Tensley Colson Canyon Vineyard Syrah 2021

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Vintage: 2021
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2021 vintage of Tensley Colson Canyon Vineyard Syrah was one of the coolest vintage in a decade, and  the wine shows serious freshness. With that said the extremely low yields of 1.7 ton per acre the texture is what the wine is all about. When you put your nose in the glass think of cracked pepper, black currant and raspberry with a touch of vanilla on the finish. The finish will last a long time from the high level of acid and tannin. Drink now, but probably best to wait a few years and for those who like aged wines don’t touch for 15-20 years!

2 reviews for Tensley Colson Canyon Vineyard Syrah 2021

  1. JD

    From a site located in the hills above Los Olivos, the 2021 Syrah Colson Canyon Vineyard gives up a dense purple hue as well as notes of jammy blueberries, black cherry liqueur, candied violets, and black pepper. This is a concentrated, medium to full-bodied, powerful Syrah that has terrific tannins as well as good acidity.

  2. VIN

    The 2021 Syrah Colson Canyon Vineyard is one of the highlights among the 2021s I tasted from Joey Tensley. Vibrant and driving in feel, the Colson Syrah is endowed with tremendous character. Blue/purplish fruit, gravel, incense, menthol and lavender all take shape as the 2021 shows off its striking beauty. There is so much to look forward to.

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Nestled in the picturesque embrace of California's Santa Ynez Valley, Tensley Wines stands as a testament to winemaking excellence, driven by the vision and dedication of its founder and winemaker, Joey Tensley. Established in 1998, this distinguished winery has not only earned its place among California's wine elite but has also redefined the art of winemaking in the region. Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Santa Barbara County, Joey Tensley's journey into the world of winemaking was ignited at the tender age of twelve during a soccer tournament in France. It was a pivotal moment when he and his team ventured into a local winery. The chilling air of the old cellars and the intoxicating aromas of fermenting wines left an indelible mark on young Joey's soul, sowing the...check our brand Tensley
Syrah grape varietal
Syrah, a dark-skinned red grape, has earned its place in the wine world as a producer of full-bodied wines boasting robust fruit flavors. While its origins have stirred debates, the northern Rhône Valley of eastern France is indisputably its modern viticultural home. Additionally, in Australia, Syrah reigns supreme and is often known as Shiraz, gaining a distinct personality in this land down under. One of the defining features of Syrah is its adaptability to various viticultural regions across the globe. It flourishes in temperate to warm climates, where it can manifest its true potential. The climatic conditions and soil profiles of these regions play a crucial role in nurturing this grape variety. Syrah wines emanate a captivating bouquet. In their youth, they can be quite...Please check Syrah for more information
Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara County, tucked away at the southern terminus of California's Central Coast, is a storied wine region, its roots tracing back to 1782. This historic area has become a prominent figure in the wine world, and its cinematic exposure in the 2004 film "Sideways" further bolstered its fame. The geographical layout, with the Pacific Ocean cradling its southern and western borders, contributes to a rich tapestry of landscapes, comprising coastal hills and river valleys. This geographical diversity results in a myriad of terroirs, each imparting a unique signature to the county's viticultural output. In Santa Barbara County, the contrast between its various sub-regions is striking, with each microclimate nurturing... ...Check Region for more information

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