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Robert Biale Zinfandel ‘Old Kraft Vineyard’ 2021

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750ml /
Vintage: 2021
  • WS 92
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Wine Description

Introducing the Robert Biale Zinfandel ‘Old Kraft Vineyard’ 2021, a true masterpiece meticulously crafted by winemaker David Natali. This exceptional wine is a testament to both the rich history of Napa Valley and the dedication of its vintners.

In the glass, this Zinfandel exhibits a deep, inviting hue that hints at the treasures held within. On the nose, a symphony of aromas unfolds, with mocha, bing cherry, fennel seed, and plum compote dancing elegantly together. These complex fragrances set the stage for the delightful journey ahead.

Upon the first sip, this Zinfandel reveals its true character. A rich and velvety mid-palate unfolds, adorned with notes of blackberry, cloves, black licorice, and the subtle nuance of cigar box. The wine’s fine-grain tannins provide structure and balance, extending the experience into a satisfying and enduring finish.

Crafted from historic vines, this wine pays homage to the legacy of Franz Kraft, a prominent winemaker in the early days of St. Helena. Bob Biale’s expertise was instrumental in revitalizing this rare vineyard, dating back to the 1890s. The result is a limited production of only 392 cases, a true testament to the dedication of those who sought to preserve this piece of Napa Valley’s winemaking history.

In summary, the Robert Biale Zinfandel ‘Old Kraft Vineyard’ 2021 is a remarkable wine that seamlessly blends history and craftsmanship into a bottle. With each sip, it offers a journey through time and terroir, making it a must-have for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

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Reviews (75)

75 reviews for Robert Biale Zinfandel ‘Old Kraft Vineyard’ 2021

  1. Richard Clark

    2012 Historic Vineyard Society Dinner (Bedrock Vineyard, Sonoma, California), : Dark ruby color; tart red plum, black currant nose; tight, tasty, tart black currant, ripe plum, mineral palate; needs 3 years; medium-plus finish

  2. Carl Martinez

    15.8% alcohol. From a St. Helena vineyard site originally planted in the 1860s then replanted in the 1880s by Franz Kraft. The vineyard was restored by current vineyard owners Margie and Bill Hart. The wine is dark, rich, deep and nicely balanced. Bright, concentrated black cherry/raspberry fruit. A very special, delicious wine., I’ve rediscovered Biale and glad I have.

  3. Daryl Schilling

    Fruit forward with black cherry and dark fruits. Allow it to breathe before sipping.

  4. Essie Elston

    Medium red-violet color with an appealing nose of black cherry, boysenberry, and black currant. The palate is tight, tasty, and elegant with a medium-plus finish. Best after 2-3 years.

  5. Douglas Finchum

    Delicious old vine Zin!

  6. Alton Kelly

    Perfumed and structured old vine zin, requires aging.

  7. Donald Harrison

    Light Zinfandel with cherry and pepper finish. Hints of plum and stone fruit. Will improve with age.

  8. Donna Wong

    Great juice. Bright, clean, and fresh zinfandel; that is what I have come to expect and get from Robert Biale Wines. Give this plenty of air and be sure to serve at proper temp, 60 degrees, and you will be rewarded. Just a crush of dark berries wash over the palate with great balance and depth.

  9. Karen Walsh

    In a nice place, rustic but not too rough. Great wine to introduce newbies to a quality zin. Glad I still have 2 more bottles.

  10. Leo Talbott

    Dark cherry red with a tart cherry and ripe red currant aroma. The palate is fresh and vibrant with ripe red currant, tart cherry, and raspberry flavors. Medium-plus finish. Needs 2 more years.

  11. Joann Marshall

    Cinnamon and pepper nose. Blackberries and apple to black cherry and currant with a lingering caramel. Very tart and tight still. Softens to ripe berries as it aerates.

  12. Luis Frederick

    Medium ruby with sweet and spicy zinfandel fruit. Best served chilled due to its high alcohol content (15.8%). Not recommended for aging.

  13. June Plumer

    typical Biale beauty. wonderful nose and length. dripping with reds and blues. did not hold up to well on night three under Vinvac.

  14. Rose Welch

    Great wine, can be enjoyed now and will age well for 3-4 years.

  15. Priscilla Bronn

    Medium-bodied with a round mouthfeel. Notes of strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and white pepper. Balanced with a pleasant short to medium finish. Nice.

  16. Tyrone Hair

    Nice dark fruit, good complexity, smooth finish

  17. Todd Bustos

    Disliked it. Discarded.

  18. Denise Loggins

    Big Napa Zin needs few months to settle, lot going on, slight chill recommended.

  19. Linda Cabrera

    Smooth with berry notes.

  20. Aron Holsey

    Mild for a Zinfandel, fairly muted.

  21. Pearl Casavez

    Solid Biale Zin, early to drink.

  22. Anastasia Cohn

    2011 Zinfandel Retrospective: Cherry, violets, florals, spice, pepper, black fruit. Slightly rustic.

  23. Homer Gould

    Light-bodied wine with red fruit and wild herb notes. Ideal with pizza, but lacks complexity.

  24. Anthony Vandehey


  25. Margaret Whorton

    Good, but needs a couple more years of cellaring.

  26. Lynn Campbell

    Bold wine with tobacco and vanilla notes on the nose, finishes with dark chocolate.

  27. Rex Jenkins

    Decent fruit-forward Zin. Not groundbreaking, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  28. Linda Trower

    Excellent with lamb burgers, perfect drinking window, reduced alcohol.

  29. Jack Jarrell

    Balanced red fruit with great finish, slight VA on day 2.

  30. Sammy Bermudez

    Tannic wine pairs well with steak.

  31. Frank Crosswell

    Delicious, smooth wine.

  32. Edna Leandro

    Juicy raspberry fruit with low tannins. Restrained at 14.5%. Blind tasted, thought it was a 2014 Ridge.

  33. Eric Sharum

    Cherry and raspberry nose, lay down for a few years.

  34. Debra Yarberry

    Beautifully balanced and fruit forward Zinfandel from Biale. Will age well for another year or two.

  35. James Tyson

    Let it warm up for full flavor. Complex wine with black cherry and tartness. Serve with dinner for best experience.

  36. Tim Alexis

    Notes of cinnamon, blackberry, vanilla, ripe peach, and dark fruit create a bold and flavorful experience.

  37. Janet Gonzales

    Good, but fruit has faded.

  38. Linda White

    Flavors of blackberry, allspice, and earth. Big body, rich fruit, mouth-filling. Needs 2 years to peak. Long, flavorful finish.

  39. Luis Shannon


  40. Melinda Debell

    Delicious with long finish, black and red fruits and hint of sweetness. Very tasty.

  41. Joseph Pettit

    Complex Zinfandel with fruity notes, decant for two hours.

  42. James Mohammad

    Elegant zin, drink now or store up to 5 years.

  43. William Wood

    Favorite zin of 3, light dusty boysenberry nose, 15.8%, solid Biale zin.

  44. Thomas Hickman

    Initial taste of chocolate and cocoa with a hint of mint on the nose. Slightly acidic on the palate, not typical for Zinfandel.

  45. Ella Alvarez

    Smooth with bright red fruit flavors. Great tannic structure.

  46. John Berry

    Medium ruby with expressive aromas. Well balanced and delicious Zinfandel.

  47. Benjamin Gonzales

    Bright, balanced flavors. Enjoy now.

  48. Eric Lemke

    Nose: Waxy oak and vanilla. Taste: Soft red fruits, gentle earthiness, light tannins. 88 points.

  49. Greg Strand


  50. Sandra Edward

    Medium to full-bodied with dark cherry, blackberry, and blueberry notes. Bright acidity and a long finish.

  51. Gary Moore

    One-dimensional, too much alcoholic strawberry on the palate. Mediocre.

  52. Rena Shaw

    Dark fruit flavors, good body, soft tannins, slight VA on opening.

  53. Edward Dawson

    Peak integration achieved. Improved over time.

  54. Janetta Merryman

    Review: Terrible wine, no flavor, avoid.

  55. Louise Hendrix

    Delightful ruby wine with sweet cherry and strawberry flavors, light acidity, and less noticeable alcohol. A bit heavy but delicious.

  56. Joseph Biggers

    Robert Biale 2018 Old Kraft Vineyard Zinfandel: Deep ruby color, fine-grained tannins, black cherry, red plum, spice tones, and notable length. Only 367 cases produced. Region: St. Helena, Napa Valley, California.

  57. Connie Blankenship

    Great California Zinfandel. Bold and dry with deep fruit flavors and a zesty finish. Moderately priced with good quality-price ratio.

  58. Darnell Gonzales

    Sweet vanilla and raspberry, hints of butterscotch and caramel with earthy notes. A smooth finish, ready to drink now.

  59. Michelle Salis

    Peak drinking, well-integrated tannins, beautiful fruit. Slightly lacking acidity on finish but overall delicious.

  60. Francis Hart

    Excellent wine. Need more.

  61. Jeanne Heidt

    Perfect balance of blue fruit, spice, and acidity. Ideal Zinfandel.

  62. Aimee Conway


  63. Frank Winters

    Soft tannins, strawberry jam, cloves, anise, spice. Drink soon. Nice.

  64. Curtis Gibson

    Aromas of wood, watermelon, and chestnut. Fruitful palate with blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry. Finish includes baking spices, plum, acidity, pepper, and oak.

  65. Bette Steiner

    Received as a gift….and we weren’t sure how it would taste given the age, but it did not disappoint! Opened and let breathe for about an hour, consumed over about 1.5 hours, served with smoked BBQ meatloaf. Nice dark fruit, blackberry, plum, raisin, still a bit jammy, then a bit of vanilla, a hint of all-spice and then a little minerality, maybe a touch of white pepper spice, but mellow, well integrated, medium-long finish. Very nice.

  66. Monique Stafford

    Dark and smoky zinfandel with a thick texture.

  67. Sharon Manning

    Excellent Biales wine.

  68. Michael Banker


  69. Mark Puhl

    Flavors of blueberry, black raspberry, and tart cherry with rustic acidity and soft tannins. Enjoy within a few years.

  70. Rosario Smith


  71. Joseph Snow

    Powerful black raspberry and smoked ham palate with fat but pliable tannins. Will drink better young.

  72. Edith Kay

    Husband’s favorite wine.

  73. Raymond Pennell

    Dark fruit, potpourri and a hint of underbrush. Needs a year to reach its peak. Good juice with ample acidity.

  74. Ramon Braun

    Nose of black raspberries, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Palate filled with blackberry, black cherry, red plum, and wet stones. Finish adds fleshy, ripe strawberry, raspberry, rustic red fruit, and oak.

  75. William Bauer

    Juicy red and black raspberries with a spicy kick and soft tannins. Notes of earth, cherries, and red licorice on the finish.

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Critical Acclaim

WS 92
Wine Spectator
A briar patch in a glass, this zesty red shows spirited blackberry, grilled anise and green peppercorn flavors as it builds richness toward refined tannins. Drink now through 2032. 7,185 cases made.

What does Robert Biale Zinfandel 'Old Kraft Vineyard' 2021 taste like?


leather, earthy, smoke

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

oak, tobacco, vanilla

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

pepper, licorice, cinnamon


green bell pepper, hay

raisin, fig, dried fruit


Food Pairing with Robert Biale Zinfandel 'Old Kraft Vineyard' 2021

Our wine experts think this Red Wine Robert Biale Zinfandel 'Old Kraft Vineyard' 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Situated in the picturesque Napa Valley, Robert Biale Vineyards is a renowned name in the world of wine, celebrated for its dedication to heritage vineyard Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. Since its inception, this vineyard has held a deep-rooted respect for historic old vines, some dating back to the 1880s, which yield limited but intensely flavorful fruit. The hallmark of Robert Biale Vineyards lies in their meticulous farming practices that bring out the expressive terroir of their vineyards. Winemaker David Natali crafts a diverse portfolio of 20 wines, with the flagship Black Chicken Zinfandel setting the standard for the varietal. The fascinating history of the vineyard traces back to the 1940s when Aldo Biale, at just 14 years old, embarked on a clandestine Zinfandel winemaking... Read More
The Zinfandel Blend grape varietal, affectionately known as "Zin," boasts a rich history and a complex flavor profile that has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts. This dark-skinned red wine grape variety originally arrived in the United States from Europe during the early 19th century. Its initial success found strongholds in Napa and Sonoma counties, where it continues to flourish. Zinfandel's fascinating journey has uncovered intriguing connections. Extensive DNA research has confirmed its identity with Italy's Primitivo, shedding light on its shared history. Primitivo itself has Croatian origins, known as Tribidrag and Crljenak Kastelanski, further enhancing the mystique of Zinfandel's heritage. In the United States, California's diverse climatic conditions and soil profiles... Read More

Winemaker of Robert Biale Zinfandel 'Old Kraft Vineyard' 2021

David Natali

David Natali's journey to becoming a prominent winemaker at Robert Biale Vineyards is a testament to dedication and a passion for crafting exceptional wines. Hailing from New York, David's voyage into the world of winemaking began after a visit to a friend's small winery, sparking a fascination with the artistic and scientific aspects of the craft. His early experiences as a cellar hand at Clos Pegase Winery in Calistoga, CA, laid the foundation for his career. Over seven years, David immersed himself in every facet of winemaking, managing daily operations and honing his skills in the laboratory and cellar under the mentorship of the winemaker. Eager to further his knowledge, David embarked on an educational sojourn in Europe, studying at the renowned University of Montpellier in... Read More
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St. Helena AVA, nestled within Napa Valley, is a captivating wine region that exudes elegance and refinement. Spanning approximately 9,000 acres, this small yet significant appellation boasts a rich viticultural history dating back to the 19th century. Renowned for its exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Helena AVA produces wines of remarkable depth and complexity. The region's unique combination of volcanic soils, warm days, and cool evenings creates an ideal microclimate for grape cultivation. With its picturesque vineyards, luxurious wineries, and a commitment to quality winemaking, St. Helena AVA stands as a... Read More

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