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Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022

13.70% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2022
  • WE 93
  • OB 93
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  • JS 93
  • OB 93
  • WIL 92
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    Crafted by Ridge Vineyards and led by winemaker Trester Goetting, the Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 emerges as a standout varietal wine. This blanc wine, boasting an 86% Grenache Blanc and 14% Picpoul blend, offers an engaging and accessible experience for wine enthusiasts across the United States. With grapes sourced from Adelaida, Fossil Creek, and Halter Ranch vineyards in the Paso Robles appellation, this grenache white wine reflects the unique terroir of the Central Coast, renowned for its Rhône Valley-inspired varietals.

    The Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 presents an attractive golden color, inviting the drinker into a world of aromatic complexity and vibrant tastes. The aroma unfolds with layers of white flowers, peach, ripe melon, pineapple, key lime, and wet stone, capturing the essence of its varietal character. Upon tasting, the wine reveals a bright and clean entry with a medium body. It is distinguished by its complex mouthfeel, incorporating minerality and fresh natural acidity, culminating in a mouthwatering finish that is both refined and memorable.

    The 2022 vintage benefited from the unique growing conditions of western Paso Robles, where cool summer fogs and limestone soils contribute to the wine’s distinct profile. A careful winemaking process, including whole-cluster pressing and natural fermentation, further enhances the wine’s character. Aged on the lees for six months, the wine achieves a full body and complexity that belies its gentle handling and sustainable farming practices.

    Wine critics have lavished high praise on the Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022, with both Wine Enthusiast and Owen Bargreen awarding it 93 points. According to Wine Enthusiast, this blend is notable for its “acidic heft,” with aromas of sliced peach, coconut, and macadamia nut being perfectly balanced by crushed stone and chalk. The palate is celebrated for its rounded flavors of salted peach and melon, maintaining vibrancy and firmness throughout.

    Owen Bargreen highlights the wine’s “alluring aromatics” of star jasmine and honeysuckle, complemented by kiwi and kumquat notes. Its palate is praised for being fresh and lithe, offering juicy starfruit and pear flavors. This Southern Rhône-inspired wine is recommended to be enjoyed over the next five to seven years, highlighting its immediate appeal and aging potential.

    The Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 stands out as a prime example of Grenache Blanc’s versatility and appeal. From its golden hue and aromatic complexity to its vibrant taste and elegant finish, this wine captures the essence of the grape grenache and its exceptional adaptation to the Paso Robles region. Whether you’re new to white grenache wine or a seasoned aficionado, this offering from Ridge Vineyards is a compelling addition to any wine collection, promising a unique and enjoyable tasting experience.

    This Grenache Blanc wine, also known as Garnacha Blanca, brings a touch of elegance to the table. With tasting notes that hint at green apple freshness, this wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, ensuring a creamy texture that complements its crispness. Perfect for those who enjoy a wine with character and a hint of high alcohol warmth.

    From the sun-drenched vineyards of San Luis Obispo, this wine echoes the mastery found in Châteauneuf du Pape, blending the richness of Grenache Noir with the bright, fruity profiles of Grenache Blanc and Granache Blanc. It’s a symphony of flavors, offering a unique twist on the traditional wine grape, creating a memorable experience with every sip.

    15 reviews for Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022

    1. Kelly Bertrand

      This white wine from Ridge is a delight. The pear and citrus flavors in the Grenache Blanc are refreshing and perfect for a sunny day.

    2. Annie Polanco

      Sipped on some Grenache Blanc and the stone and honey flavors were a delightful twist on the usual white wine.

    3. Wanda Moore

      Winemaker Trester Goetting has truly outdone himself with this Ridge Grenache Blanc. The lemon and tropical notes were a pleasant surprise.

    4. Joann Henry

      The Grenache Blanc with its subtle notes of butterscotch and a hint of melon is a delightful addition to any wine collection.

    5. Giselle Nash

      Tried the Grenache Blanc from Paso Robles and the taste of straw and honeysuckle was a unique and pleasant experience.

    6. Jonathan Miller

      Winemaker Trester Goetting’s Ridge Vineyards Grenache Blanc is one of a kind. The flavors of lemon zest and green apple are a perfect blend.

    7. Shannon Reed

      The Ridge Grenache Blanc from Paso Robles is a must-try. The taste of vanilla and yellow apple is a delightful surprise.

    8. John Sanchez

      Just got my bottle of Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022! The citrus and pear notes make it a perfect white wine for summer evenings. Loving it!

    9. Barbara Wilson

      A bottle of Ridge Grenache Blanc is a must-have for white wine lovers. The taste of pear, apple, and a hint of cream is just heavenly.

    10. Betty Plumber

      Paso Robles never disappoints! This white wine with its rich butter and apple flavors is no exception. Kudos to the team at Ridge.

    11. Susan Sam

      This Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 is a gem. The tropical and citrus taste pairs perfectly with a light salad.

    12. James Chung

      Had a glass of Grenache Blanc last night. The delightful hint of green apple and apricot was a pleasant surprise.

    13. Merlyn Equils

      Wow! The Grenache Blanc from Ridge Vineyards left me speechless. The flavors of lemon zest and stone fruit are perfectly balanced.

    14. Robert Freyer

      Winemaker Trester Goetting has done an exceptional job with this Ridge Vineyards Grenache Blanc. The vanilla undertones with a touch of pineapple were simply divine.

    15. Joe Orenstein

      The Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 is a definite crowd pleaser. The blend of citrus and pear flavors makes it a perfect sip for any occasion.

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    Critical Acclaim

    WE 93
    Wine Enthusiast
    This bottling from three vineyards employs 14% Picpoul to add acidic heft to the formula, which checks off so many white-wine boxes. Aromas of sliced peach, coconut and macadamia nut are cut by crushed stone and chalk on the nose. The palate is rounded in salted peach and melon flavors, but remains vibrant in acidity and firm in texture long into the finish.
    OB 93
    Owen Bargreen
    The seriously good 2022 Ridge Vineyards Grenache Blanc has 14% Picpoul added. Right away this offers alluring aromatics of star jasmine and honeysuckle alongside ripe kiwi and kumquat notes. The palate is very fresh and lithe with a soft mouthfeel and great sense of length. Juicy starfruit and pear fruits greet you, as this Southern Rhône inspired wine is drinking nicely now, and is best enjoyed over the next five to seven years to come. Drink 2023-2029.

    What does Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    minerals, stone, honey

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, butter, butterscotch

    pear, green apple, apple

    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine


    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    white pepper, mint, pepper

    Citrus notes found in the wine

    citrus, lemon, lime

    cream, oil, lemon curd

    Vegetal notes found in the wine

    straw, hay, grass

    tropical, pineapple, mango

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    honeysuckle, jasmine, chamomile

    Food Pairing with Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022

    Our wine experts think this Tropical and Balanced Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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    ridge vineyards cupertino
    ridge vineyards lytton springs
    ridge vineyards montebello road cupertino ca
    ridge vineyards monte bello
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    Other Vintages:

    • JS 93
    • OB 93
    • WIL 92
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    Winemaker of Ridge Grenache Blanc 2022

    geyserville sonoma Winemaker

    Trester Goetting

    In the ever-evolving world of viticulture and enology, few events stir as much excitement and anticipation as the appointment of a new winemaker to a renowned winery. Ridge Vineyards, a name synonymous with excellence and tradition in winemaking, recently heralded a new chapter in its illustrious history by welcoming Trester Goetting as the Monte Bello Winemaker. This pivotal move not only marks a significant milestone in Goetting's career but also promises to uphold and enrich the legacy of Ridge's commitment to producing distinct, site-specific wines through traditional methods. With an impressive tenure of 25 years in the California winemaking scene, Trester Goetting brings to Ridge Vineyards a rich tapestry of experience and expertise. His recent role as Winemaker at Robert Biale... More Products
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