Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021

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Vintage: 2021
  • JS 95
  • WAS 94

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Wine Description

The Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021 is a true testament to its rugged origins, perched atop a wind-swept mesa with cold-climate influences and dense botella clay soil. Crafted by winemaker Chad Melville, this limited production wine of 598 cases showcases the unique character derived from the challenging terrain and two Dijon clones, 114 and 115.

In the glass, the wine unveils a mesmerizing deep ruby color that hints at the intensity within. The nose is a delightful interplay of terra-cotta and strawberries, adorned with the fragrant allure of hibiscus and white pepper. A swirl reveals underlying scents of clove, cardamom, lavender, and black tea, adding further complexity to the aroma.

On the palate, the wine exhibits its textural power and concentration, attributed to the thick-skinned berries from the harsh environment. Flavors of rhubarb and concentrated dried cassis flood the mouth, accompanied by the warmth of fall spices. Hints of slow-drip coffee grounds lend an intriguing depth to the taste, while the well-integrated savory tannins create a harmonious balance.

With its linear and energetic structure, Block M Pinot Noir 2021 displays a certain agility, despite its chewy nature. This wine impresses with its depth and richness, being the boldest expression among Melville’s Small Lot Collection. The electrifying freshness cuts through, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Block M pairs splendidly with grilled or braised red meats and rich sauces, enhancing its depth and character. It also promises great potential for cellaring, as praised by Wine & Spirits, which awarded it 94 points for its smoky, black-fruited, and chiseled qualities.

James Suckling, awarding the wine an impressive 95 points, described it as a compelling and intense experience, highlighting its medium-to-full-bodied character and the interplay of flavors derived from the unique terroir.

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Critical Acclaim

JS 95
James Suckling
Very clear aromas of terra-cotta and strawberries. Hibiscus as well. Spices like white pepper. Medium- to full-bodied. Linear and energetic with structure and intensity. Chewy yet agile. Drink or hold.
WAS 94
Wine & Spirits
Chad Melville’s pinot noirs remain some of the most stylish in the Sta. Rita Hills, as his collection of 2021s demonstrate. Block M is a hilltop in the direct line of the ocean winds. That partly accounts for the smoky, black-fruited, chiseled quality to the fruit here, with its scents of clove and cardamom, lavender and black tea. There’s a meatiness lent by herby stem notes, all of it delivered with a linear textural thrust, giving it great potential for cellaring.

What does Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021 taste like?


leather, earthy, mushroom

cherry, raspberry, red fruit

oak, tobacco, vanilla

green melon

blackberry, plum, dark fruit

pepper, licorice, cinnamon

citrus, tangerine, orange zest



fig, quince paste, medjool date

violet, lavender, perfume

Food Pairing with Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021

Our wine experts think this Light and Perfumed Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
melville winery - vines
melville winery
Nestled in the picturesque Sta. Rita Hills AVA of California, Melville Winery stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of family-owned and operated estates. Founded in 1989, this captivating winery has been producing exquisite Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah wines, captivating the palates of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Spread over 49 hectares (120 acres) of vineyards in Santa Barbara County, Melville boasts three neighboring sites that provide an ideal environment for cultivating a diverse range of grapes. Embracing innovation and tradition, Melville skillfully plants different clones and blocks on a variety of soil types, which offers them a wealth of options to craft their exceptional Pinot Noirs. What sets Melville apart from the crowd is their commitment to quality. Vines... Read More
Pinot Noir grapes exhibit a distinct elegance. Their thin skins and tightly clustered berries make them susceptible to disease and challenging to cultivate. However, the rewards of this persnickety grape are extraordinary. Pinot Noir wines possess a remarkable flavor profile, often described as silky, with vibrant acidity, delicate tannins, and an array of aromas. Expect to encounter red fruit notes like cherry and raspberry, accompanied by earthy undertones, floral hints, and sometimes a touch of spice. Renowned regions such as Burgundy in France, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and California's Sonoma County have become synonymous with exceptional Pinot Noir production. Each region brings its own terroir and climate, contributing to the wine's character. Burgundy, for instance,... Read More

Winemaker of Melville Estate Block M Pinot Noir 2021

Chad Melville

In 1997, alongside his father and brother, Chad Melville co-founded Melville's estate vineyards. Over the years, he has assumed the role of both winemaker and winegrower, prompting an intriguing question: which one defines him best? At Melville, the notion that wines "begin in the vineyard" holds true. Chad's wines are crafted exclusively from grapes grown at the Melville Estate, giving him and his team full control over their treatment. However, while they can't dictate nature's whims, Chad embraces a life in humble servitude to Mother Nature and their cherished piece of land that houses the vineyards and winery. Farming organically is just the beginning; sustainability encompasses a broader perspective for Chad. He understands that giving back to the earth isn't enough; it... Read More
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