Turley Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard 2021

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Vintage: 2021
  • WA 96
  • VIN 97
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Turley Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard 2021 is a remarkable display of the winery’s expertise, with organic, old-vine Petite Syrah boasting unparalleled finesse. Crafted under the careful guidance of Winemaker Tegan Passalacqua, this wine embodies a profound complexity. A deep ruby hue sets the stage for an aromatic symphony, where luscious plum, dark brambly fruits, and hints of India ink dance harmoniously with a touch of pan grille, evoking the essence of young Pauillac. The palate is an experience of indulgence, offering layers of blackberry, white pepper, and a delicate zest of orange, intertwined with savory herbs, gravel, and anise. The wine’s texture is refined, while its vibrant freshness leads to an enduring finish. Consider decanting to unveil further dimensions, or savor its aging potential, promising indefinite pleasure.

The 2021 Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard has garnered critical acclaims, receiving an impressive 95 points from Wine Advocate. Noted for its opaque ruby-black color and engaging aromas of blackcurrant, garrigue, cocoa powder, laurel leaves, and charcuterie, it captivates the senses with a palate that belies its initial intensity. Vinous has awarded it an exceptional 97 points, praising its seamless texture, remarkable fruit purity, and an enchanting blend of dark red and purplish fruits, mocha, licorice, new leather, and spice. True to the acclaim, this vintage from Hayne Vineyard stands as a testament to the sheer magic of the site and the winemaking prowess of Turley Wine Cellars.


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Critical Acclaim

WA 96
Wine Advocate
The 2021 Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard comes from vines planted in 1953. Opaque ruby-black in color, this has some rubbery touches on the nose that give way with time to blackcurrant, garrigue, cocoa powder, laurel leaves and charcuterie. The palate is lighter on its feet than the nose leads you to believe, with alluringly floral flavors and soft herbal undertones. It has a surprisingly refined texture, impressive freshness and a very long finish. Offer it 3-5 years in bottle.
VIN 97
The 2021 Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard shows why this site is so magical. Seamless on the palate, with tremendous fruit purity, the Hayne dazzles from start to finish. Dark red/purplish fruit, mocha, licorice, new leather and spice all meld together. There are no hard or awkward edges in this young Petite, just tons of pure pedigree. What a wine!

Food Pairing with Turley Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard 2021

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Established in 1993 in Napa Valley, Turley Wines Cellars has burgeoned into a venerated winery, celebrated for its commitment to preserving California's rich winemaking legacy. With an impressive array of 50 wines hailing from over 50 vineyards across the state, Turley, led by winemaker Tegan Passalacqua, specializes in Zinfandel and Petite Syrah. Their focus on organic farming practices breathes life into ancient vineyards dating back to the late 1800s, rescuing them from neglect and oblivion. Believers in the essence of 'old vines,' Turley advocates that these venerable plants naturally yield more complex and sustainable wines, deeply rooted in the terroir. Their diverse vineyards, primarily field blends, unveil a tapestry of flavors that pay homage to California's winemaking heritage....check our brand Turley Wines Cellars
Petit Verdot
Petite Sirah, also known as Durif, is a robust black-skinned grape variety renowned for its small, intensely colored berries, contributing to the wine's distinct personality. While it originated in France, it is now primarily cultivated in drier climates such as Australia, California, and Israel due to its preference for extended hang time and resistance to bunch rot in such conditions. The grape's preference for a dry and hot microclimate makes regions like Rutherglen, Victoria, an ideal location for its cultivation, as seen in Australia. In the winery, careful maceration is required to prevent over-extraction, while barrel-aging often involves American oak to complement its tannic structure. The wines produced from Petite Sirah grapes boast a characteristic deep, inky color, owing to...Please check Petite Sirah for more information

Winemaker of Turley Petite Syrah Hayne Vineyard 2021

Tegan Passalacqua

Tegan Passalacqua

Renowned in the world of winemaking, Tegan Passalacqua stands as an emblem of dedication and passion for his craft. His journey commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, but his ardor for viticulture led him down an alternate path. Beginning as a lab technician at Napa Wine Company, he honed his skills through night classes at Napa Junior College. Joining Turley in 2003 as a Vineyard Manager, he imbibed wisdom from luminaries like Ehren Jordan and expanded his horizons internationally, working with esteemed names in New Zealand, the Rhône Valley, and South Africa. Assuming the mantle of head Winemaker & Vineyard Manager in 2013, Tegan now orchestrates operations for 50 vineyards, showcasing an unwavering commitment to the heritage and excellence of winemaking. As a... More Products
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Nestled an hour north of San Francisco, the Napa Valley AVA is acclaimed as a top-tier wine destination in the New World. This prestigious region, stretching 35 miles from southeast to northwest between the Vacas and Mayacamas mountain ranges, is home to some of the most esteemed vineyards globally. A scenic drive from Napa to Calistoga unveils the valley's viticultural gems, making it the best place to stay in Napa Valley for those seeking picturesque landscapes. In 1981, Napa Valley AVA earned the distinguished title of being California’s first American Viticultural Area (AVA), a testament to its esteemed position in the wine world. In Napa Valley's early winemaking days, vineyards displayed a mosaic of various grape... ...Check Region for more information

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