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Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019

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Vintage: 2019
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    The Adaptation Wine by Odette Petite Sirah 2019 showcases a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that are bound to enchant any wine enthusiast. Guided by winemaker Andrew Haugen, this particular vintage embodies the essence of the vineyards from which it originates. Reflecting the skillful blend of art and science, Andrew Haugen has masterfully captured the varietal’s signature characteristics in this bottle.

    From the first pour, this wine reveals its deep, dark purple hue, a classic trait of the Petite Sirah. It greets the senses with an inviting aroma of blackberry liquor and luscious damson plum. These fruity notes are beautifully complemented by a light dusting of vanilla bean and baking spice, a testament to its aging in toasted French oak barrels. This adaptation wine 2019 offers a rich palette of aromas that makes it stand out.

    On tasting, the Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 coats the palate with sueded tannins, offering a smooth texture that is both luxurious and enveloping. Its fresh acidity adds a lively character to the wine, carrying subtle hints of shaved graphite that balance the deeper flavors of blueberry and cacao. The finish is long and satisfying, lingering on the palate with a blend of complexity and elegance.

    The winemaking process employed small fully jacketed stainless steel fermenters, preserving the freshness and purity of the fruit. A careful maceration process followed a 72-hour cold soak, allowing the wine to develop its full flavor profile while still maintaining the unique expressions of its terroir. The wine matured in a mix of new and used Burgundian oak barrels, which imparted additional layers of taste and complexity.

    This remarkable vintage is the result of a harmonious blend from two distinct vineyards – Oso Vineyard and Langtry Vineyard. Oso Vineyard contributes robust power and depth, while Langtry Vineyard adds vibrant layers of ripe fruit. Together, they create an adaptation by odette adaptation that is not only approachable but also showcases the potential of this sometimes underrated varietal.

    The 2019 Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah has garnered acclaim for its balanced expression of power and elegance. Critics have noted its seamless integration of fruit, tannins, and oak, highlighting its ability to present a complex yet accessible profile. This wine stands as a testament to the expertise of winemaker Andrew Haugen and the distinctive qualities of odette vineyards.

    Explore the exquisite offerings from Adaptation Winery, featuring standout vintages like the Adaptation 2018 and Adaptation 2019. Each bottle, including the adaptation wine 2018, reflects the unique terroir of Odette Napa, showcasing the depth and elegance of the region’s grapes. These wines are a testament to the meticulous care and innovative techniques used at Adaptation Winery, making each vintage a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts.

    The Adaptation by Odette Cabernet Sauvignon from the esteemed Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley is a prime example of an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon that captures the hearts of wine enthusiasts. Blended with 18% Merlot and 2% Petite Sirah, this wine showcases the unique character of the estate vineyard, delivering a beautiful ripeness with elegant flavors. The sweet oak supports a soft integrated and full-bodied core of cassis, dark cherry, cedar, and clove, offering a balanced experience with a moderate grip of oak and tannin. Crafted to be enjoyable in its youth yet possessing long-term potential, this wine is perfect for those who appreciate the craftsmanship of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and the vibrant culture of San Francisco. This Cabernet Sauvignon not only epitomizes the luxurious style of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon but also reflects the meticulous care taken in its creation.

    In summary, the Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 is a vibrant and sophisticated wine that reflects the best qualities of its Napa Valley origins. It is a perfect choice for those looking to explore the depth and versatility of the Petite Sirah grape, presented in a style that is both refined and inviting.

    15 reviews for Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019

    1. Catherine Carnes

      I’m in love with the Adaptation Petite Sirah. The jam and red fruit flavors are divine. It’s another great wine from the Napa Valley.

    2. Mary Cassin

      Adaptation Wine has done it again. The Petite Sirah’s cedar flavor is a bold choice that works wonderfully. A must-try from Napa Valley!

    3. Katherine Herbert

      Just tasted the Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019. It’s a smoky delight with a black cherry aftertaste. Very impressed!

    4. Fumiko James

      Just opened a bottle of Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019. The baking spice and white pepper flavors are a unique combination. Napa Valley’s finest, indeed!

    5. Penny Spore

      The Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 is a treasure. The smoke and black cherry flavors are a perfect blend. It’s a testament to Napa Valley’s excellence.

    6. Geraldine Livingstone

      The Adaptation Petite Sirah is a real treat! Bursting with blackberry and plum flavors, it’s a perfect wine for any occasion. Love the work of Andrew Haugen, the winemaker!

    7. Joseph Yoder

      Just enjoyed a bottle of Adaptation Wine. The Petite Sirah is loaded with black fruit and tobacco flavors. A true masterpiece from Napa Valley.

    8. Diane Shelton

      The Adaptation Petite Sirah is a flavor adventure. Licorice and leather mix for an unexpected delight. Andrew Haugen has outdone himself!

    9. Barbara Jenkins

      The Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 is an explosion of flavors. Dark fruit and vanilla notes combine wonderfully. Kudos to Napa Valley for producing such a gem!

    10. Lisa Bryant

      The Adaptation Petite Sirah is a journey of flavors. Oak and blueberry mix perfectly, and the hint of leather adds a surprising twist. Andrew Haugen is a genius winemaker!

    11. Mildred Parpan

      The Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 is a treat. Love the pepper and oak flavors. Napa Valley never disappoints!

    12. Eddie Hernandez

      Just tasted the Adaptation Wine. The Petite Sirah’s earthy and chocolate flavors are a match made in heaven. Another excellent wine from Napa Valley!

    13. Antoinette Fay

      Napa Valley’s Adaptation Wine is a revelation. The Petite Sirah showcases a delicious blend of cherry and earthy flavors. The hint of chocolate is the cherry on top!

    14. Renita Schamber

      The Adaptation Wine is a sensory delight. The Petite Sirah’s fig and violet flavors are a delightful surprise. Andrew Haugen’s touch is evident!

    15. Ashley Mckie

      The Adaptation Petite Sirah is a flavor bomb. Strawberry and cassis mix in a delightful dance. Hats off to Andrew Haugen, the winemaker!

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    What does Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, smoke

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla


    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, cinnamon

    cream, oil

    raisin, fig, prune

    Floral aromas found in the wine


    Food Pairing with Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019

    Our wine experts think this Red Wine Adaptation Wine Odette Petite Sirah 2019 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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