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Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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Vintage: 2021
  • JD 96
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    The captivating Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021, a masterpiece crafted by winemakers Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky. Harvested from the sun-dappled expanse of our three-acre Totem Estate Vineyard in Yountville, this wine pays homage to our heritage while pushing the boundaries of excellence.

    Medium straw in color, this Graves-style Sauvignon Blanc embodies sophistication and vibrancy. On the nose, a symphony of aromas unfolds ” zesty citrus intertwines with the sweetness of honeyed flowers, harmonizing effortlessly with the allure of stone fruits. As you indulge, the palate is greeted by an enchanting medley of apricot and lemon, accented by hints of minty herbs and coconut. Signature Georgia minerality dances gracefully alongside notes of white truffle and toasted brioche, leading to a finale that is zingy, energetic, and enduring.

    Amidst the acclaim bestowed upon this vintage, renowned wine critic Jeb Dunnuck awarded the 2021 Georgia Sauvignon Blanc an impressive 96 points. Evident even before uncorking, its vivid golden hue hints at the richness within. The nose entices with apple blossom, honeyed citrus, and an elegant minerality. Medium to full-bodied, the wine unfolds its layers of opulence, all the while maintaining a poised balance that crescendos into a finish highlighted by its bright and lively acidity.

    A testament to the convergence of tradition and innovation, only 416 cases of this unparalleled vintage were produced. Scheduled to be bottled in April of the coming year, the 2021 Georgia Sauvignon Blanc is destined to captivate palates upon release and for many years beyond. Embrace the legacy and relish in the complexities of a wine that embodies the essence of Lail Vineyards.

    75 reviews for Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021

    1. Veronica Lin

      Delightful every time.

    2. Michael Nahhas

      Lovely Sauvignon Blanc, will age well.

    3. Gena Hillman

      Spicy coconut flavors with strong barrel notes, but overpriced.

    4. Melissa Harvey

      Outstanding wine with peach, pear, lemon, grass, cinnamon, butter, creme brulee, and minerality notes.

    5. Linnie Valentin

      A Matter of Taste, great nose of lemon zest, pitted fruit, and minerals, great tasting, Bordeaux style Sauvignon Blanc, retail is $120 and that is a bit much for me.

    6. Cecilia Hall

      Superb wine with clear straw color and green tint. Crisp with wet stone, peach and white flowers on the nose. Mid weight with high acidity and alcohol. Special and unique, a bit pricey but thoroughly enjoyable.

    7. Michelle Ochoa

      Melka’s SB is a unique and well-made wine with a palate of citrus, peaches, key limes, and barrel spice. It’s more viscous than most SB and ages well.

    8. Ken Homan

      Best wine of the tasting. Tangerine, minerality with fennel finish. Wonderful.

    9. Kristine Thero

      Outstanding wine with chard-like bouquet and finish of SB.

    10. John Moulder

      Impressive power and fruit with a peachy taste. Comes from a vineyard planted in 1839. Not too oaky.

    11. Ronald Hensley

      Luxurious and full-bodied with oak notes, this Sauvignon Blanc is reminiscent of Haut Brion Blanc. Perfect for Chardonnay enthusiasts.

    12. William Glover

      Review: Perfectly matured and ready to drink.

    13. Vera Hodde

      Wife found it a little citrusy, but overall amazing.

    14. Phyllis Garcia

      The French Laundry’s ’06 DP, ’08 Pegau Laurence, ’13 Realm Dr. Crane, ’95 Suduiraut, etc are gently oaked, elegant, fragrant, soft, feminine, and sophisticated. They have quince, pear, lemon, and lemon peel notes. Brilliant pairing with Oysters and Pearls – better than the DP. 91.

    15. Tanya Rozek

    16. John Malone

      Impressive Sauvignon Blanc at a great price. Notes of melon and tropical fruits on the nose. Smooth and beautiful long finish.

    17. Clyde Spence


    18. Tina Wahlen

      Great California Sav Blanc. Honeysuckle and citrus aroma. Light lime and citrus taste. Drinkable now but will be exceptional in 3-5 years.

    19. Samuel Kelley

      Complex layers with honeyed lemon, vanilla, and grass notes. Smooth, balanced, with good acidity and a long finish.

    20. Steven Nipp

      Overpriced Napa SB, good but not amazing. Doesn’t compare to Realm’s Fidelio, which is half the cost.

    21. Laura Whitaker

      Consistent with honeyed lemon aroma, balanced palate, rich complexity of flavors and a long finish that brings out Sauvignon Blanc character. Expensive but worth it.

    22. Leonard Fernendez

      Not as good as the June 2017 experience. Wife unimpressed. Will not buy again at this price.

    23. George Hufton

      “Fabulous! See last note.”

    24. Pablo Pileggi

      Clean color, light taste. Should age more. Good structure. Age for a couple of years.

    25. Roger Miller

      Excellent Napa wine tasting led by Maayan Koschitzky from IWSI. Clear, pale golden yellow with medium intensity aromas of SB and Semillion. Dry, high acidity, full body, silky, rich white tropical fruit flavors. Very good balance and harmony with a unique quality and a very long finish.

    26. Frank Mohan

      Is the wine overdone? More wood than previous vintages, but rich and unctuous.

    27. Mark Fagan

      Fruity with notes like fresh Dots candy. Moderate acid with great minerality. No grassiness like other Sauvignon Blancs. Excellent!

    28. William Thornton

      “Vibrant acidity with tropical fruit notes. Excited to age the rest.”

    29. Thomas Delong

      Layers of flavor in this Napa Valley SB make it a perfect pairing with Christmas Eve shrimp scampi.

    30. Jennifer Stierwalt

      Wine needs 2 years to reach its peak.

    31. Ana Bowles

      Complex palate with mineral-driven nose and layers of tropical fruits, spices, and baking spices. Short decant advised. Host called it better than Haut Brion Blanc and favorite Napa Sauvignon Blanc.

    32. Richard Hoover

      Rare Lail Sauv Blanc. Not a fan but enjoyed it.

    33. Colleen Marcoux

      Consistent complexity with familiar notes.

    34. John Frew

      Good wine with ample weight, tropical and citrus-rich flavors, and a balanced acidity that complements food. Potential to age for 7-10 years with great structure.

    35. Robert Printup

    36. Russell Ryals

    37. Bonnie Lowe

      Best CA Sauv Blanc I’ve had, complex fruit and mushroom on the palate. High price point.

    38. Mary Patterson

      Lail’s SB is a beautiful expression of the varietal with a multi-layered nose and palate, and a long finish.

    39. Karen Aguilera

      Tart and lemony at first, but developed nicely. More sophisticated than everyday Sauvignon Blanc, but pricey at $135. Not worth the money.

    40. Goldie Whisby

      Tropical fruit notes with a hint of vanilla and strong acidic structure. Long finish.

    41. Albert Hash

      Balanced tropical Sauvignon Blanc with layered complexity.

    42. Charles Haugh

      A complex wine with woody and savory aromas, caramelized pear, lychee, stone fruits, and honey with toasted vanilla almond finish. Similar to Merry Edwards, but with more oak and elegance.

    43. Eva Valle

      Dense and grassy with wet grass, lemon rind, and gooseberry notes. Needs 6-12 months to unfold and is overpriced at $150. Not as singular as its price suggests.

    44. Charles Williams

      Rare half-bottle with a beautiful mature nose and minimal grasses, delicious.

    45. James Sims

      Elegant SB with great acidity and beautiful color profile. Pricey but worth it. Will age well for years.

    46. Mary Stump

      Excellent Napa Sauvignon Blanc with a premium price tag. Bucket list-worthy.

    47. Michael Sandmeier

      Dominant oak on the nose with a hint of fresh-cut grass. Soft and generous, multi-layered on the palate with a long finish.

    48. Francisco Clark

      This is tremendous. When given time to come up to temperature, it opens right up. Vibrant, clear and crisp fruits on the nose and the palate. Full mouthfeel and finish. A serious sauvignon blanc.

    49. Abel Oldham

      Glass nose. Decanter for 2 hours, magnificent floral change. Wow!

    50. Claudine Mayfield

      Grilled grouper salad paired perfectly with Sav. Blanc. Ideal for special occasions in Santa Rosa Beach.

    51. Ronald Keats

      Comparable to Old World wines, slightly sweeter, with great acidity, tannins, texture, color, and flavor. Has holding power and can be enjoyed 5-8 years from now. Get two bottles – one now and one for the future.

    52. Donald Conant

      Great wine. Best after an hour. Enjoy at room temp for maximum flavor. Decant before serving.

    53. Pat Holiday

      “Blonde color with honeydew melon and lemon aromas. Light body with a medium finish, flavors of lemon and passion fruit with a slight yeast backing. Enjoy now or in 7-8 years.”

    54. Kathleen Rodriguez

      Expansive and pure Sauvignon Blanc with layers and a fresh finish. Graceful and powerful. One of the best domestic Sauvignon Blancs ever tasted.

    55. David Coker

      Good, but not as exciting as other Georgia wines.

    56. Melodie Sutter

      Elegant, light and dry with hints of lemon rind and mild melon.

    57. David Moore

      Lail 100% Sauvignon Blanc is an exceptional wine with aromas of grapefruit, green apple, salt water, and crushed rock. Flavors of quince, gooseberry, under-ripe pear, and quartz, with a zippy finish. Aged in 100% French oak for 18 months. 95+ at the moment, with upside in another 6-18 months.

    58. Luis Rust

      Bright and zesty with sweet melons and white orchard fruit. Long firm finish with herbal notes. Singular and wonderful drink worth seeking out. ****

    59. Kelly Tobin

      Young but promising wine with oak aging potential.

    60. Toni Forbes

      Mixed reactions from dinner group, but I still enjoyed it as much as before.

    61. Shannon Waits

      Great Melka SB with upfront oak balanced by fruit and complexity. Not for everyone, but perfect for me.

    62. Thomas Moorman

      Youthful and harmonious. Buy now.

    63. Roy Cronin

      Great Sauvignon Blanc!

    64. Alexandra Farr

      Great Sauvignon Blanc from Lail that pairs perfectly with Louisiana cuisine like fried catfish and crawfish etouffee. Ready to be enjoyed now.

    65. Randi Gulley

      Fantastic Sav Blanc by Melka. Pricey but worth it. 95.

    66. Daniel Wolfe

      Review: Rich and viscous Sauvignon Blanc with notes of honeyed lemon, peach, vanilla, and grass. High acidity and long finish. Drink now or age up to 5 years.

    67. Patsy Brady

      Elegantly refined.

    68. Rochelle Virgil

      Enjoyable Bordeaux/Cabernet with a surprise honey character and lightness.

    69. Randy Bowes

      Young with grassy tones, delightful palate and good finish. Needs +5 years on the bottle.

    70. Scott Rose

      Highly recommended white wine with elegant nose of dried apricot, lychee, and hint of vanilla. Smooth and long finish with good acidity. Can age for many years.

    71. Bradley Shade

      Fantastic Napa sav blanc, best in America, perfect for BYOB Vietnamese restaurants. Elegant nose with fresh vanilla, grapefruit and a hint of vanilla. New French oak aged, long finish, just entering drinking window, will age well for many years.

    72. Jerry Krout

      “Stunning color, aromatic, and delicious. Enjoy now or hold for later. Never enough.”

    73. Josephine Foley

      Excellent and velvety.

    74. Cynthia Williams

      Lail Georgia is the best domestic SB. Ideal with Kuu Sushi. Any contenders? – 95.

    75. Jackie Humann

      Favorite SB. Crisp, unlocked chard-like.

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    Critical Acclaim

    JD 96
    Jeb Dunnuck
    Scheduled to be bottled in April of next year, the 2021 Sauvignon Blanc Georgia has a vivid golden hue as well as a richer, serious nose of apple blossom, honeyed citrus, and chalky minerality. Medium to full-bodied, it displays plenty of fruit and opulence before showing bright and racy acidity on the finish.

    What does Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    minerals, truffle, game

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla

    apple, green apple, pear

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, cinnamon, black licorice

    Citrus notes found in the wine

    citrus, lemon, grapefruit

    cheese, cream, lemon curd

    Vegetal notes found in the wine

    grass, straw, gooseberry

    tropical, pineapple, mango

    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, perfume, orange blossom

    Food Pairing with Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021

    Our wine experts think this Green and Flinty Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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