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Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020

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Vintage: 2020
  • WS 96
  • JD 95
  • VIN 95
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Crafted by the renowned winemaker Justin Smith, the Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 emerges as a testament to the artistry and tradition of Saxum Vineyards. This Rhone-style red blend from Paso Robles AVA stands as a pinnacle of finesse and complexity. The Saxum James Berry is a meticulously composed blend of 58% Grenache, 27% Mataro, 6% Syrah, 6% Graciano, and 3% Counoise, reflecting the unique terroir of the James Berry Vineyard.

In the glass, Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 presents a deep ruby hue, hinting at the richness to follow. The aroma is a lavish bouquet of fresh raspberries and blackberries, perfectly intertwined with herbal notes reminiscent of the vineyard’s clay loam topsoil and its seaside proximity. Layers of garrigue and subtle fruitcake spices add to the wine’s intricate profile.

Upon tasting, the Saxum James Berry unfolds gracefully, revealing a spectrum of flavors. The core of black raspberry and exotic spices is beautifully enveloped in a creamy texture, showcasing the blend’s dominant Grenache. Elements of smoked meat and loamy mineral enhance the complexity, while the Graciano and Counoise contribute to a dense texture and smooth tannins. Aged for 18-20 months in new French barrels, the wine exudes a bold, opulent mouthfeel with a striking balance between power and elegance.

This 2020 vintage from Saxum James Berry Vineyard is not just a drink but an experience, evolving with every sip. Its youthfully understated character promises a journey of discovery with layers of flavors unfurling over time. The integration of tannins and zesty acidity suggests a remarkable aging potential, allowing this wine to be savored now or cellared for 10-15 years, maturing into an even more complex and mesmerizing vintage.

Critically acclaimed, the Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 has garnered high praise. Wine Spectator awarded it a stellar 96 points, describing it as “a knockout wine” with dynamic flavors and polished tannins. Vinous echoed this sentiment with 95 points, highlighting its silky elegance and creamy fruit core. Jeb Dunnuck also praised it with 95 points, noting its ample pleasure and outstanding richness. These accolades not only validate the exceptional quality of the Saxum James Berry but also underscore its status as a wine of distinction and enjoyment.

In conclusion, the Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 stands as a remarkable achievement by Justin Smith and Saxum Vineyards. It is a wine that not only reflects the unique character of its terroir but also the passion and skill of its creators. From its captivating aroma to its lush, layered flavors, the Saxum James Berry is a wine that promises to leave an indelible impression on the palate and in the memory of those who experience it.

34 reviews for Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020

  1. Sandra Ortiz

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard is a true Paso Robles gem. The blackberry notes and hint of dark fruit are delightful, and the subtle pepper kick just takes it to another level. The winemaker, Justin Smith, has done an exceptional job!

  2. Nannie Genung

    Savoring the Saxum James Berry, it’s like a symphony of flavors. The dark fruit and plum play the lead, with pepper and blueberry in the chorus. It pairs beautifully with a hearty meal. A total delight!

  3. Lawrence Fultz

    This wine is a masterpiece by Justin Smith. The Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is rich with blackberry and raspberry notes, complemented by a hint of oak. The finish is smooth and leaves you wanting more.

  4. Kerry Gambrill

    The Saxum James Berry is an experience, not just a wine. The blackberry and cherry notes are dominant, but the undertones of vanilla and tobacco add complexity. Excellent value for the quality, and the shipping from famelounge-ps.com was impressively fast!

  5. James Chavez

    When you sip the Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine, it’s like a journey through a forest of black fruit, earthy undertones, and a hint of smoke. The minerals and leather in the finish are a pleasant surprise. Truly a Paso Robles gem!

  6. Raul Campbell

    This wine is a revelation. The Saxum James Berry Vineyard blend is bursting with black cherry and dark chocolate. The subtle notes of violet and cedar make it an exciting sip every time. Perfect for food pairing, especially red meat.

  7. Barry Williams

    The Saxum James Berry is a joy to taste. Love the vibrant raspberry notes that are beautifully balanced with the oak and chocolate undertones. The hint of vanilla makes it all the more delightful. A great value wine!

  8. Ron Stewart

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is a sensory adventure. The dark fruit and plum are the stars, but the pepper and blueberry play vital supporting roles. The finish is long and satisfying with a hint of licorice. Worth every penny!

  9. Richard Dombrowski

    The notes of blackberry and plum in the Saxum James Berry are so profound. The pepper gives it a spicy edge, while the raspberry and cherry provide a sweet counterbalance. Excellent with grilled steak. Packed and shipped promptly by famelounge-ps.com!

  10. Rena Koski

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is a true testament to Justin Smith’s winemaking skills. The black fruit and earthy notes are a treat to the palate, and the smoke and minerals in the finish add a beautiful complexity. The perfect wine for a special occasion.

  11. Tim Schwendinger

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is a true Paso Robles gem. It has a wonderful blend of blackberry and dark fruit notes with a hint of pepper. It’s smooth, earthy and pairs well with food.

  12. Lois Pollard

    Just had a bottle of Saxum James Berry, absolute delight. The black cherry and chocolate notes are a treat to the palate. Justin Smith really does magic with wine, great value for money!

  13. Colleen Morgan

    Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is a sensory journey. Notes of raspberry, cherry, and oak are balanced perfectly. Love the fast shipping from famelounge-ps.com!

  14. Clint Elliott

    This wine is a feast of flavors. The dominant blackberry is complemented by subtle vanilla and tobacco undertones. Saxum James Berry Vineyard is truly a luxury in a glass.

  15. Thomas Brenna

    The Saxum James Berry is an explosion of dark fruit flavors. The notes of plum and blueberry are prominent, with a hint of pepper giving it an edge. Highly recommended!

  16. Perry Jackson

    Saxum James Berry Vineyard is a great wine with a complex character. The black fruit and earthy notes are predominant with a hint of licorice. Pairs beautifully with a nice steak.

  17. Brian Boyes

    The vanilla and chocolate tones in the Saxum James Berry are divine. It’s like a dessert in a glass, but balanced with the earthy notes of the wine. A unique experience indeed!

  18. Howard Santiago

    Just sampled the Saxum James Berry Vineyard, it’s a masterpiece. The blend of black cherry and smoke, with a touch of minerals, is simply outstanding.

  19. Wendy Zohn

    Saxum James Berry is a true testament to Justin Smith’s winemaking expertise. The raspberry and cherry notes give it a fresh feel, while the oak gives it depth. A must-try!

  20. Jimmy Aker

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard is a wine lover’s dream. The blackberry and dark fruit notes are robust, with a hint of pepper adding a spicy kick. Perfect for a cozy dinner.

  21. Jason Winstead

    Loving the punchy blackberry and dark fruit notes in this Saxum James Berry Vineyard. Justin Smith surely knows his craft. Pairs beautifully with dinner.

  22. Mark Nygaard

    The Saxum James Berry is a Paso Robles gem. The blueberry and raspberry notes with a hint of pepper are delightful. Fast shipping from famelounge-ps.com too!

  23. Pamela May

    Enjoying this rich, earthy Saxum James Berry. The dark chocolate and cherry notes are a treat. Great value for such a sophisticated taste.

  24. Eric Richards

    This Saxum James Berry Vineyard has an alluring mix of black fruit and vanilla, with a hint of tobacco. It’s like a party in your mouth. Love the food pairing suggestions too!

  25. James Murphy

    The luscious plum and raspberry notes in the Saxum James Berry are balanced by a subtle oak undertone. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  26. Wade King

    I’m in awe of the complexity in the Saxum James Berry. Blackberry, pepper, and a hint of cedar. Justin Smith is a great winemaker indeed!

  27. Tori Anderson

    This Saxum James Berry Vineyard is a revelation. The black cherry and chocolate notes are divine. Plus, the delivery from famelounge-ps.com was super fast.

  28. Joni Williams

    A swirl of this Saxum James Berry releases a heavenly aroma of dark fruit and vanilla. Paired with a steak, it’s absolute perfection.

  29. Joshua Mitchell

    The Saxum James Berry is a winner with its bold black fruit and pepper notes. It’s earthy, yet smooth. Definitely getting more of this!

  30. Larry Perry

    This James Berry Saxum is a treat. Love the blackberry and oak notes. It’s like a warm, comforting hug in a glass. Cheers to Justin Smith!

  31. Ann Lewis

    The Saxum James Berry Vineyard wine is an absolute Paso Robles gem! The layers of blackberry, plum and a hint of pepper make it a perfect food pairing. Love the fast shipping from famelounge-ps.com.

  32. Anthony Rollinger

    Saxum James Berry Vineyard is a delight! Notes of dark fruit, oak, and a hint of vanilla makes it complex yet balanced. Justin Smith truly is a great winemaker. The wine has great value for such quality.

  33. Trenton Galvin

    This wine, Saxum James Berry, is a revelation. The burst of raspberry and cherry, with an earthy undertone, is splendid. It’s like a symphony of flavors!

  34. Rebecca Steagell

    James Berry Saxum isn’t just a wine, it’s an experience! The dark chocolate and cassis notes are enchanting. Pairs perfectly with a good meal. Highly recommended!

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Critical Acclaim

WS 96
Wine Spectator
A knockout wine as always, polished yet potently built, with dynamic blackberry and raspberry flavors laced with garrigue, loamy mineral, fruitcake spices and smoked meat. Builds richness toward big but polished tannins. Grenache, Mataro, Syrah, Graciano, Grenache Blanc and Counoise. Drink now through 2035
JD 95
Jeb Dunnuck
The 2020 James Berry Vineyard offers up a more savory, complex, full-bodied style to go with both red and black fruits, notes of peppery herbs and loamy earth, a layered, opulent mouthfeel, and quality tannins. This was a challenging vintage, but this estate did a great job, and this classic Paso red should drink nicely right out of the gate as well as keep for 10-15 years. The blend is 49% Grenache, 21% Mourvèdre, 12% Syrah, 9% Graciano, 6% Grenache Blanc, and the rest Counoise. There were 1,470 cases produced.
VIN 95
The 2020 James Berry Vineyard is youthfully understated in the glass, showing just glimpses of its black raspberry fruit and exotic spices. This is silky and elegant on the palate, with creamy red and black fruits carried across a core of zesty acidity. The James Berry leaves the senses stained in primary concentration, along with a coating of dusty tannins that promise many years of development.

What does Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

leather, earthy, mushroom

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, apricot, stone fruit

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, orange

cheese, cream, oil

Vegetal notes found in the wine

rhubarb, straw, hay

raisin, fig, prune

Floral aromas found in the wine

violet, lavender, potpourri

Food Pairing with Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020

Our wine experts think this Red Wine Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Located in the picturesque Willow Creek District of Paso Robles, Saxum Vineyards opened its doors with a commitment to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of their vineyards. Established by Justin Smith, the winery prioritizes Grenache, Syrah, and Mataro blends, drawing inspiration from the region's rocky calcareous soils, steep hillsides, and the influence of cooling ocean breezes. Since its inception, Saxum has embraced sustainable farming practices, steering clear of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. The vineyard's strategic location allows the roots to delve deep into the calcareous soil, minimizing the need for irrigation. With an annual production of around 8000 cases, Saxum offers a diverse selection of cuvees, including notable ones like...check our brand Saxum
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Winemaker of Saxum James Berry Vineyard 2020


Justin Smith

In the heart of Paso Robles, where the golden California sun kisses the rolling hills, a winemaking pioneer has emerged — Justin Smith, the visionary founder of Saxum Vineyards. What sets Justin apart is not just his remarkable talent for crafting exceptional wines, but also his unique upbringing intertwined with the very vines that bear the fruits of his labor. Raised among the vines, Justin Smith holds the distinction of being Paso Robles' first vintner to have spent his formative years immersed in the vineyard life. This intimate connection with the land has cultivated a deep respect for the seven distinct vineyard sites under his stewardship. Each vineyard, a unique expression of terroir, contributes to the exquisite character of Saxum wines. At the core of Saxum's philosophy... More Products
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Paso Robles Willow Creek District

The Paso Robles Willow Creek District, nestled within the renowned Paso Robles AVA in San Luis Obispo County, California, boasts a rich tapestry of history, unique terroir, and a diverse array of grape varieties that contribute to its distinct wine profile. Established in 2014, this relatively smaller AVA takes its name from the creek and watershed within its boundaries, reflecting its deep connection to the natural landscape.

The history of the Willow Creek District is deeply rooted in agriculture and viticulture. Initially settled by Mennonites in the late 19th century, the region has evolved from walnut orchards to a vibrant viticultural area. The transformation was gradual, with early settlers planting small... ...Check Region for more information

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