Wolffer Estate Long Island Summer in a Bottle Rose 2022

12.40% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2022
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Wine Description

Wolffer Estate Long Island Summer In A Bottle Rosé 2022 is the quintessential embodiment of a high Hampton summer, meticulously crafted by winemaker Roman Roth. With a striking bright copper hue, this rosé captivates the eye and sets the stage for an exquisite tasting experience. The aroma exudes elegance, offering clean fruit notes reminiscent of ripe pears and crisp apples, elevated by a luxurious ripeness. Upon the first sip, the palate is treated to a lively and vibrant mouth-feel, accompanied by delightful spiciness and a rich texture adorned with fine tannins. The wine’s liveliness is complemented by a classic minerality and a touch of salinity, creating depth and character.

This dry rosé boasts a savory profile and a lingering finish, where creamy yeast and delicate chalk notes intertwine harmoniously. Crafted in the Long Island, New York appellation and proudly produced and bottled in Sagaponack, New York, this exceptional rosé is the epitome of a perfect summer wine. Serve it chilled, whether as a standalone delight or a versatile companion to a wide array of culinary delights. Wolffer Estate’s Summer In A Bottle Rosé 2022 offers a sensory journey to the Hamptons’ vibrant, sun-soaked season, bottled for your pleasure.

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Food Pairing with Wolffer Estate Long Island Summer in a Bottle Rose 2022

Our wine experts think this Rich and Fruity Wolffer Estate Long Island Summer in a Bottle Rose 2022 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Wolffer Estate Vineyard, established in 1988, is nestled in the picturesque region of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. This iconic winery is renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing top-notch wines, ciders, and spirits that exude elegance and distinction. The estate's vineyards, overseen by Vineyard Manager Richie Pisacano and his dedicated team, follow sustainable farming practices. Grapes are hand-harvested from these vineyards, and Winemaker Roman Roth meticulously crafts each wine. This devotion to quality results in wines that are not only elegant and complex but also possess remarkable intensity and longevity, earning them numerous awards. Wolffer Estate's White Horse wines are the stars of their portfolio, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's best.... Read More
The Rose Blend grape varietal, also known as Rare Rose Blend, represents a fascinating category of rosé wines that showcase unique or uncommon grape combinations. Unlike traditional rosé wines, which are typically crafted from commonly grown red grape varieties, Rose Blend rose wines offer a delightful departure from the norm. These distinctive rosé blends can be found in various wine-producing regions worldwide, each boasting its own blend of grape varieties that thrive due to specific climatic conditions and soil profiles. For example, in South Africa's Stellenbosch region, a Rare Rosé Blend may feature a harmonious mix of Pinotage and Grenache grapes. This blend is possible because of the region's diverse terroir, which provides the ideal balance of sunlight, rainfall, and soil... Read More

Winemaker of Wolffer Estate Long Island Summer in a Bottle Rose 2022

Roman Roth

Roman Roth, the maestro of Long Island winemaking, is a man whose life's melody has been composed with the sweet notes of vineyards and barrels. Hailing from the heart of Germany's Black Forest, Roman's journey through the world of wine started with a youthful dream that matured into a remarkable career. His apprenticeship at Kaiserstuhl Wine Cooperative Oberrotweil laid the foundation for his winemaking prowess. Roman then embarked on an international odyssey, shaping his craft at Saintsbury Estate in California and Rosemount Estate in Australia. Returning to Germany, he honed his skills, earning prestigious degrees in oenology and viticulture. In 1992, Roman ventured to Long Island, where he became the inaugural winemaker at Wolffer Estate Vineyard. Here, he fused European... Read More
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Nestled along the eastern coast of the United States, Long Island has emerged as a captivating wine destination with a rich history dating back to the 1970s. Recognized as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2001, Long Island comprises two distinct sub-AVAs, the North Fork and the Hamptons, situated at the eastern tip of the island. Spanning 110 miles from the East River to the Atlantic Ocean, this region benefits from a maritime climate influenced by surrounding bodies of water, leading to cooler summers, milder winters, and extended growing seasons. The sandy, glacial soils found here provide excellent drainage and heat retention, fostering ideal conditions for grape cultivation.

Long Island's winemakers... Read More

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