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Daou ‘The Pessimist’ 2021

750ml /
Vintage: 2021
  • WE 93
  • WIL 91
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    Daou ‘The Pessimist’ 2021 is a bright and full-bodied blend of 76% Petite Sirah, 12% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah and 2% Lagrein for a complexity of flavor. This powerhouse of a wine offers intense aromas of blueberry, boysenberry, black plum, elderberry, truffle, cocoa and cardamom, with lingering notes of eucalyptus, leather, cherry pipe tobacco and grilled meats.

    On the palate, lush, generous flavors of black cherry, blueberry creme de cassis and damp forest floor mix with hints of lavender, anise and black olive. It is massive in weight yet elegantly structured. The finish is smooth with leisure and length, complete with notes of blackberry, espresso bean and pomegranate.

    This well-balanced beauty was crafted under the winemaking expertise of Daniel Daou, and is aged for 10 months in 50% new French oak barrels that lend a perfect amount of oak influence to the wine. Climate, wine making processes, and unique terrior together have created this evocative Pessimist blend.

    Having earned an impressive 93 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Daou ‘The Pessimist’ 2021 is certain to turn ‘pessimists’ into ‘˜optimists’ with its gorgeous fruit-forward aromas, rich, full body, and soft tannins. Enjoy this beautifully crafted blend to full effect with roasted meats, charcuterie, and gamey dishes.

    76 reviews for Daou ‘The Pessimist’ 2021

    1. Maurice Bayerl

      Decant for 40 minutes, transforms into a better wine.

    2. Kim House

      Berries, oak, pepper, lingering finish.

    3. Roberto Gordon

      Drinkable, but too fruit-forward for my taste.

    4. Michael Kulig

      Fruity, but too sweet with food.

    5. Michelle Warner

      Full-bodied and enjoyable, great for drinking. Will buy again.

    6. Margaret Stoneberg

      Review: Avoid. No fruit. Musty. No redeeming qualities. Overpriced at $20.

    7. Cory Flores

      Great value, fruit-forward but not jammy. Versatile Paso Robles expression.

    8. Benjamin Cox

      Virtual tasting on 29/04/2020. Wine from South of San Francisco. 64% petite Shiraz, 23% Shiraz, 10% Zinfandel, 2% Lagrein, 1% Tannat. Notes of tobacco. Finishes with blackberry/blueberry. Pairs well with venison or chili.

    9. Brandon Bierce

      Disappointing. Appropriately named wine with a purple label but tasted like cheap wine from Walgreens. Not recommended.

    10. Briana Cannaday

      Palate: Big, boozy fruit bomb (Zin) with hints of leather and earth. Overpriced, but supposed to be a take on The Prisoner.

    11. Julie Peck

      Blueberry pie: very sweet, dark fruit, high alcohol, smooth. Pair with dessert.

    12. Velma Fitzsimmons

      Great value wine with a fruity punch and sturdy backbone. Perfectly complements grilled beef steak.

    13. Timothy Carson

      Intense smoky fruit aroma with hints of black olive, pepper, and liquorice. Full-bodied with fine tannins and good acidity. Perfumed fruit quality on second taste. Overall, pretty decent.

    14. Ben Collins

      Berry notes dominate with light hints of vanilla. Good, but priced at $25.

    15. Michele Postlewait

      Flavors of cherry and granite present.

    16. Hazel Houston

      “Nice red blend, exceeded expectations. Perfect for everyday drinking.”

    17. Tamara Driscoll

      Bitter aftertaste for an hour, followed by a distinctive collection of fruits.

    18. Ollie Johnson

      “Best under $20 wine I’ve had in a long time. Big, dark, great nose, full-bodied and great finish. Blew everyone away on the boat. Amazing QPR ratio.”

    19. Damien Herrera

      Bold and fruity with a strong grip. Surprisingly good.

    20. Kristin Pettit

      Paso Robles Petite Syrah blend @restaurant: Dark red, red fruit on nose & palate. Ample acid, medium tannins. Good sipping wine w/ dinner.

    21. John Hansen

      Great value for a red blend.

    22. Gertrude Willis

      Blend of 74% Petite Sirah, 13% Syrah, and 13% Zinfandel.

    23. Ginger Davis

      Fruit-forward, quaffable and shareable.

    24. Joshua Blevins

      Smooth with subtle oak and vanilla notes, buttery finish. Dark fruits, red cherry, cassis and smoke. Easy to drink but be careful, it’s 15% alcohol with a touch of residual sugar.

    25. Wesley Waldvogel

      Durif is a must-try for Petite Sirah lovers. Harvested from ripe grapes in sunny Paso Robles, this is a rich, fruity wine with a 15.2%ABV. The wine has blackberry, black plum, dark chocolate, leather, coffee, black pepper, blueberry, and black tea flavors. Mid-grade tannins and gentle acidity make for a beautiful mouthfeel. It’s a $17 bottle from DAOU vineyards and gets 5 stars from me.

    26. Steven Mendieta

      Full-bodied with blue and black fruit notes, this wine is crowd-pleasing with a tannic spice that’s present but subdued. Aging won’t do much, but it’s drinking well now with an hour or two of opening. Good QPR.

    27. Tanya Miller

      Full-bodied with a plummy and black fruit nose, hints of violets and dried meat. Dark on the palate with oak, spices, and vanilla. Finishes with crushed rocks.

    28. Dorethea Hronick

      Fruit forward, dry, food-friendly, enjoyable. Complimented brisket well. Would buy again.

    29. Charles Thiel

      This Petite Sirah is a concentrated, brash, and unapologetic wine bursting with flavors of baked plum, blueberry compote, blackberry preserves, and vanilla bean oak. Priced just right at around $20, it pulls off a sense of balance with well-integrated acidity. Best enjoyed now, it’s a fun and artfully crafted wine.

    30. Charlotte Beachum

      Medium-bodied with a touch of sweetness, but slightly heavy.

    31. Elizabeth Reed

      Great value for money. Will repurchase.

    32. Betty Felix

      Dark fruit, smoky, peppery, pairs well with chicken Alfredo. Smooth tannins and buttery finish.

    33. Beth Davenport

      Balanced black fruit juice with notes of berries and plums, vanilla oak, and lengthy finish.

    34. Daniel Reyes

      Great 2018, okay 2019. Confused if had two 2019s or a 2018 and a 2019. Needs another to be sure. First bottle outstanding.

    35. Ginny Cottrell

      Blue fruit with a hint of smoke and oak, slightly acidic and not too sweet.

    36. David Ginn

      Great fruit forward wine.

    37. Irene Fontaine

      Rich and fruity, medium+ body. Loved by all. Need more!

    38. Marvin Hewitt

      Smooth and mineral blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Grenache, and Zinfandel. No pairing required.

    39. Brian Stobie

      Purple with blueberry and lavender aroma, soft tannins, fruity with notes of Christmas spices, vanilla, and cola. Buy again.

    40. Jacqueline Courson

      Full-bodied and juicy with currants, black cherries, and oak. High ABV is well-integrated, hibiscus tannin adds flavor and structure. Solid wine.

    41. Nathan Kyzer

      Over-extracted, tasted like grapefruit cooler. Not worth the money.

    42. Sonia Andrade

      Recommended for fans of big, dark and full Paso profiles. Good value and smooth. Prefer over Austin Hope Quest at the same price point. Will buy more.

    43. Audrey Poole

      Short and sweet: Versatile and light.

    44. Shonda Hendershot

      Smooth and flavorful. Delicious on its own.

    45. Steven Jones

      Not worth tasting in a Pinot Noir lineup. Sweet, viscous, sour, and awful. No score given, will try again another night.

    46. Carl Brown

      Review: Thick and dark, with berry aromas and a tannic structure. Made of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Lagrein, with a 15.2% alcohol level. Enjoy now or in the future.

    47. Jaime Hyer


    48. Richard Sheaffer

      Perfect with smoked brisket and as an aperitif.

    49. Ricky Johnson

      Not a fan of the overly stylized quasi Port.

    50. Margaret Gladden

      Easy-to-drink wine with a blend of Petite Syrah, Syrah, Grenache, and Zin. Concentrated dark fruit with medium tannins and freshness. A great alternative to California Cab at $20.

    51. David Lupkes

      Average, not impressive.

    52. Janet Bells

      Flat and drinkable, with a disappearing vegetal taste. Low tannin and acid, not offensive.

    53. Miquel Ahuna

      Off-dry with some character, great with food.

    54. Mildred Constantine

      Heavy, artificial oak muddles the slightly candied fruit in this unappealing red. Hard to distinguish from an $8 Jacob’s Creek.

    55. Susan Turpin

      Palate coated with dark cherry and apricot fruit. Earth, pipe tobacco and mushroom notes. Not ideal as a food wine.

    56. Armando Cannon

      Daou Petite Sirah blend offers a nice balance of bark and raspberry cola with a plush smoothness. A great choice to serve blind to friends.

    57. Blanche Eley

      Consistently excellent, fantastic value at $18.

    58. Thomas Ramos

      Decent wine with dark chocolate and earth flavor. Not complex but good for the price.

    59. Kevin Lemaster


    60. Gilberto Meacham

      Dark ruby color with notes of boysenberry, dark chocolate, brown spice, and tobacco. Ripe, lush, and balanced with a quaffable taste.

    61. George Mackey

      Rich and dark, this blend of Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Lagrein is best paired with rich food like pâté.

    62. Kevin Jackson

      Good party wine, but forgettable.

    63. Charles Meyer

      Dark and hot.

    64. Manuel Burge

      Decent daily with dark fruit notes and medium tannin, slightly thin.

    65. Jeremy Duty

      “Recommend this spicy, well-rounded blend.”

    66. James Kuster

      Go-to table wine. $20 at Costco and Total Wine. Rounded palette with dark fruit and berry notes.

    67. Susan Patterson

      Soft, grapey, and mass-pleasing. Easy to drink with homemade pizza.

    68. Robert Smith

      Balanced with subtle fruit notes.

    69. Nancy Roth

      Good taste, poor structure.

    70. WIL

      The 2021 DAOU Pessimist speaks well of what Paso Robles brings to the wine world. TASTING NOTES: This powerful will built wine offers aromas and flavors of black fruit, licorice, and oaky notes. Enjoy its full yet smooth ride with grilled short ribs.

    71. Sarah Edmunds

      “Go-to” table wine, deep and rich with a hint of sweetness. Unbeatable at $20.

    72. Jessica Pershall

      Review: Appearance 3, Aroma/Bouquet 5, Taste/Texture 5, Aftertaste 2, Overall Impression 2. Total 17/20. Price: $20 at Costco.

    73. Tony Aubuchon

      Delicious blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Lagrein. Great value, perfect for parties, and a nice after-dinner sipper. Would buy again.

    74. Phyllis Brown

      Dark, ripe, sweet, and crowd-pleasing wine with a light structure.

    75. Robert Garvie

      Superb wine.

    76. Nadine Canfield

      Deep purple with smoky cherry notes, this full-bodied blend of petite sirah, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Lagrein is complex and has a long finish. JI=2.

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    Critical Acclaim

    WE 93
    Wine Enthusiast
    This widely available red blend satisfies in so many ways. Hearty aromas of thick, dark fruit, smoke and anise lead from the nose into a rich palate that's loaded with cassis and violet. A persistent peel of acidity adds balance.
    WIL 91
    Wilfred Wong
    The 2021 DAOU Pessimist speaks well of what Paso Robles brings to the wine world. TASTING NOTES: This powerful will built wine offers aromas and flavors of black fruit, licorice, and oaky notes. Enjoy its full yet smooth ride with grilled short ribs.

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