Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato 2020

750ml /
Vintage: 2020
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Wine Description

Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D’Asti 2020, a slightly effervescent white wine, is from Piedmont region in Italy. The fragrant, intensely fruity bouquet, offset by musky notes, leads to a refined sweetness supported by an excellent acid balance on the palate, with a suggestion of effervescence in the texture. The finish is clean and crisp, with a persistent flavor of grape and citrus characteristic of the variety.

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What does Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato 2020 taste like?


honey, stone, minerals

strawberry, cherry, fresh strawberry

vanilla, chocolate, butter

peach, apricot, pear

plum, blackcurrant, dark fruit

sage, mint, cinnamon

marzipan, almond, brown sugar

citrus, lemon, orange

cream, cheese, banana

straw, grass, gooseberry

raisin, fig, dried fruit

tropical, lychee, pineapple

elderflower, honeysuckle, orange blossom

Food Pairing with Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato 2020

Our wine experts think this Aromatic and Floral Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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The Moscato grape varietal is a true gift to the world of wine, renowned for its ability to create enchanting, sweet, and aromatic white wines that never fail to captivate the senses. This grape variety is more than just a beverage; it is an experience that adds a touch of personality to every moment it graces. Moscato grapes find their true potential in select regions across the globe, where specific climatic conditions and soil profiles conspire to nurture these grapes to perfection. You'll often find Moscato vineyards in regions characterized by warm, sunny days and cool nights. These temperature fluctuations allow the grapes to ripen slowly, preserving their natural acidity and aromatic qualities. The combination of well-drained soils, typically with a mix of sand and limestone,... Read More
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