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Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • WE 95
  • WA 91
  • JD 92
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    Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019, crafted by the esteemed Darioush Winery, under the expert guidance of winemaker Hope Goldie and the renowned consulting winemaker Michel Rolland, this Signature Shiraz is a masterclass in viniculture. This rare and intriguing blend harmoniously combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc, with a distinctive touch of Shiraz, creating a Napa Valley Red Wine that speaks volumes of its prestigious origin.

    The Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019 makes a commanding first impression with its very dark purple hue, a shade so deep it mirrors the stroke of midnight. This complexity is mirrored in its composition’”32% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Merlot, 22% Petit Verdot, 17% Cabernet Franc, and 6% Shiraz. It undergoes a meticulous aging process of 22 months in 70-75% new French oak barrels, showcasing the meticulous care and precision that Darioush Vineyards invests in each bottle.

    Upon first encounter, the wine unveils savory aromatics that are as intriguing as they are inviting. Notes of gunflint, cigar wrapper, and forest floor set the stage, leading to a symphony of black currant and pomegranate syrup flavors. This rich tapestry of scents paves the way for a tasting experience that is both robust and refined. The palate is greeted with earthy, fine-grained tannins and a spicy black fruit profile that persists through a complex and layered finish. This Darioush Shiraz is poised to complement the complex flavors of dishes such as roasted lamb and smoked brisket, making it a versatile partner to savory cuisine.

    The critical acclaim surrounding the Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019 underscores its exceptional quality and the high regard it holds in the wine community. Awarded 95 points by Wine Enthusiast, the wine is celebrated for its ripe, full, and layered character, brimming with blackberry jam, black pepper, and iron flavors, all enveloped in a cocoon of firm but fine-grained tannins. Its deep fruit and spice core render it full-bodied, muscular, and intensely complex, heralded for its remarkable mouthfeel.

    Similarly, the Wine Advocate has bestowed upon it 91 points, highlighting its distinctive varietal character, with plummy fruit, mint, cardamom, and asphalt on the nose, and a full-bodied, tannic palate that finishes with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and espresso. Jeb Dunnuck offers 92 points, praising its classic peppery herbs, sage, and bacon fat notes, alongside a balanced, elegant mouthfeel and a gratifying finish, making it a wine worth savoring over the next 7-8 years.

    For those looking to buy Darioush wine, the Signature Shiraz 2019 stands as a testament to the winery’s commitment to excellence, limited to 750 cases and sourced from Darioush Estate Vineyards in Napa Valley, including the prestigious Mount Veeder and hillside vineyards throughout the region. This Darioush red wine, particularly the Darioush Shiraz, is a sought-after treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike, promising an extraordinary wine experience that embodies the spirit and essence of its Napa Valley terroir.

    In conclusion, the Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019 is not just a wine; it’s a narrative of meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional terroir, and the passionate pursuit of winemaking excellence. It invites connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to explore its depth, complexity, and the unparalleled quality that Darioush Winery continues to deliver. Whether enjoyed now or allowed to age gracefully, this Darioush Shiraz promises to be a memorable addition to any wine collection, offering a taste of Napa Valley that is both profound and unforgettable.

    27 reviews for Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019

    1. Thomas Souffrant

      I’m in love with the Darioush Shiraz from Napa Valley AVA. The lovely blend of dark chocolate and cedar is unforgettable.

    2. Marvin Aguirre

      The Darioush Winery’s Shiraz is a sensory journey. The intense flavors of cherry, black fruit, and earthy undertones are a testament to the skill of Winemaker Michel Rolland.

    3. Pablo King

      The Darioush Winery Napa Valley region Shiraz is a sensory delight. Complex flavors of blackberry, pepper, and oak swirl in a smoky, enchanting dance.

    4. Sarah Murphy

      The Napa Valley AVA never disappoints. The Darioush Winery wine has a robust profile of black cherry, black fruit, and earthy tones. It’s like a journey for your taste buds.

    5. Sean Cannon

      The Signature 2019 Darioush Shiraz is sublime. The hints of leather, plum, and blueberry create a complex, yet satisfying palate.

    6. Blaine Potolsky

      The Signature 2019 Darioush Shiraz is a wine lover’s dream. The unique blend of violet and red fruit flavors is a sensory delight.

    7. Gary Bennett

      The Darioush Shiraz (Signature) 2019 from Darioush vineyard is remarkable! Love the hints of vanilla, tobacco, and dark fruit. Pairs perfectly with lamb!

    8. Lewis Hunter

      The Darioush Winery wine is a Shiraz lover’s dream. The intense flavors of cherry, black fruit, and earthy undertones are a revelation.

    9. Lucille Solomon

      The Darioush Signature 2019 Shiraz is a delightful mix of cassis, coffee, and cream. Paired with a lamb dish, it’s a match made in heaven.

    10. Norman Garcia

      The Darioush Winery Napa Valley region Shiraz is a true gem. The unique notes of white pepper and anise make it a standout in its category.

    11. Isaac Blackburn

      Free shipping on 6 bottles? Yes please! The Darioush Winery Shiraz, with its notes of leather, plum, and blueberry, is worth every penny.

    12. Susan Jones

      The Darioush Winery’s Shiraz is a symphony of flavors. Its dark chocolate notes are complemented perfectly by the cedar undertones, making for a truly unique experience.

    13. Vincent Guess

      The Darioush Shiraz is a wine to be savored. Its jam-like sweetness is balanced by the cocoa and raspberry notes, making it a harmonious blend.

    14. Virginia Asher

      This Darioush Winery Shiraz is a sensory delight with notes of black cherry and licorice. It’s the perfect wine to unwind with after a long day.

    15. Rex Barone

      Free shipping on 6 bottles of Darioush Winery wine is a deal I couldn’t resist. The white pepper and anise tones add a spicy kick to this Shiraz.

    16. Wade Essary

      Purchased the Darioush Shiraz and was pleasantly surprised by the free shipping on 6 bottles. The flavors of blackcurrant and jam were a delight to my senses.

    17. Casey Bougie

      Winemaker Michel Rolland has outdone himself with the Darioush. The blend of chocolate, cherry, licorice flavors is truly a masterpiece.

    18. Charlotte Saunders

      The Darioush vineyard has outdone itself with this Shiraz. The black cherry and licorice notes are perfectly balanced, creating a wine of unmatched complexity.

    19. Cecilia Rush

      Sipping on the Darioush Winery Napa Valley region Shiraz is a treat. The rich aroma of tobacco and vanilla is simply captivating.

    20. Susan Latham

      The Darioush Winery wine is a Shiraz like no other. The rich notes of cocoa and raspberry elevate it to a class of its own.

    21. Leo Provost

      The Darioush Shiraz from Napa Valley AVA is an explosion of blackberry and pepper notes, enveloped in a smoky oak finish. A wine lover’s delight!

    22. Sarah Vera

      The Darioush vineyard sure knows their wine. The Shiraz, with its signature black fruit and earthy undertones, is proof of that.

    23. Troy Clemence

      The dark chocolate, cedar, and white pepper flavors in the Darioush Winery Shiraz are sublime. It’s a Napa Valley region Shiraz that stands out!

    24. Nicholas Mills

      Just had the Darioush Winery Shiraz, and the bold flavors of dark fruits paired perfectly with my lamb dish. A must-try!

    25. Michael Mccullough

      The Darioush Shiraz 2019, with its notes of anise, blackcurrant, and jam, is a beautiful expression of the Darioush Winery. The cocoa, raspberry, and violet undertones are a delight.

    26. William Rose

      The Darioush Winery Shiraz is an explosion of flavors. The bold notes of cassis, coffee, and cream create an unforgettable palate.

    27. Alexander Stewart

      The Darioush Winery Napa Valley region Shiraz is a standout with its bold violet and red fruit flavors. It’s a testament to the expertise of Winemaker Michel Rolland.

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    Who is the founder of Darioush winery?

    The founder of Darioush Winery is Darioush Khaledi. He established the winery in 1997, bringing his vision of crafting fine wines inspired by his cultural heritage to the Napa Valley.

    What does the name darioush mean?

    Dariush (Persian: داریوش), also spelled Darioush, Daryoush, or Daryoosh, is a Persian-language masculine given name. It is composed of Dāraya- ( lit. 'to hold') and vash- ( lit. 'good'), meaning holding firm the good. Dariush.

    Critical Acclaim

    WE 95
    Wine Enthusiast
    This ripe, full and layered wine is full of blackberry jam, black pepper and iron flavors wrapped in a supportive blanket of firm but fine-grained tannins. The fruit and spice elements go deep into the core of this full-bodied, muscular and intense wine for an amazing mouthful of complexity. Best from 2028–2038.
    WA 91
    Wine Advocate
    Sourced from estate vineyards in Oak Knoll and the broader Napa Valley AVA, Darioush's 2019 Shiraz is a hugely ripe yet varietally distinct Syrah, with plummy fruit upfront, plus hints of mint, cardamom and asphalt on the nose. Full-bodied and tannic, it finishes on notes of caramel, dark chocolate and espresso.
    JD 92
    Jeb Dunnuck
    The 2019 Syrah is a beauty, offering classic peppery herbs, sage, and bacon fat notes, as well as some classic blue and black fruits. It s medium to full-bodied, has a beautifully balanced, elegant mouthfeel, and a great finish. I d happily drink a bottle anytime over the coming 7-8 years.

    What does Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    smoke, leather, earthy

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, vanilla, tobacco


    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, dark fruit, plum

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, white pepper

    Citrus notes found in the wine

    citrus, orange zest, orange peel

    cream, cheese, oil

    Vegetal notes found in the wine


    raisin, fig, dried fruit

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, rose petal, lavender

    Food Pairing with Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019

    Our wine experts think this Red Wine Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
    darioush vineyard
    darioush signature shiraz
    darioush shiraz
    darioush red wine
    Darioush Winery is in Napa Valley, California, and it's not just any winery. Since it started in 1997 by Darioush Khaledi, it mixes old and new. It shows in the art, buildings, and wine. The Darioush winery location, along the Silverado Trail and looks amazing. People come for the fine wines and to see Darioush winery photos and images of its beauty. Darioush vineyards are all over Napa, from the cool southern valleys to the tough lands of Mount Veeder. They remind people of the old city of Persepolis with their different landscapes. This special spot lets Darioush make many kinds of Darioush wines, each showing the special qualities of where it comes from. Darioush cares a lot about being kind to the earth, just like people did in the ancient Persian royal courts. This care...check our brand Darioush Winery
    Shiraz, a captivating dark-skinned grape variety, has become an emblem of Australian viticulture, embodying the vibrant spirit of the country's winemaking prowess. Born from the same genetic stock as Syrah, Shiraz thrives in the sun-soaked expanses of Australia and select corners of the New World. Its allure lies in its capacity to craft wines that capture the essence of the terroir, producing a diverse array of flavors that delight the palates of enthusiasts worldwide. Australian vineyards, particularly those in the Barossa Valley, have embraced Shiraz with open arms, making it the most widely cultivated grape variety across the nation. This grape thrives in regions with diverse climates and soil profiles. Warm, sunny days coupled with cool nights create the ideal conditions for...Please check Shiraz for more information

    Winemaker of Darioush Signature Shiraz 2019

    Michel Rolland

    Michel Rolland

    Michel Rolland, the acclaimed winemaker behind Clos Apalta, has become a symbol of excellence in the world of winemaking. With a career spanning several decades, his passion and expertise have made him a true vintner extraordinaire. Rolland's winemaking philosophy centers on showcasing the unique terroir of each vineyard. At Clos Apalta, he works tirelessly to bring out the best in the Apalta region, known for its exceptional Bordeaux-style blends. In a recent interview, Rolland emphasized the importance of balance in winemaking. He seeks harmony in every bottle, carefully balancing fruit, tannins, and acidity to create wines that are both elegant and expressive. Rolland's dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed, with Clos Apalta consistently receiving high praise from... More Products
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    Nestled an hour north of San Francisco, the Napa Valley AVA is acclaimed as a top-tier wine destination in the New World. This prestigious region, stretching 35 miles from southeast to northwest between the Vacas and Mayacamas mountain ranges, is home to some of the most esteemed vineyards globally. A scenic drive from Napa to Calistoga unveils the valley's viticultural gems, making it the best place to stay in Napa Valley for those seeking picturesque landscapes. In 1981, Napa Valley AVA earned the distinguished title of being California’s first American Viticultural Area (AVA), a testament to its esteemed position in the wine world. In Napa Valley's early winemaking days, vineyards displayed a mosaic of various grape... ...Check Region for more information

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