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William Fèvre Chablis 2020

750ml /
Vintage: 2020
  • DEC 93
  • WAS 90
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The William Fevre Chablis 2020 is a delightful white wine produced by Didier Séguier of Domaine William Fèvre. The vineyards of Chablis are some of the finest in the world, with a unique subsoil known as the Kimmeridgian, a geological period that is over 160 million years old. This particular wine is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes and is harvested by hand. During vinification the principles of gravity are employed to minimize pumping and preserve the freshness of the wine. The wine is aged on the lees for 8 to 10 months in stainless steel vats, which enhances the rich aromas and flavors of this beautiful Chablis.

On the palate, this wine is bright and fresh with notes of citrus, white fruits, and flowers. Its minerality gives it a great acidity, while the finish is elegant and spicy. It is the perfect accompaniment to seafood dishes, such as salmon tartare, fish, oysters, and sushi. The critics have raved about this Chablis, describing it as intense and driven with tremendous energy and focus. Its fruitiness and minerality make it a wine that can be aged to perfection.

The whole winemaking process, from the excellent grape variety used to the perfect aging conditions, has been masterfully executed by Didier Séguier to ensure this William Fevre Chablis 2020 offers a unique and pleasurable drinking experience. The ideal climatic conditions of the region – sunny and bright – ensure the quality of the fruit and imbue this white wine with the richness of fresh cream, notes of fine herbs, and lemon.

75 reviews for William Fèvre Chablis 2020

  1. Barbara Armstrong

    Simple and easy-drinking. Ideal for a casual outdoor setting.

  2. Richard Vansickle

    Young chablis at Le Céladon-Paris is well-made with a fresh, grassy/stony bouquet, and a midtaste with a whiff of sweetness. It has potential to improve with aeration. Lovely.

  3. Maureen Gant

    Paired with lobster.

  4. Melody Rogers

    Classic Chablis nose, wet stones and lemons. Palate is citrus fruits, saline minerality, good volume, and a fresh, cool, lingering finish.

  5. Frances Goldstein

    My go-to wine: bright, fresh, and delicious acidity.

  6. Ruby Fisher

    Generous fruit with great acidity and good length. Vibrant and saline with pear fruit and minerality on the nose. 88-90.

  7. Robert Schumacher

    Lemon and crushed stone on the nose, followed by stone flavors and a citrus finish. Best in a few years.

  8. Susan Hanna

    Simplistic but refreshing Chablis. Ideal for a summer thirst-quencher.

  9. Janice Galloway

    Great Chablis, classic nose of spring flowers, sea spray, lemon, green apple, and cold cream. Sweet entry and high acid, perfect with seafood.

  10. Frank Yuste

    Excellent village wine.

  11. Billy Camfield

    Great value Chablis with less material than the ’12 Jadot Chevalier Demoiselles, but still enjoyable.

  12. Jessica Reyes

    Clean nose, with lemon and stone aromas. Abundance of lemon, apple, minerality, and mouth-cleansing acidity on the palate. Improves with air, may improve over the next year, and will hold for several years.

  13. Katrina Dougherty

    “Good value but lacks the bright acidity of better vintages. Warmer vintage shows, nice mineral finish.”

  14. Mildred Bassi

    Not as good as my previous bottle.

  15. Douglas Munoz

    “Decent Chablis with typicity, but some bottles have a faint chemical taste.”

  16. James Camacho

    Review: Very Good wine, with a pleasingly weighty texture and good balance of fruit concentration and acidity. Flavors of apple, lemon, and slight creaminess with a medium (+) finish. Best enjoyed young, not suitable for bottle aging.

  17. Veronica Crespo

    This was better the second night. Needs a little time.

  18. Larissa Hulstine

    Day 1: Not good. Day 2: Classic Chablis, oyster shell, high acidity. Needs time, will age like 1er cru.

  19. Evelyn Leblanc

    Young chardonnay, slow to open, rich palate with melons and limes. Not stunning yet.

  20. Amy Chavez

    “Acidity balanced, wine improving. Very good.”

  21. Ann Harrison

    Good bottle.

  22. Albert Rodriquez

    Delicious Chablis with classic style, featuring pure chardonnay and a touch of oak. Citrus fruit, pear, apple, and chalky minerality.

  23. Rachel Smith

    Classic Chablis with richness and balance. Steely, chalky and will improve with 2-7 years of bottle age. Delicious now.

  24. Deborah Thornton

    Excellent wine with minerality and acidity. Not one-dimensional.

  25. Maggie Tortora

    Classic and drinkable.

  26. Dorothy Cooper

    Good but bland, not exceptional even for this level. 18 version is better.

  27. Matthew Nash

    Pale lemon white burgundy with intense youthful aromas of lemon, lime, pineapple, honey, mango, peach, nectarine, and orange. Dry with high acidity, medium+ alcohol, and medium body. Flavors of lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, nectarine, peach, butterscotch, and honey. Medium finish. Drink now or age until 2035.

  28. Charlotte Herrera

    Light gold with peach, lemon, and mineral notes. Medium body and silky texture.

  29. Erika Davis

    Pale lemon wine with hints of honey, apple, pear, and lemon. Fresh green/citrus fruits with balanced acidity, a medium finish, and not suitable for bottle aging.

  30. Anthony Jacobs

    Another textbook Chablis from 50yr old estate vines. Green tinged / pale gold. Reticent aromas of citrus & saline mineral. The palate is much more forthcoming with terrific intensity, purity and balance and a classic range of citrus, mineral, stone fruit, salinity and more harmonics. Back up the truck for current & midterm drinking.

  31. Geralyn Alcaraz

    Impressive for an entry-level Chablis, with strong minerality and savory notes reminiscent of homemade stock. Better than a recent 2019 premier cru from Defaix. A must-have for Chablis fans, with aging potential of 10-15 years.

  32. Norma Palmieri

    Decent Chablis, lacks sweetness with a hint of grapefruit rind.

  33. Lillian Lee

    Intense lemon and lime, with a touch of mint. Good detail and cut, a very good wine for its level.

  34. Brian Raether

    Fresh lemon and honey with a supportive acidity and hidden sweetness. Buy more for the cellar.

  35. Adam Waldal

    Great value Chablis with a clean nose, apple and pear flavors, and a balanced finish. Highly recommended.

  36. Susan Waterhouse

    Great young Chablis with yellow fruit and mineral notes, perfect with seafood.

  37. Julie Whyte

    Classic Chablis with clean, tasty fruit, layers of citrus, and a hint of lees. Biodynamic and pleasant.

  38. Mary Aguiar

    Perfectly balanced Chablis, neither too floral nor tropical.

  39. Albert Newton

    Expensive at $40, but straight as an arrow. Dry and clean Chab-liss.

  40. Martina Huber

    Great value Chablis for everyday drinking at $25. Straight forward and easy to enjoy.

  41. Paul Mendoza

    Enjoyable French chardonnay with notes of lemon, apple, and pear, a hint of mineral and honey, and pleasant acidity. Not overpowering oak.

  42. Darnell Lott

    Fruity and mineral.

  43. Michael Henderson

    Chablis Chardonnay: Pear, vanilla ice cream, white flowers & minerals. Powerful flavors of pear, flowers, yogurt, grapefruit & minerals. Medium finish with grapefruit and pear. Simple but tasty. Best served fridge cold. Good with food and okay on its own. 84/100.

  44. Miguel Mcgill

    Great value Chablis under $30. Floral and citrus aromas, light and crisp with lemon, green apple, pear, and minerality flavors. Refreshing and easy to drink.

  45. Robert Robertson

    Fresh and balanced with citrus and minerality notes. Touch of spiciness in the finish. Enjoyable wine.

  46. Sarah Rodriguez

    Great value for the price. I have half a case left and plan to buy more to age.

  47. Curtis Cassidy

    Fresh with lemon and lime, mineral tension, good presence, and excellent cut.

  48. Deanna Griffin

    Light and floral, pairs well with Chicken Alfredo.

  49. Mary Lovett

    Great daily Chablis with exceptional quality.

  50. Jose Boydston

    Pleasing medium weight with good citrus and sea Chablis character. Adequate acidity.

  51. Marilyn Tilton

    Great AOC Chablis made from estate fruit. Fevre excels in making Chablis at all levels.

  52. Michael Shih

    Light and lovely white.

  53. Elizabeth Taylor

    Clean and enjoyable with an easy flavor.

  54. Elaine Devito

    Bright light yellow Chablis with good salinity, green apple, and lemon. A true and reassuring Chablis.

  55. Elizabeth Tobin

    Clean and crisp, this Chablis boasts a simple yet beautiful citrus, lemon, and green apple flavor profile with hints of pear and lavender.

  56. Victor Sparks

    Consistently impressive. This AOC Chablis delivers depth, sound acidity, and apple skins. Fevre never fails to provide value for money.

  57. James Raney

    Highly focused Chablis with notes of lemon, grapefruit, pear, herbs, and minerals. Juicy, fresh, and balanced acidity. Quality wine from a renowned producer.

  58. Antonio Weber

    Perfect. BTG.

  59. Willie Nichols

    Well-rounded with a medium-full body that coats the mouth. Hints of earth and citrus on the nose with bright acidity and mineral notes on the palate.

  60. Susan Barron

    Unbalanced oak, lacking freshness. Acidity falls short. Decent overall.

  61. Pedro Green

    Precise minerality with apple notes. Good length.

  62. Edward Santana

    Balanced with full fruit, citrus and minerality. Drink now or wait till 2025+.

  63. Thelma Turbacuski

    Good quality wine with fresh green apple and minerality on both nose and palate. Medium+ acidity and medium-bodied with slight malolactic roundness.

  64. Margaret Riggs

    Juicy with wood notes, ripe acidity, lacking complexity, short finish.

  65. Gary Cuddy

    Notes of apple and pear with a mineral touch. Lacks a bit of acidity, but improved with time.

  66. Tyrell Blews

    Fevre delivers again. Nice acidity with a touch of creaminess and tart citrus. Perfect with French cheeses and baguette.

  67. Kevin Heard

    Fevre’s bottling is well-made, with oyster shell, green apple, white flowers, and flint notes. The palate has a balanced finish with richer stone fruits, pastry, honey, and a saline note.

  68. Jose Green

    “Tasty! That’s all I need to say.”

  69. Daphne Inman

    Good value for money.

  70. Sheryl Parkinson

    Fresh and vibrant with good concentration and depth for the level. More citrus and stone than the petit chablis. Good value.

  71. Verla Falcon

    Approachable young Chablis with a steely edge. Needs a few more years in the bottle, but still good value.

  72. Alvin Randhawa

    Great wine selection at Wine Vault for dinner, thanks Laura!

  73. Barbara Wills

    “L’Etoile’s Dinner with Friends in Madison, WI boasts a refreshing blend of mineral and green apple notes, perfectly balanced with a lemony acidity on the palate.”

  74. Jack Schumacher

    “Excellent Chablis with balanced salinity and aging potential.”

  75. Eduardo Goodwin

    Great flavor for the price.

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Critical Acclaim

DEC 93
Domaine wine with 50-year-old vines from a number of vineyards, including north-facing plots underneath Les Lys, north west facing opposite Vaillons and south facing around Troesmes, plus some mineral soils from around Chichée. Intense and driven, you can smell the Kimmeridgian. Great energy and focus. Spice on the finish, precise acidity. Will age for many years. Bottled just before the 2021 harvest.
WAS 90
Wine & Spirits
Sunny and bright, this wine belongs on a sandy beach, chilled down next to freshly shucked oysters. It’s generous with the richness of fresh cream, notes of fine herbs and lemon.

What does William Fèvre Chablis 2020 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

leather, earthy, mushroom

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

cherry, watermelon

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, vanilla, nutmeg

apple, green apple, pear

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine


Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

licorice, cinnamon, mint

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, lemon zest

cheese, cream, oil

Vegetal notes found in the wine

tomato, grass, straw

raisin, fig

tropical, pineapple, mango

Floral aromas found in the wine

jasmine, orange blossom, elderflower

Food Pairing with William Fèvre Chablis 2020

Our wine experts think this Green and Flinty William Fèvre Chablis 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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Winemaker of William Fèvre Chablis 2020

Didier Séguier

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