Trisaetum Dry Riesling Ribbon Ridge Estate 2022

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Vintage: 2022
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Trisaetum Dry Riesling Ribbon Ridge Estate 2022, crafted under the expertise of Winemaker James Frey, showcases the distinct characteristics of the marine sediment-rich terroir of the Ribbon Ridge estate. Delicately hued, this Riesling presents a charming bouquet featuring alluring hints of white roses, golden apple, and zesty key lime. Upon the first sip, the palate unravels an exquisite interplay of flavors, including the luscious essence of Asian pear, the subtle warmth of nutmeg-studded oranges, and the invigorating zest of ginger. The wine’s vibrant acidity and refreshing minerality add depth to its well-balanced structure, culminating in a lingering, memorable finish.


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Food Pairing with Trisaetum Dry Riesling Ribbon Ridge Estate 2022

Our wine experts think this Tropical and Balanced Trisaetum Dry Riesling Ribbon Ridge Estate 2022 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Founded by James Frey and Andrea Lassa, Trisaetum, nestled five miles outside McMinnville, Oregon, embodies their dreams of owning a piece of land to cultivate, raise a family, and create exceptional wines. Established in 2003, the winery took root in an ideal terroir on a steep and rocky site, with a second vineyard later planted on Ribbon Ridge, located twenty minutes away. Their dedication to sustainable viticulture is evident in their commitment to dry-farming, extensive composting, and bee-friendly practices, fostering a healthy and diverse ecosystem around their vineyards. Trisaetum is renowned for its exquisite production of Willamette Valley wines, including their flagship Pinot Noir, alongside other varietals, crafted with meticulous care and expertise. Despite external...check our brand Trisaetum
Originating from the Rhine area, Riesling is a type of white grape known for its fragrant, flowery scent and notable acidity. This grape is versatile, used in creating a range of wines from dry to sweet, including sparkling varieties. Typically, wines made from Riesling are unadulterated by oak aging. As of 2004, it was the 20th most cultivated grape globally, covering about 48,700 hectares (120,000 acres), and its significance in producing high-quality wines often places it among the top three white wine grapes, alongside Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Riesling is particularly sensitive to its growing environment, with its flavor greatly reflecting its place of cultivation. Riesling, known as one of the most esteemed white wine varieties globally, holds a rich history rooted in...Please check Riesling for more information

Winemaker of Trisaetum Dry Riesling Ribbon Ridge Estate 2022

James Frey

James Frey

James Frey, a remarkable winemaker, and abstract expressionist painter, defies traditional career paths with his unconventional journey into the world of wine. Armed with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of California, Berkeley, and later acquiring an M.B.A. and a Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Arizona, James's path to winemaking might seem unlikely. However, his passion for winemaking led him to learn the craft, guided by mentors such as Oregon's Josh Bergström and Burgundy's Jacques Lardiere. The fruits of his labor became evident as his wines consistently made appearances in major publications' Top 100 Wines of the Year lists from 2013 to 2019. In 2015, one of James's wines achieved global recognition by being ranked as... More Products
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Ribbon Ridge

Ribbon Ridge, nestled within Oregon's esteemed Willamette Valley, has a rich history dating back to 1980 when the first vines were planted. This region was granted AVA status in 2005, distinguishing itself as a notable sub-region within the Chehalem Mountains AVA. Positioned on a free-floating hill, Ribbon Ridge is bounded by Ayres and Dopp creeks in the north and west, with Chehalem Creek to the west, creating a distinctive terroir for winemaking.

The region's defining feature lies in its marine sedimentary soils, a stark contrast to the volcanic Jory soils found in neighboring AVAs. These ancient,... ...Check Region for more information

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