Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • WS 91
  • WE 92
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Wine Description

Crafted with passion by renowned winemaker Jeffrey Patterson at Mount Eden Vineyard, the Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 2019 is a true testament to the beauty of heritage and bottle aging. This exceptional wine draws parallels with the magic of Burgundy, offering a sensory journey that exemplifies complexity and depth.

Radiating a delicate, translucent ruby hue, this Pinot Noir immediately captivates with its aromas. The bouquet reveals layers of enchanting rose petal and violet flower notes, intertwined with soft red fruit and a hint of decadent forest floor decay. These beguiling scents evolve into a luxurious fullness on the palate, marked by the winery’s characteristic mid-palate density. The experience culminates in an enduring and satisfying finish, leaving an impression of years of positive evolution.

Fermented with 33% whole clusters and nurtured by native yeasts, this wine was crafted with utmost care. Its Burgundian influence shines through, a nod to the winery’s commitment to tradition. The wine’s structure, acidity, and tannins speak to its aging potential, with the promise of continued transformation in the bottle.

Receiving critical acclaim, the Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 2019 earned 91 points from Wine Spectator. Noted for its wiry tannins and savory core, with flavors of damson plum and tangy blood orange, this wine’s piercing finish persists, inviting exploration from now through 2029. Wine Enthusiast awarded it 92 points, describing crystalline raspberry and hibiscus aromas mingling with gentle earth and herb undertones. On the palate, subdued strawberry flavors interplay with mace, cardamom, and herbal nuances, showcasing its delicate yet complex character.

As the longest lineage of Pinot Noir in North America, this vintage stands as a masterpiece—a reflection of Mount Eden’s dedication to crafting wines of enduring elegance and allure.

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Critical Acclaim

WS 91
Wine Spectator
This is more bone than flesh, with a wiry tannic structure around a core of savory, damson plum and blood orange flavors, all backed by a tangy sanguine note. The taut, piercing finish is very persistent. Should be interesting to cellar; only for fans of the style, though. Drink now through 2029.
WE 92
Wine Enthusiast
Crystalline raspberry and hibiscus aromas are dusted in light earth and herb tones on the nose of this delicate bottling. The palate is candied with subdued strawberry flavors, as hints of mace and cardamom play with hints of herb.

Food Pairing with Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 2019

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Mount Eden Vineyards - tank room
Mount Eden Vineyards - Jeffrey Patterson in the barrel room
Situated within the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains American Viticultural Area (AVA) in California, Mount Eden Vineyards stands as a distinguished winery renowned for its exceptional Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its rich history traces back to 1943, when wine pioneer Martin Ray founded the estate, ushering in a new era of boutique winemaking in California. Perched at an elevation of around 2000 feet (610m) above sea level, the estate's location in the Santa Cruz mountains offers a microclimate that's ideal for viticulture. The unique shale soil composition contributes to the successful cultivation of Burgundy varieties, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Mount Eden Vineyards employs a natural yeast fermentation process and ages its wines in a harmonious... Read More
Pinot Noir grapes exhibit a distinct elegance. Their thin skins and tightly clustered berries make them susceptible to disease and challenging to cultivate. However, the rewards of this persnickety grape are extraordinary. Pinot Noir wines possess a remarkable flavor profile, often described as silky, with vibrant acidity, delicate tannins, and an array of aromas. Expect to encounter red fruit notes like cherry and raspberry, accompanied by earthy undertones, floral hints, and sometimes a touch of spice. Renowned regions such as Burgundy in France, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and California's Sonoma County have become synonymous with exceptional Pinot Noir production. Each region brings its own terroir and climate, contributing to the wine's character. Burgundy, for instance,... Read More

Winemaker of Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 2019

Jeffrey Patterson

Californian native Jeffrey Patterson's journey through the world of fine wines is a testament to his unwavering commitment. Graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a biology degree in 1975, Patterson was captivated by the burgeoning wine and food culture of northern California. This fascination led him to the U.C. Davis viticulture and enology program in 1979. In 1981, he joined Mount Eden Vineyards as an assistant winemaker, where he found the perfect canvas to hone his craft. Patterson's ascent was rapid, becoming head winemaker and general manager within a year. Today, his four-decade legacy at this boutique winery stands strong, a true embodiment of passion and perseverance.
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The history of the Santa Cruz Mountains wine region is one of perseverance and innovation. With a storied past dating back to the 1880s, this mountainous AVA has defied the odds to become one of California's most celebrated winemaking areas. Pioneering vignerons, led by Osea Perrone of Ridge Vineyards, braved the challenging terroir, setting the stage for the region's viticultural legacy. Despite a setback during the Prohibition era, viticulture resurged in the 1940s, eventually leading to the AVA's official recognition in 1981. Situated between the scenic Monterey Bay and bustling San Francisco, the Santa Cruz... Read More

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