Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018

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Vintage: 2018
  • WA 98
  • FAL 100
  • WI 98
  • CT 99
  • JCR 19/20
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Indulge in the opulence of Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018, a wine that truly exemplifies the artistry of Bordeaux winemaking. This exceptional creation, crafted under the expertise of winemaker Omri Ram, offers a sensory journey that is both rich and decadent.

In the glass, the wine presents itself with a deep, dark ruby hue, accompanied by enticing purple reflections that gently brighten the rim. As you approach, a multifaceted bouquet unfolds, revealing underlying minerality, ripe cherry notes, and a discreet herbal savouriness. Delicate floral hints dance alongside nuances of nougat and noble wood, creating a captivating aromatic symphony.

On the palate, Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018 exhibits a taut and closely woven structure. Dark berry fruit takes center stage, enveloping your senses with perfectly ripe sweetness. The wine’s elegance is further accentuated by its pithy and salty finish, leaving a lasting impression that lingers and evolves.

Soft tannins provide a velvety texture, adding to the wine’s overall allure and sophistication. This Bordeaux masterpiece boasts an impressive 98 points from Wine Advocate and 100 points from Falstaff, making it a true connoisseur’s delight. The Wine Independent also awards it 98 points, emphasizing its aging potential from 2027 to 2067.

Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018 is best enjoyed alongside sumptuous dishes like beef, lamb chops, game meats such as deer or venison, and even roast chicken. For those fortunate enough to acquire this wine, the suggested aging window extends from 2028 to 2070, ensuring a remarkable journey of flavor and complexity for decades to come.


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Critical Acclaim

WA 98
Wine Advocate
When to drink: 2028 to 2070
FAL 100
Deep dark ruby, purple reflections, subtle brightening on the rim. Multi-faceted bouquet with underlying minerality, ripe cherry notes, discreet herbal savouriness, delicately floral, some nougat and noble wood. Taut and closely meshed on the palate, dark berry fruit with perfectly ripe sweetness, elegant structure, pithy and salty on the finish. Multilayered and extremely long.
WI 98
The Wine Independent
When to drink: 2027 to 2067
CT 99
Cellar Tracker
JCR 19/20
Jancis Robinson
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Food Pairing with Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018

Our wine experts think this Red Wine Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Chateau Lafleur
Chateau Lafleur, situated in the Pomerol appellation on Bordeaux's Right Bank, is a cherished gem in the world of winemaking. With its modest 4.5 hectares (11 acres) of vineyards, this family-run estate has been crafting wines of unparalleled quality for over a century. Founded in 1872 when Henri Greloud acquired the property, Chateau Lafleur remains in the capable hands of his great-great-grandchildren, Jacques and Sylvie Guinaudeau. The estate's flagship wine, Chateau Lafleur, is a masterful blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, renowned for its rich concentration, creamy texture, intense black fruits, and captivating spice notes. It's a wine with remarkable structure, often requiring more aging than its peers in the Pomerol appellation, and can gracefully mature for up to half a...check our brand Chateau Lafleur
Bordeaux Blend Red
The Bordeaux Red Blend is a versatile and internationally recognized wine varietal that has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from the famous Bordeaux region in France, this blend encompasses a combination of grape varieties commonly used in Bordeaux's red wines. Although the term "Bordeaux Blend" is not an official or legal designation, it serves as a useful concept to discuss wines made in a similar style, regardless of their origin. While the term itself is not commonly seen on wine labels, it is often mentioned by wine merchants and enthusiasts to describe wines that resemble the characteristics of Bordeaux-style reds. In the United States, a similar concept is referred to as Meritage, which holds a legal definition and is a registered...Please check Bordeaux Blend Red for more information

Winemaker of Chateau Lafleur Saint-Jean 2018

Omri Ram

Omri Ram

Omri Ram, the talented winemaker at Chateau Lafleur, brings a unique perspective to the world of winemaking. Prior to joining Lafleur, Ram's expertise lay in working with Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand. However, when he made the transition to Bordeaux, he encountered an entirely new challenge—crafting wines primarily from Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. Ram's journey from New Zealand to Bordeaux was marked by a shift from Sauvignon Blanc to Bordeaux's renowned red varietals. While he bid farewell to Sauvignon Blanc, he embraced the art of creating exceptional Merlot and Cabernet Franc blends. This transition showcases Ram's versatility and dedication to mastering the intricacies of winemaking, ultimately contributing to Chateau Lafleur's continued excellence.
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Pomerol, a revered appellation in the Bordeaux region of southwestern France, stands as an iconic figurehead of Merlot-based wines on the Right Bank. This historic wine region, known for its remarkable red wines, enjoys a unique status in the world of wine.

Pomerol's rich history is marked by its distinctiveness. Unlike many Bordeaux appellations, it lacks a formalized classification system, yet it has risen to prominence over a relatively short period. The appellation's most illustrious wines, such as Petrus and Le Pin, have achieved prices surpassing even the cru classe properties of the Medoc.

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