Roserock Chardonnay 2021

14.10% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2021
  • WS 92
  • WE 93
  • DEC 92
  • IWR 94
  • JS 94
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Wine Description

Roserock Chardonnay 2021, a testament to the artistry of Winemaker Véronique Boss-Drouhin, showcases the signature balance and precision of the Eola-Amity Hills vineyard. This Chardonnay is a captivating journey of the senses.

In the glass, it unveils a radiant, pale golden hue, inviting anticipation. The bouquet is a harmonious blend of fragrant gardenia and perfumed honeysuckle, weaving a tapestry of delicate floral aromas.

Upon the first sip, the palate is greeted with a lively interplay of acidity, complemented by nuanced stone fruit flavors. Peach and apricot dance gracefully, energizing the senses. Subtle minerality, a hallmark of the terroir, adds depth and refinement to the wine’s character.

The 2021 vintage of Roserock Chardonnay captures the essence of a challenging yet rewarding growing season. Despite fluctuations in weather, the grapes matured with complex flavors, balance, and elegance, which now grace this exceptional cuvée.

The 2021 Roserock Chardonnay has received outstanding critical acclaims, earning recognition from esteemed wine experts. With a remarkable 94 points from IWR and James Suckling, along with a commendable 93 points from Wine Enthusiast and 92 points from both Wine Spectator and Decanter, this Chardonnay has garnered high praise across the board. Critics have lauded its balance, precision, and complex flavors, highlighting its status as a classic expression of the Eola-Amity Hills terroir. These accolades reaffirm Roserock’s commitment to crafting exceptional wines that resonate with wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

In every sip, Roserock Chardonnay 2021 epitomizes the dedication to quality and the profound connection to the Eola-Amity Hills terroir that defines the winemaking legacy of Véronique Boss-Drouhin and the Roserock estate.

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Critical Acclaim

WS 92
Wine Spectator
Wine Spectator rated 92 points
WE 93
Wine Enthusiast
Wine Enthusiast rated 93 points
DEC 92
Decanter rated 92 points
IWR 94
International Wine Report
IWR Rated 94 points
JS 94
James Suckling
Notes of dried apples, glazed lemons, orange curd, roasted almonds and crushed stones. Hints of dried lemon peel, too. Full-bodied and broad yet it is delicate with impressive fresh acidity. Incredible minerality here with a touch of zestiness at the end. Lingering finish. Drink or hold.

Food Pairing with Roserock Chardonnay 2021

Our wine experts think this Buttery and Complex Roserock Chardonnay 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Roserock, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Drouhin family, is nestled in the esteemed Eola-Amity Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Maison Joseph Drouhin, with its winemaking roots tracing back to 1880 in Burgundy, ventured beyond French borders a century later, establishing Domaine Drouhin Oregon in the Dundee Hills. This winemaking journey found its latest expression at Roserock, where the Drouhin family continues to explore and honor the terroirs of Oregon. Philippe Drouhin, an advocate for sustainable agriculture, serves as Vineyard Manager, while Véronique Boss-Drouhin, a Pinot Noir specialist with a focus on oenology, leads as Winemaker. With 140 years of winegrowing experience, the Drouhin family's commitment to patience and expertise shines... Read More
Chardonnay, the noble white grape varietal, has captivated wine enthusiasts around the world with its elegance, versatility, and ability to reflect its terroir. Originating in the Burgundy region of France, Chardonnay has spread its vines across the globe, leaving its indelible mark on the wine industry. Chardonnay grapes are renowned for their unique characteristics. They possess small to medium-sized clusters with round berries that range in color from green to golden. The flavor profile of Chardonnay is remarkably diverse, offering a wide range of aromas including green apple, citrus, tropical fruits, melon, and vanilla. These flavors can vary significantly depending on the terroir, climate, and winemaking techniques employed. The winemaking process plays a crucial role in... Read More

Winemaker of Roserock Chardonnay 2021

Véronique Boss-Drouhin

Véronique Boss-Drouhin, a renowned winemaker, hails from the picturesque town of Beaune, nestled in the heart of Burgundy. Her passion for winemaking was sparked early in life, influenced by her family's legacy and the inspiring women who were part of the wine industry back then. Véronique's illustrious career includes crafting over 30 vintages in both Burgundy and Oregon, where she has earned global acclaim as an iconic figure in the winemaking world. Her journey began with diligent studies in winemaking, and she honed her skills under the guidance of distinguished winemakers. Prior to her current position, Véronique worked in various capacities, gaining invaluable experience. Notably, she served as an assistant to another esteemed winemaker, contributing to her profound... Read More
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Eola-Amity Hills, an American Viticultural Area (AVA) situated at the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, boasts a history of viticulture rooted in the American wine renaissance of the 1960s and 1970s. Nestled just northwest of Salem, this AVA spans approximately 15 miles from north to south between the towns of Amity and Eola.

One of the defining characteristics of Eola-Amity Hills is its unique terroir, shaped by ancient geological processes. This region is marked by hills formed through tectonic shifts and ancient lava flows. The key to its viticultural success lies... Read More

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