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Chateau Lassegue 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • WA 92
  • DEC 94
  • JS 96
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Chateau Lassegue 2019, a testament to the elegance and opulence that Saint-Émilion can offer, is a wine that captures the essence of its illustrious terroir. Under the watchful expertise of winemaker Nicolas Seillan, and the seasoned guidance of a consulting winemaker, this grand cru emerges from the picturesque vineyards of Chateau Lassegue, where the 18th-century chateau is graced with ornate sundials, symbolizing the perfect sun exposure that blesses their vines.
This Lassegue wine is a harmonious blend of 58% Merlot, 32% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in 50 to 60% new oak, varying with the vintage, which contributes to its complexity and character. The Chateau Lassegue Bordeaux blend showcases the rich, aromatic Cabernet Franc and the dense concentration of old vine Merlot, seasoned with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, resulting in a wine that is powerful yet elegant.
The 2019 Chateau Lassegue Bordeaux offers a beautiful ruby color, limpid and brilliant in the glass. Aromatic and precise on the nose, it unfolds with red fruit aromas, complemented by subtle hints of rose petal and licorice. On the palate, this Lassegue Grand Cru delights with remarkable freshness, elegance, and finesse. The attack is dense, revealing a core of ripe red fruit, leading to a rich and precise mid-palate and a prolonged finish, all carried by seamlessly integrated silky tannins.
The Chateau Lassegue St Emilion Grand Cru reflects the power, balance, and minerality indicative of the complex clay and limestone soils of the Cote de Saint-Émilion. It is a great vintage that promises to reach its peak in 15-20 years, embodying the nuanced expression of its terroir and the know-how passed down through generations.
Critical acclaim for this vintage underscores its distinction. James Suckling awarded it 96 points for its refined character, noting its currant, crushed stone, limestone, and fresh mushroom notes, complemented by fine tannins and a minerally finish. Decanter, with a 94-point rating, praised its rich plum color, brambly blue and red fruits, and layers of fine tannins, highlighting its energy and potential for aging. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate gave it 92 points, admiring its lively profile, deep flavors, and elegant restraint.
In sum, the 2019 Chateau Lassegue Grand Cru is a stellar representation of Saint-Émilion’s grandeur. With each sip, it offers a journey through the rich tapestry of its terroir, marked by the signature elegance and power of Chateau Lassegue’s Bordeaux blend. This wine not only stands as a beacon of the winemaking prowess at Chateau Lassegue but also as a symbol of the timeless beauty that is Chateau Lassegue St Emilion Grand Cru.

14 reviews for Chateau Lassegue 2019

  1. Christopher Dant

    The chateau lassegue bordeaux is a perfect blend of oak and vanilla. The hints of leather and dark fruit create a unique palate experience.

  2. Jerome Patterson

    The chateau lassegue grand cru is an explosion of flavors. From black fruit to the subtle hint of pepper, every sip is a revelation.

  3. Duane Franco

    The lassègue wine is one for the books. Its earthy tones mixed with a hint of licorice and vanilla make it a must-try.

  4. Lisa Henrich

    Chateau lassegue bordeaux is a perfect blend of flavors. The tobacco and blackcurrant notes are well balanced by the cedar undertones.

  5. Gail Alber

    The chateau lassegue grand cru is an exquisite blend of forest floor and cheese flavors, with a touch of minerals that add to its complexity.

  6. Darrell Horn

    Chateau Lassègue Bordeaux left me surprised with its unexpected notes of coffee and raspberry. The licorice aftertaste is a delightful twist.

  7. Stacy Lockhart

    Chateau Lassègue Bordeaux blend is a wine that tantalizes the taste buds with its prune and black plum flavors. The hint of violet adds a lovely touch.

  8. Julie Goodman

    I was taken aback by the unique flavors of the lassègue grand cru. The strawberry and mint combination was unexpected yet delightful.

  9. Robert Rodrigues

    Chateau Lassègue st emilion grand cru is a wine lover’s delight. Its earthy tobacco undertones and fruity plum flavor make it an unforgettable taste.

  10. Jason Covert

    Oh, the Château Lassègue Saint-Émilion Grand Cru is a treat! The notes of cherry and blackberry taste divine, a real lassègue grand cru.

  11. Kenneth Perkins

    Lassègue wine is a joy to the senses. The peppery notes mixed with a hint of blueberry and red fruit are enticingly unique.

  12. Craig Fleming

    The chateau lassegue st emilion grand cru is a masterpiece. The cocoa and clove flavors blend perfectly with the dark chocolate undertones.

  13. Shelia Spencer

    Chateau lassegue grand cru is like a walk in the forest. The earthy tones of mushroom mixed with the sweetness of black cherry are simply divine.

  14. Cedric Howell

    Château Lassègue Bordeaux blend is a symphony of flavors. The vanilla, chocolate, and smoke blend seamlessly for a rich, aromatic sip.

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Who owns Chateau Lassegue?

The ownership of the vineyards traces back to 2003, when they were acquired by the renowned Californian vintner, Jess Jackson, from the Freylon family. Following Jess Jackson's death in 2011, the management of the estate was assumed by his wife, Barbara Banke, in collaboration with Pierre Seillan, who took on the responsibilities full-time.

What does Grand Cru mean in St Emilion?

In St. Emilion, "Grand Cru" refers to a classification level for wines that meet stringent production and quality criteria, signifying wines of high quality that are recognized officially within the St. Emilion wine classification system. It denotes a superior grade of wine that has passed rigorous tests of taste and quality.

Why is Saint-Émilion so expensive?

Saint-Émilion wines are so expensive due to a combination of factors including the region's ancient and ideal terroir, limited production quantities, the meticulous care and traditional winemaking practices required, and the global reputation and demand for these high-quality wines. The cost reflects the quality, history, and prestige associated with Saint-Émilion's wines.

Critical Acclaim

WA 92
Wine Advocate
The 2019 Lassegue unwinds in the glass with aromas plums, wild berries, pencil shavings and dark chocolate. Medium to full-bodied, deep and lively, with powdery tannins, bright acids and a rather understated, elegant profile for an estate that can often deliver rather dramatic wines, this will reward a little patience.
DEC 94
Rich plum in colour, this grips right from the off, and moves slowly and carefully through the palate, revealing brambly blue and red fruits, and a lovely sense of energy and uplift. Extremely good quality, with sage and saffron edges alongside layers of fine tannins that close in towards the finish, slowing things down even more. This will age well, and is an elegant yet concentrated wine.
JS 96
James Suckling
This is so fine and refined with currant, crushed stone, lime stone and fresh mushroom. It’s medium-bodied with fine tannins that run the length of the wine. Minerally finish. Tight and racy. Drink after 2025, but already beautiful.

What does Chateau Lassegue 2019 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

leather, earthy, mushroom

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, apricot, stone fruit

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, orange

cheese, cream, oil

Vegetal notes found in the wine

tomato, grass, asparagus

raisin, fig, prune


Floral aromas found in the wine

violet, lavender, potpourri

Food Pairing with Chateau Lassegue 2019

Our wine experts think this Wine Chateau Lassegue 2019 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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chateau lassegue
Nestled in the radiant landscapes of Bordeaux, Chateau Lassegue stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in the world of viticulture. This esteemed estate, with its iconic blond stone façade basking under the Bordeaux sun, is not just a workplace but a cherished home, steeped in a history that spans over 250 years. The sundials adorning its exterior are more than mere decorative features; they are silent narrators of the estate’s rich legacy, marking the passage of time and bearing witness to generations of vineyard workers who have tended to the land with unwavering dedication. Chateau Lassegue is located in the prestigious Saint-Emilion region, renowned for its exceptional terroir and the production of Chateau Lassegue
Bordeaux Blend Red
The Bordeaux Red Blend is a versatile and internationally recognized wine varietal that has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from the famous Bordeaux region in France, this blend encompasses a combination of grape varieties commonly used in Bordeaux's red wines. Although the term "Bordeaux Blend" is not an official or legal designation, it serves as a useful concept to discuss wines made in a similar style, regardless of their origin. While the term itself is not commonly seen on wine labels, it is often mentioned by wine merchants and enthusiasts to describe wines that resemble the characteristics of Bordeaux-style reds. In the United States, a similar concept is referred to as Meritage, which holds a legal definition and is a registered...Please check Bordeaux Blend Red for more information

Winemaker of Chateau Lassegue 2019

winemaker Nicolas Seillan

Nicolas Seillan

At the heart of Château Lassègue's storied vineyards, Nicolas Seillan, a seventh-generation vigneron, weaves his deep-rooted passion for winemaking with a visionary approach, marking a new epoch in the estate's illustrious legacy. With the recent elevation of Château Lassègue to Grand Cru Classé status, Nicolas stands at the forefront, heralding a new chapter in the rich tapestry of this historic estate. Born into a lineage of esteemed vignerons, Nicolas's relationship with viticulture and winemaking was nurtured from a tender age. Guided by the wisdom of his father, Pierre Seillan, he learned to treat the land with reverence, understanding that true winemaking extends far beyond the confines of the vineyard. His journey took him from the rolling hills of Bordeaux to the... More Products
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Chateau Lassegue wines

Nestled in the heart of the Bordeaux region, the Saint-Émilion Grand Cru appellation stands as a testament to the rich viticultural heritage and the pursuit of excellence in winemaking. This wine region, with its deep historical roots and stringent production standards, offers a journey through time and taste.

Historical Backdrop:

The story of Saint-Émilion Grand Cru intertwines with the narrative of Bordeaux, a region synonymous with wine for centuries. The region's name harks back to the 8th-century monk Émilion, a traveling confessor, who settled in a hermitage carved into the rock there. The vineyards of Saint-Émilion are steeped in history, with viticulture dating back... ...Check Region for more information

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