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Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021

14.80% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2021
  • JS 91
  • WI 93
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    Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 is a wine that embodies the rich history and dedicated craftsmanship of Robert Biale Vineyards. This particular vintage stands out as a stellar example of what Zinfandel, especially from 100+ year old vines, can achieve under the skilled hands of winemaker David Natali. From the very first pour, the Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 invites you into a world of complex aromas and flavors that capture the essence of its origin.

    The color of Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 is a deep, inviting ruby, hinting at the richness to come. As you take in the aroma, a vibrant mix of bramble fruit, candied strawberry, cocoa powder, and pomegranate molasses immediately greets you. This introduction sets the stage for an even more intriguing palate experience. The taste of Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 is a harmonious blend of fruit-driven and savory notes. Juicy plum, lush black cherry, and fig unfold first, followed by layers of baking spices, leather, and a subtle touch of volcanic ash, a nod to the unique terroir of the R.W. Moore Vineyard located in the Coombesville AVA. Elegant, fine-grained tannins round out the experience, leaving a lasting impression of balance and depth.

    The cultivation practices at Robert Biale Vineyards, such as using head-trained and dry-farmed vines, and the meticulous process of hand-harvesting, play a crucial role in the wine’s complexity. Fermented in open-top fermenters, with a careful 2-4-day cold soak and 2-3 punch downs a day, the wine is then aged for 11 months in 100% Burgundy oak barrels, with 25% new. This methodical approach, coupled with an alcohol volume of 14.8% and the dedication to preserving the integrity of the 100% Zinfandel grapes, ensures that each bottle of Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 is a true representation of the craft and heritage of Biale Vineyards.

    Critical acclaim for Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 further attests to its exceptional quality. James Suckling awarded it 91 points, praising its ripe mulberries, crushed wild berries, spiced orange peel, dried flowers, and wet stones characteristics. He notes its juicy and polished palate, medium body, and fresh, fruit-forward finish. The Wine Independent gave it 93 points, describing it as a handsome red that’s zesty yet refined, showcasing lively black cherry, spice, and cinnamon flavors that evolve into fine-grained tannins. These reviews not only celebrate the wine’s immediate enjoyability but also hint at its potential to evolve beautifully over time.

    In summary, Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 from Robert Biale Vineyards is more than just a wine; it’s a testament to tradition, meticulous care, and the art of winemaking. David Natali’s expertise shines through in every aspect of the wine, from the choice of vines to the final aging process. For anyone seeking a rich, nuanced Zinfandel that captures the heart of California winemaking, the Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 is a compelling choice that promises an unforgettable tasting experience.

    74 reviews for Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021

    1. Roxanne Guillot

      Top pick of 2015 ZAP Trade Tasting. Blackberry, black cherry, pepper, earth, allspice, big body, long, rich finish. Biale Zinfandels were 3 of my top 5.

    2. Gwen Boyette

      Biale team has done a great job with this Coombsville old vine Zin expression. Dark ruby, 14.8% abv, expressive blue fruit aromas, rich and deep with lingering aftertaste.

    3. Jeffrey Jones

      Big zin flavors with restrained 14.8%, really nice.

    4. Ruth Lain

      Crimson wine with dark fruit, pepper, and baking spices aroma. Medium body, packed with concentrated fruit, blackberries, raspberries, and white pepper on the palate. Strong finish. Drink in 4-6 years.

    5. Anne Schwalbe

      Well-balanced Zin, but fruit faded due to over-decanting.

    6. Vincent Ainslie

      Fruit-forward Zinfandel with jammy feel. Decanted for 3 hours and consumed over 2 hours. Try next bottle in 2 years.

    7. Christopher Brock

      Dark violet color, mulberry and blackberry aroma. Dried apricot, fig, and wild berry taste with good acidity. Medium-plus finish. 91+ points.

    8. Jesse Naz

      Balanced with a smooth, long finish. Bright fruit and good complexity.

    9. Twyla Brinkmann

      Jam-packed with bold flavors.

    10. Jennifer Zager

      Favorite wine from Biale tasting, even better than remembered. Balanced alcohol, lovely fruit, nice nose. Drink now, no need to hold.

    11. Jeffrey Aranda

      Fantastic restraint shown with the lush berry fruit and bold Zin spices, making for a rare, fresh, and delightful Zinfandel.

    12. Sherri Galloway

      Dark ruby color, aromatic black cherry, herbs, and root beer nose. Balanced acidity with a medium-plus finish.

    13. Patricia Myers

      ZAP TRADE TASTING, black cherry, blackberry, allspice nose and palate, big body, sweet but not too sweet, rich fruit, needs 3 years to peak, higher score then, long finish.

    14. John Wilbert

      “Dark ruby with black cherry and Zin spice. Good tannic structure. Enjoyable now and will improve with age.”

    15. Rhonda Williams

      Fruity notes give way to leathery tannins; aging potential.

    16. Salvador Obrion

      Exciting Zinfandel with great depth and structure. Displays red and dark fruits, underbrush, and Mediterranean spice. Wonderful expression of the varietal.

    17. Carlos Wright

      “Fantastic Zinfandel. Balanced, deep, smooth tannins, nice spice, great fruit, long finish.”

    18. Jannette Larzazs

      Excellent Zinfandel expression with consistent notes from my previous tasting.

    19. Roman Friedly

      Simple with nice fruit. Ranked #7 by me, Domino’s, and the group. 62 pts.

    20. Manuel Estes

      Powerful Zinfandel with black fruit, sweet licorice, lavender, baking spice, and a hint of petite sirah co-ferment. Finishes with a post-brew espresso kick.

    21. John Honig

      Enjoyed a ’13 Ueberroth with marinated pork and potatoes, followed by 2/3 of a Bedrock “mixed blacks” Weill a Way vineyard ’16. Perfect pairing, no science, all luck. RW Moore has dark fruit, cassis, raspberry tart, and teeth-coating tannins, opening well after an hour. Yummy!

    22. Dennis Gerard

      Smooth yet earthy, this zin is a must-try.

    23. Nancy Desoto

      ZAP TRADE TASTING: blackberry, earth, spice, medium/big body, tasty, smooth, simple, long finish.

    24. Carl Beard

      Impressive balance of red and blue fruits with Mediterranean spice and garrigue. The nose and texture are wonderful. This wine has the “x” factor. Good juice.

    25. Maria Roberts

      Excellent Zinfandel with a peppery nose and palate, great fruit, and depth. Good complexity and mouthfeel leading to a clean, long finish.

    26. Helen Harris

      Well-balanced Zinfandel with red fruit, garrigue, and Mediterranean spice. Wonderful nose, texture, and depth. Great nuance!

    27. Lillian Parrish

      Consistent with previous tasting notes. Great wine!

    28. Claudette Segal

      Review: Big black fruits, fresh herbs, and red flowers on the nose. Perfectly balanced with great acidity. Needs an hour to open up. Ages for 5-7 years or longer.

    29. Bryan Quick

      Clean, smooth, and complex with a long finish.

    30. John Powers

      Good balance of red and black fruit with hints of raspberry and plum. Drinking well.

    31. Cindy Bailey

      Excellent Zinfandel, enjoy immediately.

    32. Pamela Goad

      Excited to try it, currently enjoyable but saving one bottle for aging.

    33. Billy Wells

      Exciting vineyard iteration. Dark fruit, underbrush and Christmas spice notes. Pleasing aroma. Broad shoulders yet graceful on the palate. Good juice.

    34. Wendell Taylor

      Rich fruit nose and palate of red and black cherry, blackberry and briar. Big body and a long finish. Peaks in 3 years and ages well up to 15 years.

    35. Gary Carter

      Dark fruit, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, figs, cassis, plum, olives, chocolate, violets, cinnamon, oak & vanilla on the nose & palate. Drinkable young, ages 10+ years.

    36. Elsie Brandon

      Balanced blackberry with a bramble finish.

    37. Daniel Marcum

      Complex flavors, nice fruit, tannins, minerality, clean finish.

    38. James Fisher

      Smooth with nice acidity, wonderful bark cherry and black licorice notes.

    39. Richard Arwood

      Unbalanced heat overshadows simplicity. Not recommended.

    40. Eduardo Slater

      Smooth, but not a fan of the vanilla.

    41. Dane Robinson

      Smoky oak and mushroom aromas lead to a black raspberry palate with spice and a resolved tannin, followed by a building oak finish. Perfect for the present.

    42. Timmy Stanley

      Robert Biale’s R.W. Moore Vineyard Zinfandel has a retail price of $62, with dark fruit notes on the nose and a velvety texture on the palate. It is a great wine that will improve in the short term.

    43. Silvia Williams

      Smooth wine, perfect with sausages.

    44. Ronald Johnson

      Plusher and round compared to Biale Stagecoach, but don’t hold onto it longer. Great nonetheless.

    45. Liliana Lasch

      Excellent single vineyard Zinfandel with balanced wood and alcohol, great depth and structure. Aromatically pleasing with red fruit, Christmas spice and garrigue notes. Great juice.

    46. Leticia Espenshade

      Reserved and interesting, this zin is perfect for your cellar.

    47. John Axel

      Ruby purple, creamy blackberry, opens up with air, chunky but enjoyable for fans of creamy fruit style. Heavy at first, lightens up with air.

    48. John Hayes

      Flavors of blackberry, black cherry, and brassy red fruit with sassafras and dried herbs. Finishes with asphalt, dusty raspberry fruit, oak, and mineral/iron notes.

    49. Christopher Patrick

      Rustic fruit, mulch, and oak on the nose. Smoky with chewy tannins and earthy notes on the finish. Needs improvement.

    50. Martha Murray

      Big cherry and berry flavors with a nice long finish, this Zin from an old Coombsville vineyard is worth the extra money if you like a bigger wine.

    51. Brian Howell

      Favorite Biale zin – wonderful Napa Valley example, blue & black fruit, spice notes, garrigue touch, great depth & texture, aromatically pleasing. Good juice.

    52. Stephanie Crain

      Beef risotto paired perfectly with the wine on a casual Monday night.

    53. Loretta Carmichael

      Balanced notes of blueberry, smoke, earth, and oak sawdust. Chewy tannins with black raspberry, blackberry, and spice, smoothing out to a finish of brambly blackberry, dark chocolate, black earth, smoky oak, and vanilla.

    54. Richard Gardner

      Outstanding Zinfandel with nice spice, minerality, complexity, bright fruit flavor, and long, clean finish.

    55. Heidi Chestnut

      Overpriced for average quality.

    56. Deborah Burgess

      Young wine with red and blue fruit and prominent acidity. Needs two more years to age into an outstanding R.W. Moore from Biale.

    57. Gregory Reyes

      Not a favorite.

    58. Natalia Duval

      Disappointing. Muted and lifeless. Surprising from a beloved vineyard.

    59. Henry Logue

      “Focused fruit elevates this wine, making it better than the 2018 Black Chicken. Christmas spice shines through.”

    60. Irene Kennedy

      “Excellent bottle, redeemed from previous flaw.”

    61. David Monte

      Rated 90 for both nose and palate.

    62. Dexter Jones

      Excellent Sunday night wine, became addictive after opening up.

    63. Elnora Mulhern

      Flavors of raspberry, blackberry pie, caramel with a minty edge and chewy tannins. Plenty of oak. Drinking well now.

    64. Shelia Keaton

      Biale’s single vineyard Zinfandel offers great depth and texture with flavors of red fruit, Christmas spice, garrigue, and wild herbs. At age eight, it’s in full stride and is my favorite. Good juice.

    65. Eileen Palmore

      Black currant balanced with hints of vanilla and black pepper. Is as good as it’s gonna be, which is good, fruit is there but will fade over time. Drink it up and remember it fondly!

    66. Shella Quezada

      Rich and smooth with great flavor.

    67. William Pettis

      Note from winegeek1989: Excellent wine, highly recommend.

    68. Donna Huggins

      Rustic rush of spice and brush with chunky tannins and loads of oak. Age-worthy. 93+ points.

    69. Rosa Tuholski

      Initial bitterness overshadowed fruit, good acidity, unbalanced until given air. Needs aging or decanting.

    70. John Herren

      Invalid review.

    71. Jacqueline Larson

      Day 1: Enjoyable with balanced sweetness and spice. Aging recommended.
      Day 2: Drink now as it lost its charm.

    72. Sandra Mckinney

      Excellent depth, one of the best zinfandels I’ve had.

    73. Tiffany Clayton

      Top-notch Biale Zin!

    74. James Mcgee

      Iconic Coombsville Zinfandel, 14.8% ABV. Red fruits, plums and baking spices on the nose. Medium to full bodied, balanced with black cherry, raspberry liqueur, cranberry and pepper on the palate. Exceptional length on the finish. Best over next 4-6 years. $65 at winery and retail.

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    Critical Acclaim

    JS 91
    James Suckling
    Ripe mulberries, crushed wild berries, spiced orange peel, dried flowers and wet stones. Juicy and polished on the palate with a medium body and fresh, fruit-forward finish.
    WI 93
    The Wine Independent
    A handsome red that's zesty yet refined, with lively black cherry, spice and cinnamon flavors that flesh out toward fine-grained tannins. Drink now.

    What does Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, smoke

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla

    stone fruit

    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, cinnamon

    Citrus notes found in the wine


    cream, campfire, yeast


    Food Pairing with Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021

    Our wine experts think this Red Wine Robert Biale Zinfandel 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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