excellent wine. Bold and extractive with plummy flavors. Comparable to Caymus, but at a third of the cost.

    14. Ethel Fisher


    15. Hallie Wireman

      Great everyday wine.

    16. Erica Bettencourt

      Too sweet

    17. Shelly Doe

      Fruity, sweet, low acidity.

    18. Jeanne Villatoro

      Smooth and good wine.

    19. Manuel George

      Better than Treana red blend. Great value.

    20. Michael Corley

      Poor quality.

    21. Linda Goodman

      Great find at Pac Heights impromptu garden grill. Treana 2018 beats Bonanza. Austin Hope wins.

    22. Juan Simmons

      Decant to let it open up. Soft tannins, blackberry, mocha, and vanilla notes.

    23. Lillian Lee

      Nice, toned-down Paso Cab with changing blackberry jam notes and a big milk chocolate and coffee aroma. Drinkable without excess weight, and a bit racier than Austin Hope.

    24. Robert Tacker

      Bold, full-bodied, heavy blackberry taste with vanilla and spice in the background. Tannins are well handled. A smooth wine. The petite Sirah and merlot blending is definitely an added plus.

    25. Amanda Holbert

      Great color and body with a soft mouthfeel. The wine offers round, fruit-forward notes of berries and plums. It’s an easy-drinking wine at a great value.

    26. Bruce Savage

      Excellent with seafood lasagna and homemade salad.

    27. Douglas Corsi

      Sweet yet flat.

    28. Diana Folwell

      Flat and sweet.

    29. Leo Baughn

      Dark fruits with light oakiness, mild tannins, and balanced acidity. Great with food or for after-dinner relaxation.

    30. Christopher Maillet

      Dark fruit jamminess with light oak and balanced acidity. Mild tannins make it an easy drink with meals or for unwinding.

    31. Mark Galvez

      Great full-bodied Cab with soft tannins and a fruit-forward flavor. Lingering aftertaste. Recommended.

    32. Roger Panzarella

      Fruit-forward wine, nice.

    33. Daniel Hickman

      A generic wine with gamey black berries and yogurt aroma, black fruits and vanilla flavor, and medium acidity and tannins. Okay craftsmanship. Drink.

    34. Catherine Seabrook

      Disjointed and overpowering with notes of pepper, tobacco and cough syrup. Long finish with a strong heat.

    35. Leon Keith

      “Too sweet and fruity. Similar to Austin Hope.”

    36. Patricia Ramirez

      Delicious wine with sweet vanilla, caramel, and clove aromas, full-body, and a smooth silky finish. Love it!

    37. Lisa Coker

      Vanilla, caramel, and clove aromas. Full-bodied and refreshing. Silky smooth finish. Love it.

    38. Ronnie Jackson

      Fantastic $20 California red wine. Juicy, jammy and delicious. Great value for money. Austin Hope is better, but twice the price.

    39. Andrew Cagle

      Excellent value at $20. Juicy, jammy, and delicious. Perfect for casual sipping. Austin Hope is superior but at double the price.

    40. Diane Hilton

      Treana’s 2019 Paso Robles Cab is a full-bodied, seamlessly alcoholic wine with flavors of dark bramble fruits, black cherries, mulling spices, licorice and bittersweet chocolate. The tannins are fine-grained, making for a silky finish. Enjoy it now-2030.

    41. Lawrence Easter

      Smooth with dark fruits, vanilla and chocolate notes. Medium tannins and a touch of spice. Similar to Rutherford wine.

    42. Jutta Comeaux

      Affordable, delicious Paso Cab with strong oak flavor, reminiscent of Caymus.

    43. Rafael Mason

      Excellent value for money – highly recommended.

    44. Gregory Widmer

      Chemical, jammy, sweet with vanilla and cola finish. Lingering strange flavor. No improvement on day 2.

    45. Edward Lajara

      Great balance of alcohol, acid, tannins & flavors (blackberry, blueberry, licorice, leather, vanilla, green pepper). Medium plus finish & good intensity/complexity.

    46. Robert Ewing

      Dark and fruity with a bold taste, this wine has medium tannins and finishes dry with hints of oak and earthiness.

    47. Rita Coto

      Excellent in all aspects.

    48. Raymond Wall

      Great with grilled ribeye. Blackberry, leather, and oak.

    49. Virgilio Taylor

      Great wine, highly recommended.

    50. John Plagmann

      Fruit forward and sweet-tasting, lacking elegance and refinement. Typical of a lower level Paso cab. 80 points.

    51. Michael Wash

      Fruit forward and almost sweet taste, lacked elegance and refinement. Typical of a lower level Paso cab. 80 points.

    52. Patrick Cook

      I was trying to give it a 91, but the slider was fighting with me. , No decanting or air for this tasting. Open, pour, drink, repeat. , Cranberry and damp sponge on the nose., Black licorice and new wetsuit baked with deep stone fruit preserves in a well aged cast iron pan. Graceful transition into glue sticks and wildflower fields. , Total crowd pleaser, great for rookies and snooty old smarties. , “We’re all just the same now you snooty old smarties, and now we can go to your frankfurter parties” -Dr. Seuss

    53. Eddie Bray

      Smooth, tasty wine with a beautiful purple color. Great value, but be warned – the bottle will be empty before you know it.

    54. Ida Mcaninch

      J is slightly better due to a 2-year difference, but this wine is still excellent – sweeter and fuller-bodied than Justin.

    55. Gladys Rooney

      Perfect with Indian cuisine.

    56. Henry Quayle

      Good, but not overly complex with a short finish. Requires aging for improvement.

    57. Angela Brandt

      Balanced taste from start to finish.

    58. Hector Stone

      Cabernet Sauvignon with sweet, lush aromas of dark berries, cassis, and spices. Full-bodied and concentrated with chocolatey oak flavours and fresh acidity. Dry finish with touches of coffee. A must-try for chocolate lovers.

    59. Donovan Polk

      Always delivers for me, exceptional value at $25. Baby Caymus, and honestly I find it better than Caymus. Dark fruit dominant, with some milder red fruits in there, chocolate, mild oak, graphite. Crowd pleaser, buy a case and open for friends with confidence!

    60. Russell Cabrera

      Decant before drinking. Requires more time.

    61. Paul Jameson

      Not a personal favorite from Austin Hope, even after allowing it to breathe.

    62. Chong Swaim

      Balanced sips of black licorice. Needs a long decant.

    63. Frederick Doyle

      Balanced sips of black licorice. Needs a long decant.

    64. Miriam Summers

      Velvety with long finish.

    65. Lavern Mcconnell

      Excellent everyday Cabernet.

    66. Allen Abercrombie

      Good value, slightly sweet, lacks complexity.

    67. Lillie Baney

      “Unbalanced. Sweet vanilla scent. Residual sugar. Halfway to port.”

    68. Charlene Cureton

      Deep red color and decent legs Plum and woodsy on the nose, hibiscus and blackberry on the palate. Very well structure with acidic and long finish.

    69. Melissa Keenan

      Well-structured wine with deep red color, plum, woodsy, hibiscus, and blackberry notes. Long acidic finish.

    70. Daniel Whitley

      Plush yet balanced with excellent value.

    71. Frederick Canales

      Fruit-forward Paso Robles red with vanilla and dark fruit notes. Medium-full bodied, with fine but somewhat rough tannins. Decent quality-price ratio at $25.

    72. James Koons

      Enjoyed this wine despite not being an expert taster.

    73. Robert Clark

      Review: Good nose, tastes good with oak, fruit, and sugar. Drink directly after opening. Taste changes after 2 hours due to oxidation. Too much of everything without refinement. Would drink again but won’t buy.

    74. Betty Fowler

      Costco buy. Red/black fruit on nose with vanilla/oak & mint undertones. Sweet fruit & acidity balanced. Palate: sweet cherry/black cherry fruit & vanilla. Medium body, acidity & tannins with long finish. Good with steak. Enjoyed. 91+/-

    75. Doris Pearson

      Sweet dessert wine, not as advertised. Paid $23, worth $13 now.

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    What does Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, mushroom

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla

    apple, peach, stone fruit

    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, cinnamon

    Citrus notes found in the wine

    citrus, lemon, grapefruit

    cheese, cream, oil

    Vegetal notes found in the wine

    tomato, grass, asparagus

    raisin, fig, prune

    tropical, papaya, lychee

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, lavender, perfume

    Food Pairing with Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

    Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Treana Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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