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Penner-Ash Viognier 2021

14.80% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2021
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Wine Description

Penner-Ash Viognier 2021 is an exclusive white wine made from Viognier grapes grown in Rogue Valley AVA wine producing region in Oregon. Produced by the winemaker Kate Ayres, this wine is renowned for its unique taste and freshness that the climate of Oregon offers.

The 2021 harvest was characterized by a warm and dry start. This temperature stability was maintained throughout with the exception of a cooling front in June. With September rains providing the last drop of water before harvest, this year provided the perfect climate for the Viognier grapes to reach optimal ripeness for picking.

Upon pouring, the Penner Ash Viognier 2021 exudes captivating aromas of jasmine, orange blossom, white peach, and lemon zest. The palate offers a warm, spicy texture, combined with a fresh acidity and a pleasing balance of weight and structure that thrill the tasters all the way until the end.

Crafted in limited production of only 900 cases, the Penner Ash Viognier 2021 is sure to become a favorite amongst avid and knowledgeable wine drinkers. Those in the lookout for a crisp and flavorful white wine should not miss out on this unique and limited opportunity.

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Reviews (75)

75 reviews for Penner-Ash Viognier 2021

  1. Larry Ledwig

    Floral and honey aroma, tropical and pears on the palatte

  2. Henry Crowe

    Riedel Riesling glass with pale straw color. White flowers, stonefruit, mineral on the nose. Peach, flowers, nuts, oily texture on the palate. Lean acidity, medium length finish, and some angularity on the finish. Enjoyed with pizza and friends Andrew and Camille.

  3. Shirley Rother

    Light-bodied straw yellow wine, with floral, mango, lemon citrus flavors and a hint of sweetness.

  4. Helena Eaton

    Crisp aromas of squash, apples, and lemon with a sweet gum flavor. Tart and light with a lemony finish and mild minerality. Nice and pleasing.

  5. Jessica Collard

    Viognier with notes of honey, white flowers, lime, and toasted almonds. Unsure about the value.

  6. Warren Pinckney

    Crisp medium-bodied wine with tropical fruit and anise flavors. Dry long finish.

  7. Lakenya Yates

    Impressively lovely, with crisp, tart citrus, and peach flavors. 90+pts.

  8. Franchesca Dutcher

    Balanced wine with bright citrus, acidity, and sweetness.

  9. Paula Dullea

    Tart and crisp with a balanced finish.

  10. Albert Giannini

    Summer delight with aromas of peach pie and lemon custard, followed by stone fruit flavors and a hint of acidity. Finishes with a touch of sweetness.

  11. Frances Bolton

    Perfect pairing with sushi!

  12. Jill Waldrop

    Balanced with medium/full body, flabby texture. Perfect with Thanksgiving Dinner 2013.

  13. Evelyn Rolfe

    Smooth wine, perfect with turkey tacos.

  14. Patricia Ruggles

    Expertly crafted.

  15. Melissa Vandyke

    “Disappointing Penner-Ash.”

  16. Jason Price

    Disappointing Viognier with low acid and inadequate fruit to balance its high alcohol content. Not worth the $28 price tag.

  17. Brian Lopez

    Pear, melon, and acidity lift this wine. Perfect for a warm day.

  18. Raquel Clement

    Luscious Viognier with notes of melon and pear. Ordered after tasting at winery.

  19. Stacy Haskins

    Balanced tropical fruit notes with a nice body – lovely.

  20. Debra Collins

    Notes of candied pear and lime on the nose. Crisp with a long, dry finish. Would benefit from more acidity but overall enjoyable.

  21. James Ortiz

    Winery tasting notes: Melon, pear, and orange blossom with a touch of greenness. Medium body and medium acidity. Nice.

  22. Carl Adams

    Balanced with a rich palate and flavors matching the fragrant bouquet of pear, peach, nectarine, melon and spice aromas.

  23. James Woolery

    Citrus and apricot notes with a hint of lime. Balanced fruit and acidity in a full-bodied viognier. Medium-long finish with mineral notes.

  24. Edward Runge

    Taste at TETE., Some tropical fruit. Little more body in the nose. Delicate palate still similar to the Riesling.

  25. Amalia Denham

    Pale yellow color, medium bodied and off-dry, with enough acidity to provide good balance. tropical fruit on the nose, flavors of white peach, guava and a touch of pineapple on the finish, good mouthfeel, very easy drinker.

  26. Dessie Legg

    Best Viognier ever! Floral aroma, fruity finish. Amazing! Wish I knew it ages well. Buying many cases.

  27. Walter Krouse

    Viognier from Oregon is a rarity, making it a treat. While lacking in acidity, it is still pleasant. Beautiful spot to visit.

  28. Maria Vanhandel

    Tasting at Penner Ash on Solo Oregon Wine Trip., Some spice. Decent body. Finish okay.

  29. Emerson Gussler

    Balanced Viognier with tropical flavors. Paired perfectly with Crab and artichoke dip. Smooth and yum.

  30. Adam Silvernail

    Yellow-gold color, medium legs, geranium aroma, hazelnut and basil taste, medium/full body, round texture, long and medium acidity finish. Great with clam chowder.

  31. Alejandra Gaston

    Perfect summer white wine.

  32. Heidi Trexler

    91 points, perfect with after-dinner cigar.

  33. Cathy Hund

    Aromatic with vanilla and lemon custards, spruce, fennel, wet asphalt, and pine. Medium body, creamy, touch sweet with nice acidity. Big lemon, vanilla, honey suckle, and white pepper. Bright, creamy finish. A really nice Viognier with multiple layers.

  34. Sheila Fonseca

    Solid viognier with a modest floral nose. Palate includes tropical fruits, citrus, flowers, and minerals with high acidity. Ready to drink and will age well.

  35. Michael Wagner

    Full-bodied Viognier with 14.5% ABV. Rich peach aroma, slightly viscous texture, and long mineral finish.

  36. Malissa Lawson

    Elegant bouquet of white peach, spring flowers, and carambola. Smooth texture, with a layered finish.

  37. Lorene Olivo

    Citrusy freshness.

  38. Charles Cuellar

    “Honeysuckle, white pepper, and sweet tropical fruits dominate. Developing quicker than expected. Benefits from a 30+ minute decant. Quite good.”

  39. Helen Talarico

    Decent but unexciting wine with lychee, rose petals, and a hint of citrus.

  40. Charles Smith

    Penner-Ash’s Three Wines: Floral explosion on the nose, full-bodied with moderate acidity, lots of lime and white peach, and a lingering sense of minerals and saline. A pretty interpretation of Viognier from Rogue and Columbia Valleys, all stainless steel.

  41. Dean Stone

    Rich white wine with acidity, pairs well with fish and butter sauce.

  42. James Arnold

    Clean and bright with citrus and apricot notes. Fine gas bubble on the palate.

  43. Willard Whitney

    Excellent Viognier. Great minerality. Try the latest vintage.

  44. Kari Norman

    Sweet and crisp with effervescence. Honey, green apple, canned pears, peach compote, and sea water notes. Moderate acidity on finish.

  45. Raul Anderson

    Fresh and fruity with notes of yellow and white peach, green apples, and a hint of honey on the finish.

  46. Kyle Lindgren

    Approachable and inviting summer sipper with lovely tropical notes, good acidity and pure fruit.

  47. Jacob Nolan

    Delicious wine, pairs perfectly with grilled salmon.

  48. Virginia Fletcher

    Impressively smooth with tropical notes, perfect for a refreshing summer day.

  49. Robert Morton

    Ideal for an Indian Summer day in the Midwest. Fruity, fresh and easy to drink. Great with smoked chicken wings and grilled pork chops. Perfect porch or patio wine with tropical notes, nice acidity, and an air of elegance. Not an entry-level wine.

  50. Bessie Wright

    Tropical flavors with balanced acidity, perfect for summer sipping but enjoyable any time.

  51. Marlene Mcfarland

    Balanced viognier with fresh nose, rich fruits, and moderate complexity. Could benefit from 2-3 years for added maturity.

  52. Nicholas Porche

    Great balance, crisp taste, hint of apple.

  53. Elias Baldwin

    Honeydew notes with bright fruit and pleasant flavors.

  54. Kenneth Studt

    Precise mineral, chalk, and citrus zest on the nose with a light tropics and florals. Medium-weight with sweet lemon and lime, banana leaf, lychee, and vanilla custard flavors on the palate.

  55. Mario Slavin

    Joe Schwartz loves this semi-dry, refreshing wine similar to Pinot Grigio.

  56. David Chamberlain

    Crisp, with notes of chalk, crushed rocks, and citrus fruits. Served a bit too warm. Overall enjoyable.

  57. Rita Cantu

    Smooth and nearly off-dry with honeyed stone fruit and floral tones.

  58. Robin Curry

    WIML90 – Clear yellow with lychee, passion fruit, and pineapple on the nose. Apricot, lemon, and lime on the palate. Medium acidity and body. Drink now.

  59. Frank Toth

    Great with seafood, succotash, brown rice, quinoa, triple cream bloomy rind cheese, and charcoal squares.

  60. George Milliken

    Sweet wine, good with spicy food.

  61. Denise Pizarro

    Weighty without being too round, this wine has pleasant acids and a bit of viscosity. Notes of pear, honeysuckle, crushed rocks, and papaya. Intriguing and enjoyable. Would purchase again.

  62. Nicholas Johnson

    Expensive but nice, with floral, orange peel, and mineral notes.

  63. Elwood Mcintosh

    Lime, chalk, pear, and orange rind notes.

  64. John Renaud

    Balanced acidity, pear and honeydew melon flavors. Perfect with poached salmon and spinach pasta. A must-try Oregon viognier.

  65. Maurice Straton

    Decent viognier for mid-$20s. Rhone-ish qualities, stone fruits, citrus, dry tropicals. Lighter and fresher than expected. Short, grassy finish.

  66. Mary Culverhouse

    Beautiful wine with lovely aromas of apples, peaches & yellow flowers. Balanced with satisfying sweetness & perfectly matched acidity. Nails it!

  67. Lindsay Lacher

    2018 vintage: interesting, complex, tasty, and well-made.

  68. Joseph Hodge

    Improved on night two, with similar notes as 2019 reviews.

  69. Michelle Holvey

    Perfect pairing for shrimp and pasta.

  70. Martin Mcbrayer

    “Stainless steel fermented. Notes of acacia honey, unripe yellow peach, eucalyptus, and mineral. Full of verve. Drink now through 2-4 years.”

  71. Thomas Burnett

    Review: Intriguing Viognier with dried apricot, honeydew rind, and light stone notes on the nose. Flavors of orange rind, vanilla, and clean minerality on the palate. Muted and elegant with no overblown potpourri or soapy elements. Surprisingly low heat at 14.4% alcohol. Great with salmon or herbed roast chicken.

  72. Jeannette Eargle

    Snow Leopard melon is a rare fruit with a bright sweet cucumber-like flavor, honey, and pear undertones. It pairs well with Penner Ash Oregon Viognier wine, Pecorino Toscano Fresco cheese, and grapes. The wine is full-flavored, crisp, and slightly tart, and the combination of wine and melon creates a nuanced taste.

  73. Jeff Maddox

    Floral and citrus notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, key lime, and apple.

  74. Deborah Pierce

    Easy-drinking white with honey notes and good acidity. Perfect for a warm day and pairs well with food.

  75. Charlotte Browder

    Perfect with Maine lobsters, always a hit.

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What does Penner-Ash Viognier 2021 taste like?


earthy, mushroom, minerals


oak, vanilla, nutmeg

apple, green apple, pear


pepper, savory, white pepper

citrus, lemon, lemon zest

cheese, cream, oil

grass, asparagus, straw

dried apricot

tropical, pineapple, mango

lavender, rose petal, jasmine

Food Pairing with Penner-Ash Viognier 2021

Our wine experts think this Tropical and Balanced Penner-Ash Viognier 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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Nestled amidst the diverse tapestry of grape varietals, Viognier stands out for its unique characteristics and enchanting qualities. This white grape varietal is renowned for producing wines that captivate the senses with their aromatic profile and distinct taste. What is Viognier? Viognier, pronounced vee-ohn-yay, is a white grape varietal that originates from the Rhône Valley in France. Traditionally used in blends, it has gained prominence as a standalone varietal, thanks to its exceptional aromatic properties and versatility in winemaking. Ideal Growing Regions and Conditions Viognier grapes thrive in regions with specific climatic conditions and soil profiles. They flourish in areas characterized by warm to hot climates, as they require ample sunlight to ripen properly.... Read More

Winemaker of Penner-Ash Viognier 2021

Kate Ayres

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