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Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022

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Vintage: 2022
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Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022, a pristine expression from Tenuta delle Terre Nere, encapsulates the essence of its terroir with grace and sophistication. This elegant wine, a harmonious blend predominantly composed of Nerello Mascalese with a subtle touch of Nerello Cappuccio, originates from the fertile slopes of the volcanic Etna region. The meticulous production process, which involves a yield of no more than 60 quintals per hectare, ensures that every bottle of Tenuta Terre Nere Etna Rosso resonates with the highest quality.

In the glass, Terre Nere Etna Rosso presents a vibrant ruby hue, a prelude to its complex and enticing nature. The volcanic soil of its origin, coupled with the northern exposure of the vineyards, imparts a unique character to the Etna Rosso Tenuta delle Terre Nere, reflected in its color and composition. The vineyards, ranging from youthful 7-year-old vines to venerable 50-year-old plants, contribute to the layered complexity of the Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Rosso.

A bouquet of fresh, fragrant aromas greets the nose, an inviting blend of ripe red berries interwoven with subtle hints of herbs and a whisper of volcanic minerality, a signature trait of the Etna Rosso Terre Nere. This aromatic profile sets the stage for the first sip, promising a wine that speaks eloquently of its origins.

On the palate, the Tenuta Terre Nere Etna Rosso unfolds gracefully, revealing a structure that is elegantly slender yet marked by a well-defined tannic backbone. The initial freshness evolves into a complex array of flavors: cherries and wild strawberries dance with delicate floral notes and a nuanced earthiness, a testament to the volcanic soil. The Etna Rosso Tenuta delle Terre Nere’s time in wood, a thoughtful period of about a year, bestows upon it a subtle, integrated oak character, enhancing its natural elegance without overshadowing the purity of the fruit.

The finish of Tenuta Terre Nere Etna Rosso lingers pleasantly, a delicate yet persistent reminder of the wine’s finesse and the artisanal touch of winemaker Marco De Grazia. With each passing year, the Etna Rosso Terre Nere’s texture gains in richness and complexity, unfolding new layers and depth, much like a well-orchestrated symphony reaching its crescendo.

In its youth, the Etna Rosso Tenuta delle Terre Nere is a testament to finesse and distinction, a wine that can elegantly accompany a wide array of dishes, adapting with ease to the diner’s preference, true to its aristocratically liberal nature. As it matures, the Tenuta Terre Nere Etna Rosso promises an evolution towards even greater complexity and richness, a journey of discovery for those who choose to explore the depths of this noble wine.

In conclusion, Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022 is not just a wine but a narrative of its land, a reflection of the dedication at Tenuta Terre Nere, and a testament to the potential that the volcanic terrains of Etna hold within. Each bottle of Etna Rosso Terre Nere is an invitation to experience the harmony, elegance, and the vibrant life force of this unique terroir.

22 reviews for Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022

  1. Tracy Hughes

    The free shipping on 12 bottles of tenuta terre nere is a fantastic deal. The wine’s cherry and earthy notes make it a must-have for any wine aficionado.

  2. Marcia Gentle

    Etna rosso tenuta delle terre nere is a beautiful blend of flavors. The raspberry and smoke notes reflect winemaker Marco De Grazia’s genius.

  3. Marsha Rivera

    Just opened a bottle of Terre Nere Etna Rosso, and it’s a symphony of flavors; cherry, strawberry, and a hint of smoke, all underpinned by Sicily’s volcanic terroir. It’s a testament to the craft of winemaker Marco De Grazia. The subtle, integrated oak character brings a balanced depth. The tenuta delle terre nere etna rosso is a standout in the Etna wine region and a must-try for lovers of Italian wines. Plus, free shipping on 12 bottles – what a bonus!

  4. Wanda Smith

    The Etna Rosso Tenuta delle Terre Nere is a delightful sensory journey. The earthy notes mingle with red fruit and minerals, and there’s a hint of raspberry and leather that brings complexity. It’s the perfect representation of the etna terre nere, intoxicating, and truly reflective of Sicily’s unique landscape.

  5. Janet Liv

    The Terre Nere Etna Rosso, with its vanilla and plum flavors, is a wine to treasure. The licorice undertones add a unique depth to the wine’s flavor profile.

  6. Claudia Wells

    The tenuta delle terre nere etna rosso is a balsamic delight. The blackcurrant flavor, coupled with the subtlety of Sicily’s volcanic terroir, is simply enchanting.

  7. Bernice Foley

    The Terre Nere Etna Rosso is a perfume of flavors. Orange, tar, and black fruit notes make it a unique addition to any wine collection.

  8. Martha Jordan

    The etna terre nere is a symphony of flavors. The red cherry, ash, and tobacco notes make it a unique addition to the Italian wines collection.

  9. Erik Burton

    The terre nere etna offers a mesmerizing blend of tomato and cheese flavors. Coupled with the free shipping on 12 bottles, it’s an offer too good to resist.

  10. Ernest Hunt

    The Terre Nere Etna Rosso is a delightful blend of cherry and earthy undertones. The winemaker Marco De Grazia has truly captured the essence of the Etna wine region.

  11. Kristie Marsden

    The tenuta terre nere offers a unique bouquet of flavors. The violet and savory notes, coupled with the stone undertones, make it an unforgettable wine.

  12. Vera Ulrich

    The terre nere etna is like a gentle symphony of flavors. Red cherry, ash, and tobacco notes play in perfect harmony, making it a must-try.

  13. Georgina Teel

    The integrated oak character of Terre Nere Etna Rosso leaves a lasting impression. Coupled with the juicy blackberry and black cherry flavors, it’s truly a treat.

  14. Callie Graber

    The terre nere etna is a sensory delight. The oak and leather notes, coupled with a hint of cranberry, make it a wine worth savoring.

  15. Jose Coon

    The terre nere etna, with its chocolate and cinnamon flavors, is a perfect wine for a cozy evening. Its mushroom notes reflect the earthy charm of the Etna wine region.

  16. Elizabeth Griffitts

    The etna terre nere is an explosion of flavors. You can taste the vanilla, plum, and licorice notes beautifully balanced with the Sicilian terroir.

  17. George Johnson

    The etna terre nere, with its blueberry and clove flavors, feels like a walk through an Italian garden. The dried herbs notes add an exotic touch.

  18. Timothy Pack

    Etna rosso tenuta delle terre nere is a unique experience. The taste of leather and cranberry with a hint of pepper truly represents the subtle nuances of this wine.

  19. Tami Smith

    The tenuta delle terre nere etna rosso is a masterpiece. It’s a beautiful mix of strawberry and red fruit flavors that transport you straight to Sicily’s volcanic terroir.

  20. Gertrude Hermanson

    The etna rosso tenuta delle terre nere is a sensory delight. The sour cherry and cedar flavors add a unique touch to the Italian wines repertoire.

  21. William Contreras

    Enjoying the tenuta terre nere is like a journey. The smoke and oak flavors complement the Italian wines tradition, while the integrated oak character adds depth.

  22. Patricia Sanchez

    The pomegranate and red currant flavors of the tenuta delle terre nere etna rosso are simply divine. The free shipping on 12 bottles is a delightful bonus.

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What are the characteristics of Etna Rosso wine?

Etna Rosso wine, a product of Sicily's volcanic terroir, is known for its elegant structure and nuanced flavors. It typically presents a mix of red fruit, herbs, and earthy undertones, with a bright acidity and firm tannins, reflecting the mineral-rich soils of Mount Etna's slopes.

How do you serve Etna Rosso?

Etna Rosso's versatility shines in food pairings, harmonizing beautifully with diverse flavors. It complements tomato-based dishes, excels alongside roasted meats, sausages, and meatballs, and pairs delightfully with rich, oily fish like smoked sardines, showcasing its adaptability to a broad spectrum of culinary delights.

What type of wine is Etna Rosso?

Etna Rosso is a distinctive red wine hailing from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. Renowned for its elegant complexity, it features a blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes, offering a harmonious profile of red fruits, herbs, and minerality, with vibrant acidity and structured tannins.

Can Etna Rosso age?

Etna Rosso has no mandatory aging, but its Riserva variant matures for a minimum of four years, including one in oak. Conversely, Etna Bianco is a blend, predominantly Carricante (at least 60%), augmented by Catarrato Bianco and Minella, showcasing the unique terroir of the Etna region.

What is the history of Etna wine?

Etna wine boasts a rich legacy, rooted in Sicily's volcanic soils. Dating back to ancient times, its viticulture flourished under Greek influence, introducing notable varieties. The region gained recognition with the establishment of the Etna DOC in 1968, celebrating its unique grapes and centuries-old winemaking tradition.

What does Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

earthy, minerals, smoke

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

cherry, strawberry, red fruit

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, peach, pear

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

plum, blackberry, black cherry

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

Citrus notes found in the wine

orange, citrus, blood orange

cheese, cream, banana

Vegetal notes found in the wine

tomato, rhubarb, grass

raisin, prune, dried fruit

bubblegum, pineapple, fruit cup

Floral aromas found in the wine

violet, perfume, rose petal

Food Pairing with Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022

Our wine experts think this Red Wine Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Tenuta delle Terre Nere
Tenuta delle Terre Nere 4
Tenuta delle Terre Nere 3
Tenuta delle Terre Nere 2
Tenuta delle Terre Nere 1
Tenuta delle Terre Nere, established over forty years ago, thrives in the distinctive microcosm of Etna, Sicily's renowned volcanic region. Rooted within the hilly belt extending from Solicchiata to Randazzo, the estate meticulously manages its approximately 45-hectare vineyards, spanning the illustrious Contradas, each characterized by diverse altitudes and soils. With a philosophy centered on organic balance and precise viticultural practices, the winery produces exceptional red wines, notably Nerello Mascalese. Embracing the nuances of Etna's unique climate and volcanic soil, Tenuta delle Terre Nere crafts wines that embody the essence of this ancient terroir, encapsulating its refined and multifaceted character. As a pioneering force in formalizing Etna's historic sub-areas, the...check our brand Tenuta delle Terre Nere
Nerello Mascalese
Nerello Cappuccio – Nerello Mascalese, a blend that defines the quintessence of Sicilian viticulture, brings together two indigenous grape varieties to create some of Sicily’s most esteemed red wines. This duo is integral to the prestigious reds from Sicily's eastern coast and is a staple under the Sicilia DOC label. These varieties, essentially mutations of a singular ancestral Nerello, have distinct yet complementary profiles, contributing uniquely to the blend's overall character. Understanding Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese, although derived from a common ancestral Nerello, exhibit significant differences in their viticultural characteristics. Their individual profiles contribute distinct elements to the blend, making them a...Please check Nerello Cappuccio – Nerello Mascalese for more information

Winemaker of Terre Nere Etna Rosso 2022

Marco de Grazia

Marco de Grazia

Renowned for his profound impact on the wines of Etna, Marco de Grazia's influence is as significant as the majestic volcano that characterizes this unique corner of Sicily. The 2012 Etna Rosso, a testament to his expertise, is a captivating blend of 98% Nerello Mascalese and a small portion of Nerello Cappuccio, aged meticulously in oak for nearly a year. With an impressive bouquet boasting herbaceous, balsamic tones, as well as hints of dried fruit and mineral, this wine reflects de Grazia's commitment to excellence at affordable price points. Embracing the Etna region wholeheartedly, de Grazia has become a revered mentor to the emerging generation of local winemakers, known as the "Etna Boys," who seek his wisdom and guidance in cultivating exceptional wines. His enduring legacy... More Products
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Etna region

The Etna wine region in Italy is renowned for its unique Etna wines, protected under the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) classification.

Nestled beside Europe's largest active volcano, Mount Etna, this area is a tapestry of lush flora and agricultural land, with vineyards holding a place of prominence in the region's agricultural heritage.

Tracing back to the Upper Paleolithic period, human presence on Sicily dates back roughly 20,000 years. Interestingly, remnants of ancient grapevines in the region predate human settlement,... ...Check Region for more information

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