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ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022

13.90% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2022
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ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 is a remarkable testament to the skill and dedication of the ZD vineyard team, led by senior winemaker Brandon DeLeuze. This vintage has garnered critical acclaim, including a prestigious Gold Medal from the San Francisco International Wine Competition, underscoring its exceptional quality and the winery’s commitment to excellence.

The 2022 vintage emerged from a near-perfect growing season, marred only by an unexpected rainfall in October. However, the warm summer months and a mild, pleasant remainder of the season allowed the grapes to bask in extended sunshine, ripening further on the vine. The result is a wine that is both lush and opulent, maintaining a well-balanced profile that speaks to the meticulous care in its creation.

The grapes, 100% certified organic Chardonnay, are sourced from four core cool, coastal appellations: Napa and Sonoma Carneros, Monterey, and Santa Barbara. Hand-harvested at night to preserve freshness and fruit integrity, the grapes then undergo a meticulous winemaking process. The fermentation takes place in barrels at a cool 48°F, a method ensuring optimal lees contact. This not only enriches the wine’s texture and depth but also helps maintain the grapes’ natural acidity by preventing malolactic fermentation. Subsequently, the wine is aged for 10 months in American Oak barrels, a choice that infuses the wine with a nuanced complexity and enriching richness.

Upon pouring, the ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 presents a visually enticing golden hue, hinting at the sensory delight that awaits. The nose is immediately greeted with an aromatic bouquet, where the richness of crame brûle and the tartness of green apple blend harmoniously with the zest of Meyer lemon. This is further complemented by tropical notes reminiscent of ripe pineapple and mango, adding a layer of exotic complexity to the aroma profile.

On the palate, the zd chardonnay unfolds in a rich and lush experience. It tantalizes the taste buds with a symphony of flavors, featuring the freshness of guava and lime zest, seamlessly transitioning to the indulgent sweetness of caramelized banana foster. In true ZD’s signature California Chardonnay style, the wine is both vibrant and bright. It leaves a lasting impression with a finish that is enduring and marked by a harmonious balance of crisp acidity and subtle vanillin notes from the oak.

Technically precise, the ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 boasts an alcohol content of 13.90%, with a pH of 3.42 and a total acidity of .69 T.A., indicators of its well-structured composition and drinkability.

In conclusion, the ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 is not just a wine; it’s a narrative of a season, a testament to organic viticulture, and a craftsmanship masterpiece by the zd wines winery. From the scenic vineyards of the ZD Wines to the glass, it encapsulates the essence of the Napa and Sonoma Carneros, Monterey, and Santa Barbara regions, offering a sensory journey that is as profound as it is delightful. This is a wine that not only resonates with the connoisseur’s palate but also tells the story of its origin with every sip.

18 reviews for ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022

  1. Raul Corman

    ZD winery’s ZD Chardonnay is a true masterpiece. The creamy butter and oak flavors are complemented by a hint of tropical and apple, making it an unforgettable wine.

  2. Catherine Dam

    The ZD winery has outdone itself with the ZD Chardonnay. The melon and honeysuckle flavors are perfectly balanced, making it a joy to drink.

  3. Erick Drake

    The ZD Chard is a true testament to California wines. Its butter and honey notes are a treat to the palate.

  4. Kate Retchless

    California wines have a new star – the ZD Chard. With its cream and lemon notes, it’s the perfect pairing for a summer barbecue.

  5. Diane Clayton

    The ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 is a game-changer. The citrus and pear flavors are balanced perfectly, making it a refreshing choice for any occasion.

  6. Bruce Lyons

    The ZD Wines Chardonnay is an absolute delight with its rich butter and oak notes. A must-try for all white wine lovers.

  7. Elizabeth Davenport

    The ZD Chard from ZD Rutherford Estate Vineyard is a star among California wines. The blend of toast, honey, and green apple is simply irresistible.

  8. Brian Clemens

    ZD Chard is my go-to for a soothing evening. It’s buttery and complex, with a hint of vanilla that leaves you wanting more.

  9. Joel Asher

    ZD Wines Chardonnay is a sensory delight, with its buttery texture and notes of vanilla, pineapple, and citrus. It’s a must-try for all wine enthusiasts.

  10. Patricia Parrish

    ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 is a buttery and complex masterpiece. The notes of vanilla and peach make it a unique and delightful experience.

  11. Willard Johnson

    The ZD Chard is a gem among white wines. Its creamy texture, combined with the flavors of tropical fruits and apple, make it a delight to sip on.

  12. Bernardo Stack

    ZD Chardonnay is like a tropical vacation in a glass. The pineapple, citrus, and chard flavors transport you to a beachy paradise.

  13. Carri Bassi

    The ZD Wines Chardonnay is beautifully crafted by Winemaker Brandon DeLeuze. The notes of pear, cream, and apricot make it a delightful sip.

  14. Sharon Jim

    The ZD Rutherford Estate Vineyard has produced a gem in the ZD Wines Chardonnay. Its butter and pineapple notes are simply exquisite.

  15. Phillip Stockman

    ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 is the perfect melange of cream, apple, and lemon flavors. It’s a must-have on your wine rack.

  16. Roland Sumner

    The ZD Wines Chardonnay is a taste of heaven. The honey and green apple notes create an incredible combination that is hard to resist.

  17. Jeffrey Brown

    If you haven’t tried the ZD Chardonnay, you’re missing out. Its creamy texture combined with tropical and apple notes is simply divine.

  18. Richard Boettcher

    Winemaker Brandon DeLeuze has outdone himself with the ZD Wines Chardonnay. The apricot and toast flavors make it a unique and enjoyable experience.

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What does ZD stand for wine?

ZD Wines, founded in 1969, stands for "Zero Defects," reflecting the founders' aerospace backgrounds and their commitment to quality and perfection. This philosophy guides their approach to producing exceptional wines, with a focus on organic viticulture and sustainable practices at their Napa Valley winery.

Who owns ZD winery?

ZD Wines is a family-owned operation, passionately led by the deLeuze family. The winery was established by two aerospace engineers, Norman deLeuze and Gino Zepponi, in 1969. Today, the legacy continues with the second and third generations of the deLeuze family at the helm, ensuring the enduring quality and character of ZD Wines.

Where is ZD Chardonnay from?

ZD Chardonnay is primarily sourced from the cool climate regions of Monterey and Napa Valley, California. The winery meticulously selects the finest grapes, harnessing the unique terroir of these areas to produce a Chardonnay that is renowned for its vibrant acidity, lush fruit flavors, and elegant complexity.

What is ZD Abacus?

ZD Abacus is an innovative solera-style blend of every vintage of ZD Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon produced since 1992. This unique concept results in a multi-vintage wine that showcases the depth, complexity, and richness of the vineyard's history, offering a remarkable continuity of style and quality across the years.

What does ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

honey, minerals, stone

Oaky Flavors of the wine

butter, oak, vanilla

pear, apple, apricot

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

black olive, jam

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

white pepper, cinnamon, pepper

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, grapefruit

cream, banana, cheese

Vegetal notes found in the wine

chard, straw, bell pepper

raisin, fig, golden raisin

pineapple, tropical, guava

Floral aromas found in the wine

honeysuckle, orange blossom, hibiscus

Food Pairing with ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022

Our wine experts think this Buttery and Complex ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
ZD Wines
ZD wines
zd wines chardonnay
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ZD Wines, a beacon of viticultural excellence, nestles in the heart of Rutherford, Napa Valley. Since its establishment in 1969, this winery, guided by the visionary deLeuze family, has carved its niche in the world of premium winemaking. The winery's strategic location in Rutherford, a region celebrated for its premium Cabernet Sauvignon, and the family's unwavering dedication, have steered ZD Wines to become synonymous with top-tier wines and organic farming excellence. The winery's vineyards, a testament to their commitment to quality and sustainability, are the lifeblood of their renowned wines. The ZD Rutherford Estate Vineyard, a 3.2-acre expanse along the Silverado Trail on the eastern bench of Rutherford, is a viticultural marvel, producing wines that resonate with the...check our brand ZD Wines
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Winemaker of ZD Wines Chardonnay 2022

Brandon deLeuze

Brandon deLeuze

Brandon deLeuze, a name synonymous with dedication and innovation in the wine industry, epitomizes the spirit of a generation continuing a rich family legacy in winemaking. As a scion of the esteemed deLeuze family, Brandon has skillfully carved his niche at ZD Wines, a beacon of viticultural excellence in Napa Valley. His journey, deeply rooted in the traditions and values instilled by his father and grandfather, is a narrative of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to crafting wines of unparalleled quality. From a young age, Brandon was immersed in the world of winemaking, a world where the nuances of soil, vine, and climate are interwoven with the artistry of the vintner. This early exposure to the family's winemaking endeavors ignited in Brandon a profound... More Products
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