Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

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Vintage: 2019
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Wine Description

The Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, crafted by esteemed winemaker Martin Mackenzie at Neal Family Vineyards, is a testament to the excellence of Napa Valley’s terroir. Sourced entirely from their prestigious Howell Mountain Estate and Rutherford Dust Estate vineyards, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon showcases the best of the region’s varietal.

In the glass, the wine displays a deep, ruby-red color that hints at its vibrancy and richness. The aroma is both inviting and expressive, with a medley of fresh fruits taking center stage. Luscious notes of ripe cassis intermingle harmoniously with hints of refreshing mint and earthy undertones, promising a delightful tasting experience.

Upon the first sip, the Neal Cabernet Sauvignon envelops the palate with a symphony of flavors. The core of ripe cassis persists, accompanied by an intriguing blend of dried and fresh herbs that add complexity and nuance. The wine’s time spent in 25% new French oak barrels imparts alluring spice notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and licorice, further enhancing the overall sensory journey.

Balancing elegance and power, this wine captivates with its fine tannins and well-structured body, exemplifying the classic characteristics of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The seamless integration of the fruit, herbs, and barrel spice culminates in a remarkably smooth and satisfying finish, leaving a lasting impression.

With 19 months of careful aging in French oak, the Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 demonstrates the winery’s commitment to crafting wines of exceptional quality. This limited-production wine of only 978 cases truly embodies the essence of Napa Valley’s distinctive terroir, making it a must-try for any discerning wine enthusiast. Certified organically farmed, it represents a harmonious union of nature and craftsmanship, offering a remarkable expression of Napa Valley’s viticultural prowess.

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What does Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 taste like?


earthy, leather, smoke

cherry, red fruit, strawberry

oak, tobacco, vanilla

stone fruit, green apple, apple

blackberry, dark fruit, plum

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

citrus, marmalade, orange zest

cream, cheese, oil

grass, celery, bell pepper

raisin, fig, prune

green papaya, tropical

lavender, orange blossom, violet

Food Pairing with Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

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Neal Family Vineyards - organic farming
Neal Family Vineyards - wine tasting
Neal Family Vineyard is a beloved winery located in Napa Valley, California. The family's winemaking roots trace back to 1968 when Jack Neal started Jack Neal Vineyard Management after years of working for nearby farmers. This marked the beginning of the family's commitment to deep organic farming practices in the region. Mark Neal, the son of Jack and Athene Neal, grew up learning the value of hard work on the family farm in Rutherford. At a young age, he started driving tractors and developed a passion for stewardship of the land. Embracing the organic farming movement, the family certified their vineyards with CCOF in 1984, ensuring a sustainable approach for future generations. Mark's winemaking journey began at the age of 14, producing garage wine with his father. In 1998, he... Read More

Winemaker of Neal Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Martin Mackenzie

Meet Martin Mackenzie, the renowned winemaker hailing from New Zealand. His journey into the world of wines began in his late 20s when he discovered his true passion. After moving to Hawkes Bay, he pursued his dreams by studying Viticulture and Oenology at the Eastern Institute of Technology, excelling as the top student. Martin's career took a significant turn when he landed an internship at Stonyridge Vineyard, an iconic organic red wine producer in New Zealand, located in Waiheke Island. His dedication and expertise shone through, and he was offered the position of assistant winemaker, marking the beginning of a successful decade-long tenure at Stonyridge. Over the years, Martin's talent and hard work propelled him to the position of winemaker and general manager in 2007. His... Read More
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Napa Valley AVA, located just an hour's drive north of San Francisco, California, holds the title of being the most renowned and prestigious wine region in the New World. The Napa Cab is a red wine that is aged in oak and has a strong aroma of blackcurrant, boysenberry, liquorice, vanilla, and smoky, bittersweet chocolate. It's the signature wine of the vineyard. Stretching approximately 35 miles (60km) southeast to northwest between the Vacas and Mayacamas mountain ranges, Napa Valley boasts some of the most valuable vineyard properties on Earth. The picturesque drive from Napa to Calistoga takes around 40... Read More

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