Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • WS 92
  • VIN 93
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The Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel 2019, crafted by the renowned Peter Franus of the Peter Franus Wine Company, is a testament to the unique terroir of the Brandlin Vineyard on Mount Veeder. This wine, a blend of 90% Zinfandel with 10% Charbono, Mourvadre, and Carignane, mirrors the vineyard’s tradition of field blending, which dates back to the early 1920s.

Harvested in late September and mid-October of 2019, this vintage benefitted from the ample winter rainfall of the season, resulting in abundant and healthy vines. The moderate temperatures throughout the growing season allowed for a leisurely harvest, ensuring that the grapes were picked at the peak of ripeness. This care is reflected in the wine’s balanced and refreshing character.

The fermentation process, lasting 8 days with a peak temperature of 84ºF, and a 14-day maceration period before pressing, were meticulously overseen by Franus. The wine was then aged for 18 months in French Oak barrels, with 30% new oak from Burgundian Coopers, further adding to its complexity and refinement.

Displaying a medium ruby color, the Peter Franus Zinfandel greets the nose with vibrant and enticing aromas of raspberry, white pepper, allspice, and a hint of vanilla, evoking the finesse of a fine Pinot Noir. Upon tasting, an initial juicy black cherry sensation is beautifully balanced by supporting tannins that gracefully fade into the background, showcasing the zesty and forward fruit character typical of Zinfandel.

The palate is a delightful journey through a spectrum of flavors, ranging from gentle dark fruits to bright berries, intertwined with notes of crushed stone, lavender, white pepper, clove, ginger, anise, bay, and a subtle earthiness. This array of flavors, while complex, is harmoniously balanced, resulting in a wine that is both invigorating and elegantly structured.

Critical acclaim for the Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel 2019 of Franus winery has been noteworthy. Awarded 92 Points by Wine Spectator, it is described as potent and deeply structured, with dark plum and cherry flavors interlaced with roasted anise and pepper, culminating in refined tannins. Advised to be enjoyed now through 2029, it’s a testament to its aging potential.

Vinous has also recognized the exceptional quality of this wine, awarding it 93 Points. They highlight its intense Mt. Veeder character, abundant in crushed red berry fruit, hard candy, chalk, mint, white pepper, crushed rocks, and dried herbs. Described as a mid-weight, intensely mineral Zinfandel, it is celebrated for hitting numerous high notes and presenting a nuanced and mountain-character-rich profile.

In summary, the Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel 2019 from the Peter Franus Wine Company is a distinguished representation of the Mount Veeder terroir. It offers a complex yet balanced tasting experience, full of depth and nuance, and is a shining example of what Zinfandel, particularly from this esteemed region, can achieve.


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Critical Acclaim

WS 92
Wine Spectator
"Potent and deeply structured, with dark plum and cherry flavors laced with roasted anise and pepper. Builds toward refined tannins. Drink now through 2029."
VIN 93
"The 2019 Zinfandel Brandlin Vineyard screams with Mt. Veeder character. Crushed red berry fruit, hard candy, chalk, mint, white pepper, crushed rocks and dried herbs abound. This mid-weight intensely mineral Zinfandel hits so many high notes. It is far from an obvious wine, though. Instead, readers will find a highly nuanced Zinfandel endowed with tons of mountain character."

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Peter Franus Wine Company: Crafting Unique Wines with a Personal Touch Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, the Peter Franus Wine Company stands as a beacon of quality and passion in the world of winemaking. Established by Peter Franus, a seasoned winemaker with a deep respect for tradition and a penchant for innovation, this winery has been producing exceptional wines since its inception in 1987. With its vineyards located in the prestigious regions of Carneros and Mount Veeder, Peter Franus Wine Company has carved out a niche for itself, creating wines that are not only delightful but also a true representation of their terroir. The vineyards of Peter Franus Wine Company are strategically located in two distinct areas of Napa Valley. The Stewart Vineyard in Carneros, renowned for...check our brand Peter Franus
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Winemaker of Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel 2019

Peter Franus

Peter Franus

Peter Franus, a distinguished figure in the Napa Valley wine scene, represents more than just a winemaker; he is a storyteller of the vine. His journey in the wine industry, spanning over three decades, showcases a profound connection with the terroirs of Napa, particularly the celebrated Mount Veeder region. A Connecticut native and a Berkeley alumnus, Franus's path to winemaking was as organic as the vineyards he cherishes. Franus’s roots can be traced back to Greenwich, Connecticut, where his initial interests diverged significantly from viticulture. It wasn't until his time at the University of California at Berkeley in the late 1960s, majoring in journalism, that he discovered his affinity for wine. This revelation was more than a mere fascination with flavors; it was an... More Products
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Mount Veeder

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