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Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port

20.00% /
750ml /
Vintage: NV
  • WS 96
  • WA 97
  • JS 97

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Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Old Tawny Port, a testament to over three centuries of family tradition and excellence in Port wine production, is a crowning achievement from the house of Taylor Fladgate. Crafted by the esteemed winemaker David Guimaraens, this very old Tawny Port embodies the rich and mellow virtues of the finest aged Port wines. Blended from rare wood-aged Ports that have matured for five decades in oak casks, this special collector’s edition, known as Taylor’s Golden Age, is released in very limited quantities, offering a unique tasting experience.

The color of Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Old Tawny Port is a mesmerizing chestnut-copper core with a light golden rim, signaling its aged elegance. The aroma unveils a sophisticated and rich bouquet, marked by elegant notes of rum and raisin, clove, nutmeg, and a hint of cracked black pepper, creating an inviting complexity. The initial olfactory exploration is further enriched by delicate nuances of prunes, quince, and apricot, while zesty lemon and orange bring a refreshing acidity to balance the rich tapestry of flavors.

On the palate, Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny delivers an extraordinary range of flavors. Scorched pineapple, passion fruit, and lychee beautifully harmonize with toasted coconut, almonds, and butterscotch, showcasing the wine’s depth and the meticulous blending skills of Taylor Fladgate’s team. The texture is remarkably smooth and weighty, enveloping the palate and finishing with a brightness and poise that is both refreshing and enduring. The aftertaste lingers invitingly, a testament to the wine’s exceptional quality and the allure of its complexity.

Critics have lavished praise on this exquisite Taylor fladgate tawny port, with scores of 97 points from both Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and James Suckling, and 96 points from Wine Spectator. These accolades highlight the Port’s mature character, sensational depth, and the perfect balance between richness and vibrancy. The nuanced and complex profile, marked by dark chocolate, balsamic, mahogany, and dried fruits, alongside salted almonds and caramel, is consistently emphasized, underpinning the Port’s allure and its capacity to captivate from the first sip to the lasting finish.

Serving this Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Old Tawny Port slightly chilled, between 12ºC to 16ºC, unlocks its full spectrum of aromas and flavors, making it an excellent accompaniment to desserts like crame brûle, wild strawberries, or a simple plate of walnuts and dried fruit. Its versatility and elegance make it a perfect choice for commemorating significant milestones or simply indulging in a moment of pure enjoyment.

Taylor Fladgate’s commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of this 50 Year Old Tawny Port. From its deep roots in the Douro Valley to the careful aging and blending by David Guimaraens, this Taylor Fladgate Port wine is a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the enduring beauty of aged Tawny Port. Whether as Taylor Fladgate Porto, Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port, or the luxurious Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny, each bottle from this historic house offers a unique window into the soul of Port wine.

22 reviews for Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port

  1. Rodney Brennan

    The Taylor Fladgate Porto is a revelation. The coffee and raisin flavors are bold, and the dried apricot and walnut notes are subtle yet delightful.

  2. Judith Darnell

    The Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny is a real standout. The clove and nutmeg flavors are bold and beautiful, and the aged oak is just the right touch.

  3. Bradley Secor

    The Taylor Fladgate Port Wine is a real treat. The taste of fig and prune is rich and bold, and the hint of coffee gives it a great finish.

  4. Charles Smith

    David Guimaraens has crafted a masterpiece with this Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port. The flavors of almond and caramel are rich and satisfying, and the honey and toffee notes are the perfect sweet finish.

  5. Jermaine Cairone

    Taylor’s Golden Age 50 Year Old Tawny Port is a real treasure. The notes of rum and raisin just melt in your mouth, and the clove and nutmeg really shine through.

  6. Christopher Smith

    The Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port is a perfect balance of flavors. The almond and caramel notes are just the right amount of sweet, and the aged oak adds a lovely depth.

  7. John Davis

    I can’t get enough of this Taylor Fladgate Port Wine. The coffee and raisin flavors are bold and the notes of rum and raisin add a beautiful depth.

  8. Georgia Greis

    Taylor’s Golden Age boasts a symphony of flavors from dried apricot, prune, to coffee. This Taylor Fladgate port wine from the Tawny Port wine region tastes like a beautifully aged memory. Hints of toffee, walnut and orange linger in the end. Love this Taylor Fladgate vintage port!

  9. Sheila Klarich

    This Taylor Fladgate 50 is a taste of luxury. The Port Blend grapes from Portugal give it a unique taste, and the aged oak casks it’s stored in only enhance it further.

  10. Debra Cohen

    This Taylor Fladgate Port is a taste of the Tawny Port wine region. The notes of fig and prune are bold, and the dried apricot and walnut add a lovely complexity.

  11. Edith Johnson

    This Taylor Fladgate 50 is something special. The flavors of dried apricot and walnut are perfectly balanced with the robust taste of the Portugese wine.

  12. John Marois

    This Taylor Fladgate Porto is the perfect dessert wine. The flavors of almond and caramel are delicious, and the honey and toffee notes bring a delightful sweetness.

  13. Ira Hollins

    The Taylor Fladgate 50 Year is a real gem. The flavors of fig and prune are bold and beautiful, and the hint of coffee gives it a great finish.

  14. Angela Oliver

    I’m loving this Taylor Fladgate Port. It’s got a beautiful blend of honey and toffee flavors, with a hint of orange that’s just divine.

  15. Ruth Thompson

    I’m in love with this Taylor Fladgate 50. The Portugese wine is rich and flavorful, and the aged oak adds a beautiful depth.

  16. Edith Kaleta

    The Taylor Fladgate 50 Year is a masterpiece. From the Tawny Port wine region, it’s a flavor journey of honey, orange, and oak. A true gem!

  17. George Siegel

    I’ve fallen in love with this Taylor Fladgate 50 Year. It’s delightfully smooth, with notes of rum and raisin that are simply divine.

  18. John Carver

    The Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Old Tawny Port is a divine dessert wine. Its rich notes of rum, raisin, and nutmeg are perfectly balanced with flavors of almond, caramel, and honey. Aged for 50 years in old oak casks, this Portugese wine is a masterpiece by David Guimaraens.

  19. Keven Comstock

    This Taylor Fladgate Port Wine is a true dessert wine. The flavors of fig and prune mix beautifully with the strong Portugese wine character. A must try!

  20. Kimberly Doyle

    The Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port is the perfect end to a long day. It’s smooth, with a delightful mix of honey and toffee notes. I can’t recommend it enough!

  21. Joy Ross

    I finally got my hands on the Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny and it was worth every penny! The aged oak flavor is just divine and the hint of almond and caramel is simply irresistible.

  22. Derrick Cheney

    David Guimaraens, the winemaker, has outdone himself with this Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny. The nutmeg flavor is robust, and the notes of rum and raisin add a beautiful complexity.

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What does 50 year old Port taste like?

A 50-year-old Port offers a sublime tapestry of flavors: deep, concentrated layers of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, complemented by velvety caramel and chocolate undertones. Its aged character brings a remarkable smoothness, with a mellow sweetness balanced by vibrant acidity, culminating in an endlessly complex and elegant finish.

Does tawny Port get better with age?

Tawny Port, already aged in barrels before bottling, does not significantly improve with further aging in the bottle. Its aging process in wood develops its characteristic nutty, complex flavors, and smooth texture. Once bottled, it is intended to be enjoyed at its peak of maturity and complexity.

Can I drink a 50 year old wine?

Yes, you can drink a 50-year-old wine, provided it has been properly stored. Wines of such age, especially those designed for long-term aging like fine reds, Ports, and some whites, can offer a unique and complex tasting experience, showcasing evolved flavors and aromas not found in younger wines.

Critical Acclaim

WS 96
Wine Spectator
A bird of a different feather, this sports a range of date, mulled plum and persimmon fruit flavors that are curvaceous in feel, allied to a racy green tea and hazelnut spine. Picks up singed white sesame, walnut husk, alder smoke and sandalwood along the way. Reveals terrific tension between the viscous and nervy sides from start to finish.
WA 97
Wine Advocate
The NV 50 Year Old Tawny Port is a field blend bottled with a bar-top cork in 2022 and with 158 grams of residual sugar. Mature, with dark chocolate nuances, this is rich, deep and sensationally delicious. The concentration is exceptional too. Then, there's the long, long finish, filled with fruit and sugar. It is irresistible, in addition to being nuanced and complex. It's young enough so that it is never just a curiosity. The fruit is certainly not cracking.
JS 97
James Suckling
Aromas of balsamic, mahogany, Georgian furniture and dried fruits. Salted dried almonds. Medium-bodied, very sweet. Sultanas. Figs. Yet fresh and intensely flavored with a long, long finish. Love the finish. Salted caramel. Drink or hold.

What does Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

honey, exotic spice, minerals

Oaky Flavors of the wine

caramel, toffee, nutmeg

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

dried herbs

Citrus notes found in the wine

orange, orange peel, orange rind


fig, prune, raisin

Floral aromas found in the wine

dried flowers

Food Pairing with Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port

Our wine experts think this Dessert Wine Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
taylor fladgate
taylor port tawny
fladgate port wine
fladgate tawny port
fladgate wine
Taylor Fladgate, an emblem of excellence in the world of Port wine, stands as a beacon of tradition, quality, and innovation in the Douro Valley of Portugal. Founded in 1692 by Job Bearsley, it is among the oldest of the founding Port houses, cementing its legacy over more than three centuries through a steadfast commitment to producing the finest Port wines. With its headquarters nestled in the heart of Oporto and its vineyards sprawling across the Douro Valley's picturesque landscapes, Taylor Fladgate has become synonymous with the very essence of premium Port wine production. The geographical location of Taylor Fladgate's vineyards is integral to the distinctive character and unparalleled quality of its wines. The vineyards, including the esteemed Vargellas, Terra Feita, and Junco...check our brand Taylor Fladgate
Port Blend
The Port blend grape varietal stands as a cornerstone of one of the most iconic and celebrated wine styles in the world: Port wine. Originating from Portugal's Douro Valley, the Port blend is not defined by a single grape but rather a symphony of varieties that come together to create the rich, complex, and intensely flavorful fortified wines known globally. This blending tradition, deeply rooted in centuries of Portuguese viticulture, contributes to the distinctive character and unparalleled depth that Port wines are celebrated for. What is the Port Blend Grape Varietal? The Port blend grape varietal refers to the combination of grape varieties used to produce Port wine. Unlike single-varietal wines that spotlight the characteristics of one grape, Port wines capitalize on the...Please check Port Blend for more information

Winemaker of Taylor Fladgate 50 Year Tawny Port

David Guimaraens

David Guimaraens

David Guimaraens stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of winemaking that courses through the veins of the Douro Valley's most esteemed vineyards. Born on October 13, 1965, in Oporto, Portugal, David represents the sixth generation of the Guimaraens family to immerse themselves in the intricacies of the Port business. His journey into the realm of viticulture and oenology is not only a continuation of familial tradition but also an exploration of innovation within an industry steeped in heritage. From the outset, David's education was marked by a blend of cultural experiences, having completed his schooling across Portugal and England. However, it was his quest for hands-on winemaking experience that propelled him across continents to Australia, California, and Oregon. This... More Products
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Tawny Port

Tawny Port, an exquisite type of fortified wine, holds a storied place in the world of viticulture, tracing its origins to the verdant northern expanses of Portugal. This wine's journey from grape to glass is a testament to the rich history and unique terroir of its region, setting it apart from other varieties of Port wine. Unlike its counterparts, Vintage and Ruby Port, Tawny Port offers a lighter hue and a subtler bouquet, a result of meticulously selected grapes and a distinct aging process that emphasizes consistency and complexity of flavor over the expression of a single harvest's characteristics.

The Douro Valley, the birthplace of Tawny Port, is not only Portugal's prime wine-producing area but also one... ...Check Region for more information

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