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Myriad Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard 2020

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Vintage: 2020
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    Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard 2020 is a stunning display of classic California Cabernet Sauvignon. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon originates from the renowned Rutherford AVA in Napa Valley and was created by winemaker Mike Smith. It is a limited production, with only 150 cases created in this vintage.

    This Cabernet Sauvignon is a tantalizing combination of blue fruit extravaganza on the nose with a soft and supple Rutherford dust mid-palate and cocoa tannins throughout. On the palate, the Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a vibrant and powerful expression of blue fruits. With extraction, intensity and dark berry liquor elements that dominate the flavorful palate, there is a wonderfully smooth and integrated tannic structure.

    The grapes are sourced from the historic vineyard, Beckstoffer Georges III, which was first planted by Elizabeth Rutherford in 1895. The vineyard was replanted in 1988 with Cabernet Sauvignon clones 337, 4 and 15 and using tighter spacing and advanced trellising systems, this allowed for better quality and grape tonnage. The vineyard is situated with slight uplifts and rolling knolls, as well as 181 acres forever protected under a land conservation easement, meaning the grapes used to make this wine will remain in the same environment for years to come.

    The climate in this AVA has proven to be ideal for producing bold, yet balanced flavors in Cabernet Sauvignon. The combination of diurnal temperature shifts and maritime influence provided by the close proximity to the San Pablo Bay, gives this classic varietal a beautiful combination of wild, ripe blueberry and black current with notes of baking spice and a deep, concentrated structure.

    The quality of this wine is evident in all aspects of its production and Mike Smith has created a vivid cabernet sauvignon that is equally supple and full flavored. The wines of this small vineyard always show intense character and Myriad Cellar’s Beckstoffer Georges III Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is no exception.

    75 reviews for Myriad Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard 2020

    1. Doug Winski

      Myriad 2017 & 2018: Red and black cherry, kirschwasser, pomegranate, spice, and vanilla dominate the profile. A young and primary, but zippy rendition of GIII. 94+ points, with upside in a few years. Best after 2021/2022+.

    2. John Barrett

      Incredible wine with deep purple color, big dark ripe fruit extraction, cream de cassis, tobacco, coco dust, smooth tannins, and lingering finish. Worth buying now, won’t last. 97++ Points.

    3. Bobby Geist

      Great value. Dark fruit on the palate with a long finish. Incredibly smooth. Drink early.

    4. Joseph Panther

      Raw materials present, but too primary for my taste. Wait 3-5 years.

    5. John Fisher

      Dark ruby fruit of blackberry, dark currants, dark cherry, and dark raspberry. Smooth mid-palate with beautiful purity, solid depth, and concentration. Vibrant and rich flavors with a fairly long finish. An impressive wine that is best enjoyed young. 97+ rating.

    6. Deborah Carroll

      Intense, complex, tons of fruit. I’d rate it 94-95 now, but it might be a 97 in a year or two. Beautiful ripe fruit takes over the wine.

    7. Michael Underhill

      Best George’s III Myriad yet! Bold attack of dark black and blueberry, fantastic fruit extraction, and amazing flavors. A hi-octane Napa Cab that’s not for the faint of heart. A beastly new world wine.

    8. Willie Murray

      G3 has primary notes of chocolate and blueberry, equal fruit weight, and less sweetness since 6 months ago. Coming along, but still a long way to go.

    9. Barbara Bode

      Mike Smith’s 2018s & 2017s are ultra-accessible, chewy and full of big ‘ol gobs of fruit. Expect extracted blackberry, soil, spice and black cherry syrup. With ample tannic spine, it finishes intense and effusive. It’s awesomely decadent and debauched, but beware and don’t wear a suit and tie. 96-98 points.

    10. Floyd Evans

      Mike Smith’s 2018 and 2017 wines from Myriad, Quivet, Scarlett, Becklyn, and others in Saint Helena have big fruit upfront with a redder profile. The 2017 vintage has traditional black cherry and earthy notes, but with less intensity. The wine needs another year to settle. Score: 93-94+.

    11. Barbara Martinez

      Rich and decadent, with notes of cherry, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, and white pepper. Jammy and with a long finish. 94 to 95.

    12. Craig Gerleman

      Approachable George III with silky smooth texture, luxurious chocolate, coconut, ripe black cherry, and mineral freshness. Less sharp than other prestigious vintages. Pleasantly surprised.

    13. Steve Twombley

      Juicy and decadent wine with plump and Port-like taste. Needs long decant or bottle time. Nose of blueberry pie, candied cherry, and menthol, tastes of blackberry liqueur, black licorice, and cherry cola, with candied finish. 14.8% alcohol. Wait until 2021 or so. 91-92 on first day, 92-93 on second.

    14. Helen Gould

      Dark ruby fruit with vibrant flavors of dark berries, some spice box/licorice, and a little chocolate/cocoa. Medium/medium plus body with a smooth mid-palate. Decent finish but not overly long nor deep. 100% cab.

    15. Micheal Love

      Excellent wine with subtle violet notes and dark ripe black fruits. Creamy cassis and chocolate notes with smooth tannins. 96 +/- points.

    16. Orville Clark

      Myriad GIII barrel sample has strong fruit and extraction, with blackberries, blueberry compote, and a hint of loamy soil and floral notes. The front end is chewy and ripe, but mid-palate shows high tones and bitterness that may subside with time. Tannins are sweet and integrated, with a good backbone. Enjoy within five years. Finish has good length and promise. 93-95.

    17. Pamela Johnson

      2018 GIII – Ripe and Ready. Smooth and Sweet. Finishes slightly sweet, round, and ripe. 95++ points.

    18. Fernando Wagner

      Decanted for a couple of hours, this wine has a red cherry fruit profile with cocoa and earthy notes. Better on the second day with a richer profile. Needs time, could be better in a year or two. 93 pts.

    19. Nancy Mckown

      Review: Smooth, rich, and vibrant flavors of dark berries, baking spices, and cocoa. Medium plus body with a fairly long finish. Lay remaining bottles down for six months. 95/100.

    20. Brittny Marshall

      Flavorsome with dark ruby fruit, spice box, and chocolate notes. Decanted for an hour, drinking well even at this youthful stage. The most expressive vintage I’ve had. 100% cab.

    21. Angela Bratcher

      Solid wine with ripe dark fruit, anise, and tobacco. Less impactful than previous III G vintages. Good score of 93-94 points, but hold for now.

    22. Roman Jack

      Young wine with red fruit notes and a finish of coconut, clove, and a hint of greenness. Night 2 update pending.

    23. Roderick Stjean

      Balanced with sweet, integrated tannins, rich fruit, and wonderful acidity. Best G III tasted.

    24. Patricia Santillo

      Unexpectedly amazing GIII wine – ripe, big but balanced. WOW!

    25. Juan Whitehorn

      Requires aging, too tart to drink presently even on day 2.

    26. James Kono

      Myriad’s 2017 wine is currently too boozy and lacks mid-palate or structure. Hold until 2022 and hope for the best.

    27. Marcia Orourke

      Expressive Cab Sauv with musky, earthy aroma, notes of blackberry and walnut, smoky, slight pepper finish. Developing well. 93 points.

    28. Margaret Burdick

      Well-made wine with great interplay between fruit and oak from a poor vintage. Double decanted for 3 hours, recommend 3-5 hours. pH around 4.1. Enjoy now or within the next 40 months.

    29. Meagan Smith

      Deep and opaque eggplant color with heavy nose and taste of blackberries, cedar, earth, ash and strawberry leaves. Medium well integrated tannins and medium plus acidity give a great mouthfeel. Really nice now and likely even better in a few years. Score: 94.

    30. Emily Cavender

      A lively and exuberant wine that is almost like candy. Blackberry, black cassis, mild spice, graphite and cedar make for a showy wine. Finish is long and ultra smooth with very ripe tannins. Drinking it young, but it has all the ingredients to settle down into a proper Cabernet.

    31. Grace Romero

      Review: Dark purple with blueberry, cassis, and mocha flavors. Massive and pure with a healthy tannic structure. Delicious now, but hold for a year. 96+.

    32. Nereida Sprague

      Excellent slow-oxed wine. Dark fruits and a long finish. Excited for the next bottle.

    33. Michael Jones

      Myriad Crane is better than 18 Myriad Crane. Needs time, has excellent aromas of dark chocolate, spice box, blackberries and forest floor. Full-bodied with big time richness, fine tannins, impressive texture, and a long finish. Will get better with time.

    34. Anthony Marshall

      2018 Realm The Bard: Tightly coiled, tannic, mouth-staining purple, blueberry, mocha. Good QPR. 93 for now.

      2018 Myriad Beckstoffer GIII: Rutherford, fruit upfront, strong tannic backbone. Patience needed. 92 for now.

    35. Richard Triana

      Preferred this wine on day 2 with black cherry/berry fruit, cedar, and earthy notes. Sweet tannins and reasonably long finish. Rated a 93.

    36. Chong Harris

      Review: Phenomenal George III vintage with summer berry and floral notes, subtle acidity, and integrated tannins. Best in a year or two, lasts 5-10 years. 96-97p.

    37. Laura Cook

      Wine lacks coherence, with some decent parts, but nothing outstanding. Menthol aroma, sweet and minty finish, but leaves a bitter aftertaste.

    38. Stacey Carlino

      The 2018 Myriad Beckstoffer Georges III has a distinct minerality and acidic frame that makes it serious and long-lived. It is not quite ready to drink and needs a long decant or bottle age. A blend of redder and darker fruits, dark chocolate, and medium-grained tannins with a spark of acidity. Rating: 93+.

    39. Arthur Scott

      Dark, luscious, and intense. Blackberry, black cherry, and currant flavors with a fuzzy finish. Great for GIII fans. 95-96 points.

    40. Roger Mcginness

      This wine needs time to develop. Wait to drink it or decant it for a long time. More improvement on day 2, but it still needs time to fully emerge. Cellaring is advised for a better experience.

    41. Renee Moorehead

      Great now, but wait a few years for perfection.

    42. Irvin Stegall

      Good, but lacks wow factor. All fruit with no rough edges.

    43. William Gallahan

      Two distinct vineyard blocks from separate barrels, both delicious in their own ways. One had popping fruit and integrating barrel component, while the other had an incredibly concentrated mineral backbone. Incredible future in blending sessions. 97-99.

    44. Charlotte Black

      This wine needs more time. Great fruit but too tannic. Wait for the tannins to resolve themselves in bottle. Best enjoyed after a few hours.

    45. Jasmine Black

      This wine needs more time, but it’s better than other wines I had. Hold for 10 years.

    46. Georgia Desrochers

      Vineyard is lush; I like it.

    47. Ann Mallow

      ’16 vintage is still the winner. Decanted for 2 hours, ’16 was better than this.

    48. Viola Allison

      Myriad’s signature style features massive blue and black fruits with exotic spices and perfect balance. A great wine for those who enjoy the new world style.

    49. Scott Hamm

      Improved from last March 2020 bottle. Rich dark fruit, touch of tobacco, tangy acid. Delicious but needs patience to get better.

    50. Shirley Miller

      I wrote quite extensively on my experiences with the 2020 Myriad barrel samples back in March 2021, so I’ll focus these most recent notes straight toward the issue everyone is likely concerned about. The following are a list of 2020 Myriad samples I had a chance to revisit; smoke taint was not directly detected in these four samples., 1. Dr. Crane: Whether this particular sample goes into the Elysian or the standard Crane has not been determined yet. Given that I’ve been fortunate enough to try many samples of Dr. Crane from essentially all of the producers pulling fruit from this site since at least the last decade or so, I can say that the front end of this sample is fairly indicative of what one would expect: A large front-end push of black cherry fruit (fairly fruity) with notable concentration mid-palate (though less intensity than the Myriad Cranes of past Goldilocks vintages). The back end of this sample was a little sleepy, with a muted and pared finish that slowed the cadence of the flavor push and clipped the tail. Was the finish a result of smoke taint, you ask? No, I do not think so. There was no straight astringency present, and I didn’t get that bitter pinch at the back of my jaw and top of my throat that I often associate with smoke influence (and that was considerably obvious in a couple of the other samples)., 2. Georges III: The nose started off with a bit of an interesting funk, but the palate was all GIII. Plush, lush, and slathering fruit (the most overt of the samples). Jammy and fruity, with a complete attack that swelled into a broad and enveloping finish. Juicy and toothsome. , 3. Peterson: Mostly muted, but with air it began to slowly open into a direct shot of controlled dark berry fruit. The Peterson was in a more academic mood with this sample. Finished direct and focused., 4. Kenefick: Rich grape jelly, with a jammy attack that was almost as plush as the GIII. A lot of yum factor with this sample. The finish geared down considerably into a more trimmed tail. , PS: I did taste two 2020 samples that I can confidently say were smoke tainted and/or flawed in some way: A Syrah and a sample from Steltzner. The Steltzner was especially interesting because it had all of the wonderful hallmarks of that site that I absolutely adore all the way up until the final tip of the finish, where it then abruptly became harshly astringent and bitter to the point that it washed away the front end fruit flavors., PPS: I understand the 2020 Myriad Crane release is coming out this month. My 2 cents on that is pretty simple: buy what you feel comfortable with. If it stresses you out so much that you’ll lose sleep wondering if your bottles will turn into scary monsters in the middle of some dark and stormy night, then maybe pass this time around – and maybe see a therapist while you’re at it (since wine is a luxury item and is supposed to be fun and all). And if I know one thing about whatever you decide to buy (and this is true of any vintage), if it ends up that when you finally crack the cork and there is some goofiness in the bottle, always hit up the winemaker to discuss reparations. As I’ve said a million times, any winemaker/proprietor worth his/her salt should always replace the bottle or refund your money. I know some disagree with me on this (to include some winemakers who think it is unrealistic to “guarantee” their wine to the extent that any flawed wine should be replaced), but as a lowly peasant consumer, I think it is a reasonable expectation given the quality I think should be necessitated from these higher-end products.

    51. Trish Gonzales

      Good wine, starts off muted, but flavors come around with some air. Dark berry fruits and cassis. Good but not as spectacular as 2013 and 2016 vintages. 92+/93 points.

    52. Ruby Modzelewski

      ’17 G3 Vineyard Mike Smith wines are hit-or-miss, not a true representation.

    53. Raymond Lowman

      One-note wine dominated by intense blueberry pie filling flavor. Enjoyable 2017 vintage but lacks complexity and nuance compared to others.

    54. Sharon Warren

      Perfect wine, even after imperfect preparation and short decant at Oak and Reel. Best wine I’ve had in a long time.

    55. Carol Leboeuf

      Dark and smooth with rich flavors of dark berries, baking spices, cocoa, and cassis. Medium bodied, with a fairly long finish. 100% cab. Dunnuck gave it 96-98 points. The winery recommends laying it down for 9 months.

    56. Rex Merle

      LPB got it right with 94 Points. Components for a good wine are present but slightly dialed back compared to previous Myriad G-3 Cabernets. Dark berry fruits, cassis, and soft plum on the palate. A youthful Cab, air may improve it.

    57. Elizabeth Gonzalez

      Balanced with blue fruit, medium body and a pepper finish after a 3 hour decant. Solid.

    58. Judy Randell

      Great Napa cab with big hedonistic fruit and barrel spices. Starts basic but evolves over 6 hours with acidity to age longer. Final rating: 96.

    59. Jacqueline Zamorano

      “Disappointing. My first ‘corked’ bottle out of 100 Myriad ones.”

    60. Mary Risenhoover

      GIII opened and consumed gradually retains the power and freshness of fruit. Dense cassis, red fruit concentrate, and hint of heat/alc. Cork back in the bottle for the first three glasses. Last glass remains under cork for 20+ hours, softer and milk chocolate is present in spades.

    61. Janet Taylor

      Mark1npt’s wine prep improved the wine nicely over the course of the evening. Tannins were silky, and fruit became more dominant and riper with each glass. However, the mid-palate salinity acidity kept this wine from being really great. The wine scored a 93 at its most velvety chocolatey berry phase, and the reviewer will try Mark’s technique again with slight modifications.

    62. Martin Nicholas

      Improved 2018 wine with dark fruit flavors and medium-bodied taste. Showing good improvement, 93+/ 94 points.

    63. Shirley Pinkett

      “Disappointing, young wine with light nose and youthful acidity.”

    64. Linda Morin

      Smooth and enjoyable with blueberry and red fruit flavors, pairs well with venison and coffee. Lacks boldness and complexity compared to other vintages and Napa Valley favorites.

    65. Patricia Pierce

      “Soft and light with ample tannins. Only three blocks picked pre-fire this year compared to the usual six at Tamber Bey Vineyards.”

    66. Sonia Hamblen

      Georges III is a great wine with bold dark berry fruit and nice flavors. It has potential to improve, but slightly inhibited in the early stages. 94/94+ Points.

    67. Gladys Albino

      Second time with this big wine. Firm tannins on opening but improved with 5 hours of air. Needs more time to get the most out of it. Recommend 3-5 hour decant or longer double decant. Will get better with time.

    68. Jennifer Lutz

      Tasted at Tamber Bay, similar to Myriad’s Napa CS, not worth double the NV CS.

    69. Linda Daniel

      Review: Structured wine with fruit-forward taste and notes of purple and black fruits. Not my style, but good effort. +3-4 points for fans of intense, fruity wines.

    70. Lourdes Tilly

      The 2018 Myriad Georges III is a weird release. It’s on lock down and suppressed. It’s mildly approachable as a pop and pour, but after 3 hours of air, it seems to have regressed. It will be awhile before I crack another bottle.

    71. Sharon Morales

      Young, not great on day 1 – hot, but lush. Improved on day 2, balanced and medium-full bodied. Rating for today, 96 expected in 2024.

    72. Justin Berg

      Day two score: Impenetrable on day one.

    73. Gary Vigne

      Good but not great. Solid fruit with notes of blackberries and tobacco, but not as impactful as previous vintages. 93-94 points.

    74. Bianca Williamson

      Bold, powerful berry flavors with intense energy and a hint of blackberry liquor. Impressive and ready to drink. 96/96+ points.

    75. Scott Sibley

      Bad night for this wine.

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    What does Myriad Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard 2020 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, exotic spice

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, strawberry, cranberry

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla

    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    licorice, anise, eucalyptus

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, lavender

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