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Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020

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Vintage: 2020
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Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is a testament to their dedication to producing seamless and elegant wines. Crafted from carefully managed vineyards in the cooler climate Southern Napa Valley sites, this wine is a harmonious blend of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Merlot, aged for 22 months in 85% new French oak barrels.

In the glass, this wine presents a deep, lustrous ruby color, hinting at the richness to come. The aromas dance out of the glass with an inviting bouquet of florals, underscored by a burst of brambly fruit flavors. Wild blackberry, cherry, cassis, and boysenberry dominate the nose, showcasing the expressive nature of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Additional contributions from Merlot provide a delightful complexity that lingers in the background.

As you take your first sip, savory secondary notes unfold on the mid-palate, enhancing the experience. Dried sage leaf, herbal incense, spiced chai, and cacao bring intrigue and depth to the wine. The taste is both lively and powerful, revealing the concentrated fruit that embodies the vintage’s exceptional character.

The winemaker, Hope Goldie, has demonstrated her skill and artistry in crafting this extraordinary wine. With finely-knit tannins, this Cabernet Sauvignon is built for longevity and will reward those who have the patience to cellar it for years to come.

The 2020 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon is a limited-production gem, reflecting Darioush’s unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and style. It stands as a true representation of the remarkable terroir of the Darioush Estate Vineyard in Napa Valley, as well as the Mount Veeder and hillside vineyards throughout the region.

This wine has already garnered critical acclaim, and rightfully so. Its youthful energy, structure, and restraint have earned it high scores and praise from experts, cementing its place as one of the finest expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 is a true masterpiece, showcasing the best of Napa Valley winemaking and deserving a place in any collector’s cellar.

7 reviews for Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020

  1. Richard Kenney

    Surprisingly low acidity for its age, with ample fruit and structure. Complex and satisfying on the palate.

  2. Leland Landers

    Fruit-forward, structured Cabernet with firm tannins and a spicy finish. Cellar for 5+ years.

  3. Eugene Guy

    Youthful and vibrant with evolved fruit, lovely secondaries, and hints of vanilla and coconut. High alcohol, moderate acidity, energetic yet pleasant tannins. Lovely now.

  4. Christene Lindeland

    Exceptional wine!

  5. Michael Frazier

    Cary’s Night of the Aussie’s! (Cary’s Castle): Ended the night with a beauty!

  6. Paul Whisenant

    This wine exhibits a rich, rustic nose with dark fruit, pencil shavings, and hints of Bordeaux. The palate showcases a nice style, full-bodied yet elegant, with velvety tannins and a clear pedigree. Unusually, this vintage is made entirely from Cabernet.

  7. Steven Brothers

    Delicious wine with black currant, cherry, tobacco, and vanilla notes. Full-bodied, balanced, and high in alcohol. Saving a bottle to age.

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What does Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

leather, earthy, mushroom

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, apricot, stone fruit

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, orange

cheese, cream, oil

Vegetal notes found in the wine

tomato, grass, rhubarb

raisin, fig, prune


Floral aromas found in the wine

violet, lavender, hibiscus

Food Pairing with Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020

Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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Darioush Winery is in Napa Valley, California, and it's not just any winery. Since it started in 1997 by Darioush Khaledi, it mixes old and new. It shows in the art, buildings, and wine. The Darioush winery location, along the Silverado Trail and looks amazing. People come for the fine wines and to see Darioush winery photos and images of its beauty. Darioush vineyards are all over Napa, from the cool southern valleys to the tough lands of Mount Veeder. They remind people of the old city of Persepolis with their different landscapes. This special spot lets Darioush make many kinds of Darioush wines, each showing the special qualities of where it comes from. Darioush cares a lot about being kind to the earth, just like people did in the ancient Persian royal courts. This care...check our brand Darioush Winery
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Winemaker of Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series 2020

Hope Goldie

Hope Goldie

Hope Goldie, a visionary winemaker, holds the key to a thousand crucial decisions in the world of wine production. With a meticulous approach honed from the vineyard to the cellar, laboratory, and crush pad, she embodies excellence. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of fermentation science, sensory chemistry, viticulture, and enology, Hope fine-tunes each lot with precision. Her passion for winemaking took root in her childhood, where she worked alongside her father, crafting Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Carignan in Washington. Her formal training under the guidance of sensory chemist Ann Noble at UC Davis solidified her dream of becoming a winemaker. In her graduate work sponsored by the California Department of Food & Agriculture, Hope explored Botrytis Cineria through... More Products
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