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Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon – Carmenere 2017

14.50% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2017
  • WE 87
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Wine Description

Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon- Carmenere 2017 is crafted by acclaimed winemaker Aurelio Montes and hails from two premier wine regions in Chile, Apalta and Marchigüe of the Colchagua Valley. The intense purplish-ruby red colour of this magnificent blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Carmenere is no doubt further intensified by the hot summer temperatures and cool nights. The blend boasts an expressive nose of fresh aromas of red and black fruits, along with a subtle hint of nutmeg and chocolate, which is echoed in a versatile palate of juicy and rich acidity blended with well-rounded tannins. The force of this bold blend comes from the characteristic smoky and charred nose, which gives way to campfire and barbecue aromas with airtime. These aromas are supported by numerous flavors, such as wood, vanilla, pepper, black fruit, and char. The heavy finish of this blend is further enriched by notes of mint and oak. The dense summer and low yields of this harvest season have enabled Aurelio Montes to craft yet another remarkable Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon- Carmenere 2017 to connoisseurs of smooth and decadent reds.

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Reviews (74)

74 reviews for Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon – Carmenere 2017

  1. Evangelina Bombich

    Full-bodied red wine with well-balanced blend of cabernet and carmenere, complemented by pleasant tannins and spice.

  2. George Hobbs

    Review: 8.5 – Strong, complex, dry, fruity with interesting bitterness.

  3. Anthony Smith

    Fruity and slightly tobacco aroma, mineral taste, medium to full body, short to medium finish, and gentle tannins.

  4. Russell Rawling

    “Nice Chilean red. Best enjoyed with food.”

  5. Chad Renshaw

    Dark violet color. Cassis, plum, and chalky minerality with vanilla and coffee notes. Medium-bodied, well-balanced with clean fruit and integrated oak. Long finish, nice acidity, sweet tannins. Good value, pleasantly surprised by its elegance.

  6. William Helm

    Concentrated black fruits on the nose, good palate. Nice variety of layers of flavour. Very good indeed.

  7. Yahaira Caruso

    Sobra alcool e madeira em excesso. Não é de todo mal, deve agradar a muitos paladares. Simples, típico vinho chileno mediano. Ótimo.

  8. Christopher Seidl

    Chilean red evolves nicely with good cabernet character, full-bodied, and lots of fruit. 16/20.

  9. Julie Wilson

    Nicely balanced, medium fruit, and mellowed by Carmenere. Not a big bomb but looks pretty inky. Good choice for an inexpensive blend. Drink now.

  10. Barbie Schlaefli

    Same as before.

  11. William Turner

    Dark, smoky, and spicy with tobacco notes. Unique and drinkable, but not sweet. Could benefit from breathing and being served at a warmer temperature.

  12. Claude Forrest

    Dark garnet and purple color. Aromas of jammy fruit, vanilla, and spices. Flavors of cherry, blackberry, and oak with moderate tannins. Needs aging.

  13. James Berhe

    Jammy fruit and a hint of spice on the nose. Perfect match for red meat. Great value for the price.

  14. Stacey Tucker

    Fun and likable wine, but not outstanding.

  15. Rebecca Mccreery

    Silky mouth feel with a little bite. (Natural Cork)

  16. David Balcom

    “Perfect with porterhouse. Hints of cocoa and tobacco. Excellent.”

  17. Patricia Bakke

    Rough wine with decent fruit, reminiscent of cheap Australian wine.

  18. Thomas Martin

    Deep ruby color, vanilla and spice on the nose. Medium body, smoky finish.

  19. John Heckman

    Unpleasant herbal nose, over-ripe fruit with strong tannins and odd oak flavors. Overall, not recommended.

  20. Mary Blethen

    Disjointed and unbalanced wine with a weird plastic/smoke combination and lots of candied fruit. Unpleasant aftertaste became more pronounced the second evening. Solid tannins and acidity. Good value at less than 8 Euro, but not my style.

  21. Keven Hilderbrandt

    Deep purple color with vanilla and smoky notes on the nose, black currant and chocolate on the palate. Good tannin structure with a long finish of oak flavors. Great value and pairs well with grilled ribeye.

  22. Eileen Bernat

    Rustic style. Purple color. Nose of briary fruits, cassis, and oak. Palate of black/raspberries, cedar, smoke, tar with generous tannins.

  23. Patricia Redfox

    Dark ruby color with pink rim. Deep cherry and cassis flavors with green plant notes. Slightly bitter, but good.

  24. Lesha Ekberg

    Balanced, but too fruity. Decanted for an hour.

  25. Sylvia Cozzolino

    Dark with black fruit and subtle wood. Hints of bitter coffee and vanilla. Sensual blend of Carmenere and Cabernet. Only regret is not buying more.

  26. Jennifer Vera

    Inky color, cabby nose, light-bodied wine with a hint of green pepper from 30% carménère. Affordable at under $15 and pairs well with food.

  27. Ann Nestor

    Amazing cab-carmenere blend with inky earthiness and dark fruits. A rebuy for sure.

  28. David Hahn

    Good value, nice qualities, would repurchase.

  29. Eugene Power

    Limited nose, chocolate and vanilla notes. Deep blueberry taste, extremely smooth. Simple, straightforward, nice taste. Drink before 2011.

  30. Regina Recio

    Fruity elegance with a minty coolness.

  31. Mary Clay

    Balanced rich Cab with Camenere hint, moderate alcohol, medium aftertaste, good value for money.

  32. Henry Stanley

    Montes Tasting Event at Wine Road: Light fruity aroma, young and pleasant taste, ideal for daily wine.

  33. Kylee Koehler

    Good balance and filling, but too much vanilla for my taste. Strong and long-lasting aftertaste. Would not buy again.

  34. Helen Rios

    Smokey, bacon hints. Smooth, silky finish.

  35. Dorothy Krauss

    Decant for 30-60 minutes. Vanilla and tobacco on the nose. Warm, rich, and full-bodied with dark fruit and chocolate notes. Medium finish. Great QPR.

  36. Ramon Redhead

    “Deep ruby red with smokey, chocolaty nose. Smooth with mint and vanilla balance. Buy now and cellar through 2015.”

  37. Thomas Goessl

    70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Carmenere. Deep ruby red color, black fruit, spices, and vanilla aroma. Ripe black cherries and smoked plum palate, moderate tannins, too sweet. Drink now and next few years.

  38. Belinda Williams

    “Ruby/violet color. Full-bodied with dark fruit, vanilla, and butterscotch on palate. Dry, structured tannins. Great value at $15. 4/5.”

  39. Teresa Keith

    Great QPR. Earthy plum, cassis, mocha, and vanilla nose. Smooth finish.

  40. Louis Casanova

    Full-bodied with dark berries, smooth tannins, and a hint of chocolate. Short finish. Correct but unremarkable.

  41. Paul Esterly

    Dark fruit and cedar on the nose. Disjointed taste, no depth, bitter finish. Pour half the bottle down the sink.

  42. Scott Washington

    Smooth tannins and dark berries, particularly blackcurrant, make this Chilean blend above average.

  43. Benjamin Krokos

    Earthy mushroom nose. Leather, old man, musty cigar box on the palate. Long luscious smokey finish. Easy but firm tannins. A great effort and a blend that really works.

  44. Athena Farmer

    Clean, balanced, medium-bodied with soft tannins. Cassis, smoke, toast on the nose. Dark fruit and vanilla finish. Perfect with grilled meats.

  45. Elizabeth Greer

    Dry, loamy flavors with a short finish. Nose is stronger than palate. Could benefit from aging.

  46. Tommy Plascencia

    Review: A strong and sweet dry wine with notes of wood and berries, accompanied by a lot of tannins. A unique combination.

  47. Tina Emond

    Brimstone’s blend was good but lacked pepper.

  48. Joseph Hyland

    Great blend with no aftertaste. Would definitely buy another bottle.

  49. Robert Martinez

    Review: Tight and tart currant and red berry palate with a lightly herbaceous nose. Needs 2-3 years. (70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Carmenere)

  50. Jeff Kern

    Ruby wine with slow legs, black currant, prune aroma, blackberry, black currant, prune, and plum flavor, medium body, smooth texture, and medium finish.

  51. Darryl Mcgough

    Impressive and exotic, this wine leaves a good impression.

  52. Michael Walton

    Bottle tastes green, unpalatable. Green peppers and celery overpower red fruit. Yikes.

  53. Edward Goff

    Dark fruit aroma, let sit for 30 mins. Undertones of chocolate. Short finish, lacks complexity. Not as good as 2006.

  54. Thomas Proctor

    This wine is bland and lacks fruit flavors. It’s light for a Cab-based blend. Not worth the price, try something else. It’s drinkable but not noteworthy.

  55. Isa Mcdougle

    Great buy, consistent with prior notes. Smoky, toasty nose with cassis and vanilla. Medium body, versatile.

  56. Dorothy Wolfertz

    Wine pairs well with grilled hamburgers. Strawberry and tobacco notes in the aroma. Thin on tongue, but good tannins. Short, fruity finish that leaves you wanting more.

  57. Barbara Evans

    Peppery-smoky with real fruit tones, perfect with steak.

  58. Michelle Sumner

    Review: Smoky wine with tart cherry and vanilla notes. Perfect with grilled meat. Great with lamb and brings out the fennel in the marinade.

  59. Susanna Pierce

    Great QPR blend with black fruit, red currant and creamy oak notes. Integrated tannins and good acidity make it perfect with food. 89-90.

  60. Denise Blank

    Young, concentrated red & black fruits with a hint of pepper. Promising, but needs more time to integrate.

  61. Barbara Allen

    Dry with good body.

  62. Michael Nunez

    Tantalizing aromas and flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and oak make this wine a true delight for the senses. A smooth and velvety finish leaves a lasting impression.

    Rewritten Review: Dark berries, vanilla, and oak create a tantalizing flavor in this smooth wine with a velvety finish.

  63. Mary Garcia

    Great wine under $15.

  64. Christopher Cain

    30-minute opened. Strong berry and smoke with lasting finish. Paired well with homemade spicy spaghetti.

  65. Brian Hemphill

    Good wine with noticeable oak that wraps around tones of dark red cherries, fruits, and herbs. Full bodied with medium acidity and nice balance. Oak is slightly heavier handed but not too obtrusive.

  66. John Oates

    Great value wine with ripe black fruit and pepper notes. Versatile, medium-full bodied with firm tannins and plum and blackberry taste. Stock up on this one.

  67. Alice Dorton

    Balanced fruit and wood notes with hints of cassis, framboise, moka, and coffee. Medium+ body. Highly enjoyable.

  68. Flossie Adriance

    Some Wood, balanced fruit. Best pop and Pour. Developer a funky taste in the glass after an hour

  69. Paula Hart

    Great value for 7€/$10 in Germany. Dark berry fruits, vanilla, wood, leather, mocha, sweet, intense, complex, and tasty with a medium(+) long finish. Well balanced, full bodied, and versatile. 89/100.

  70. Patricia Mulford

    Balanced wine with fruity notes, smooth spice undertones, and a nice finish.

  71. Nichole Ivey

    Smooth and satisfying.

  72. Margarita Jansen

    Good wine.

  73. Marian Shiba

    Smooth and fruity with good tannins. Ready to drink now or age for up to 3 years.

  74. Everett Stevens

    Full-bodied with coffee and vanilla notes, ruby red wine. Great to drink now or hold for 2-4 years.

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Critical Acclaim

WE 87
Wine Enthusiast
A heavily charred and smoky nose recedes to campfire and barbecue with airing. This is one thick and sappy blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Carmenère. Forceful spicy oak is in the lead, and it inserts wood and vanilla notes into peppery, herbal black fruit flavors. Oak, mint and char dominate a heavy finish.

What does Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Carmenere 2017 taste like?


leather, earthy, mushroom

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, stone fruit

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

citrus, grapefruit, orange

cheese, cream, oil

tomato, grass, green bell pepper

raisin, fig, prune

tropical, papaya, passion fruit

violet, lavender, hibiscus

Food Pairing with Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Carmenere 2017

Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Carmenere 2017 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Filling up the wine barrels at Montes Wines
Vineyards at Montes Wines
Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Chile, Montes Wines is a renowned wine producer that has captivated the palates of connoisseurs in over 100 countries. Established in 1987 by the visionary collaboration of winemaker Aurelio Montes and wine trade stalwart Douglas Murray, the winery set out on a mission to create exceptional Chilean wines that would stand out on the global stage. Situated across Chile's diverse terroirs, Montes' vineyards stretch from the northern Aconcagua and Casablanca Valley to the southern Apalta region. The winery's commitment to sustainable practices is evident in their minimal irrigation approach, fostering vine strength, and green harvesting techniques that enhance berry concentration. Harvesting is meticulously timed, either during the cool night... Read More
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Winemaker of Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Carmenere 2017

Aurelio Montes

Aurelio Montes del Campo, a renowned winemaker, hails from Santiago, Chile. He pursued his education at The Newland School for high school and later attended Universidad Católica de Chile, where he studied Agronomy and completed an advanced undergraduate course in winemaking. Graduating with honors in 1999, Aurelio embarked on a global journey to explore prominent wine-making regions, gaining valuable insights into winery management and practices. In 2001, Aurelio joined Viña Ventisquero as an assistant to Winemaker Felipe Tosso. However, his career took a significant turn in 2007 when he was invited to become the Winemaking Director for Montes, working at the Apalta winery where the iconic Montes' Alpha Premium wines are crafted. During his tenure, Aurelio spearheaded a special... Read More
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Nestled within Chile's renowned Colchagua Valley, Apalta stands as a testament to the rich history and exceptional terroir that define this wine region. Apalta's journey as a wine-producing haven is steeped in tradition, where each vine tells a story of resilience and mastery.

The history of Apalta dates back to a time when winemaking was as much a way of life as it was a craft. Centuries ago, the first vines were planted in this fertile valley, setting the stage for the emergence of a world-class wine region. Over the years, Apalta has evolved, embracing modern winemaking techniques while cherishing its... Read More

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