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Hawkes Bay

History: Hawke’s Bay stands proud as one of New Zealand’s most venerable wine regions. Its viticultural lineage can be traced back to 1851 when the first vineyards were established by missionaries aiming to produce sacramental wines. Remarkably, its first commercial wine sale was chronicled in 1870. As the decades unfurled, the 1920s saw a burgeoning wine industry, with iconic wineries like Te Mata, Mission Estate, and Church Road cementing their presence, many of which continue to thrive today.

Location: Located on the east coast of the North Island, this wine-rich region encompasses cities like Napier, Hastings, and Havelock North. Derived from the bay’s namesake, Hawke’s Bay boasts a strategic position 300km northeast of Wellington and 430km southeast of Auckland, encircled by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

Climate and Soil Profile: Endowed with a warm and dry climate, Hawke’s Bay relishes the maritime moderation brought by the Pacific, rendering its summers warm and autumns long – ideal for viticulture. Sheltered terrains and diverse topography allow winemakers to capitalize on its intricate mesoclimates. The soil of Hawke’s Bay stands testament to its geological youthfulness, predominantly volcanic, enriched over time by river-deposited sediments. These vineyards predominantly trace the pathways and terraces of rivers like Esk, Tutaekuri, and Ngaruroro. Notably, the Gimblett Gravels, born from the Ngaruroro’s flood-altered course in 1867, houses shingle soils that favour Bordeaux Blend varieties and Syrah.

Grape Varieties and Wine Profiles: Hawke’s Bay has earned acclaim for its Bordeaux-style reds and robust Chardonnays. Additionally, Syrah, known for its pronounced black-pepper flavors, is considered a promising variety here. Yet, the terroir’s versatility doesn’t end there. Coastal areas nurture white grape varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, while Central Hawke’s Bay’s limestone soils further inland are more favorable to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, reflecting the cooler climate.

Taste Profile: The wines of Hawke’s Bay are often characterized by their elegance and depth. The Bordeaux-style reds emanate richness and complexity, while the Chardonnays possess a full-bodied allure. Syrahs from the region, resonating with black-pepper notes, encapsulate a classic European charm.

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