Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020

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Vintage: 2020
  • WS 97
  • WA 96
  • DEC 100
  • JD 99
  • JS 99
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Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020, carefully crafted under the guidance of esteemed winemaker Axel Heinz, is a symphony of flavors that embody the essence of its Tuscan origins. In the glass, it unveils a deep, alluring garnet hue, setting the stage for a sensory journey that captures the essence of its terroir and craftsmanship.

With a bouquet that dances between opulence and finesse, this wine entices with saturated plum, blackberry, and black olive notes, interwoven with nuances of iron, tobacco, and toasty spice. An intricate tapestry of fragrances, it reveals a luscious texture that seamlessly marries with a full, rich timbre on the palate. Juicy with high acidity, it exudes a tantalizing blend of liquorice, graphite, pepper, cinnamon, and clove, intertwined with hints of floral and bitter orange rind, delivering a sophisticated, suave, and controlled experience.

Structured with finesse and elegance, this powerhouse remains poised, showcasing its potential for evolution and depth, alluding to its remarkable aging potential. With its integrated, velvety tannins and enduring finish, Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020 embodies a harmonious balance, embodying the epitome of Italian winemaking mastery.

Highlighted by Wine Spectator with 97 points, this vintage offers an intricate blend of plum, blackberry, and black olive, interlaced with iron, tobacco, and toasty spice aromas. Its well-integrated structure and a lingering aftertaste of fruit and spices are adorned with a pleasant chalky sensation.

Awarded 96 points by Wine Advocate, the 2020 Masseto reveals a heightened density and richness, a testament to Heinz’s adept handling of the hot vintage.

Decanter’s perfect score of 100 points speaks to the wine’s intense and fragrant profile, marrying ripe black fruit with floral aspects and a spice-laden palate. With its well-integrated tannins and alluring complexity, this wine is both powerful and sophisticated, exuding a sense of place and purity.

Jeb Dunnuck’s 99 points salute the wine’s expressive nature, unveiling a sweet perfume of plum, boysenberry, crushed flowers, and fresh sage, complemented by a velvety texture and notes of leather and mineral earth.

James Suckling, awarding 99 points, celebrates the wine’s intense aromas of ripe herbs, plums, and hazelnuts, seamlessly transitioning into crushed berries and orange peel. With superb concentration and velvety tannins, this wine boasts an agile and alluring profile that captivates the palate with its seamless elegance.

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Critical Acclaim

WS 97

Wine Spectator

Complex, with a luscious texture and saturated plum, blackberry, black olive, iron, tobacco and toasty spice aromas and flavors, this red features a full, rich timbre. Offers a lively, well-integrated structure, with a long aftertaste of fruit and spices and a pleasant chalky feel. Merlot. Best from 2025 through 2043.
WA 96

Wine Advocate

The 2020 Masseto now sees new DNA with a touch of Cabernet Franc added to this celebrated Merlot-based icon wine. This is a vintage of enormous richness and density, and everything about the wine is taken up a notch or two (including the bottle glass weight and the 15% alcohol content). But Axel Heinz and his team are well prepared for the hot vintages like 2020, and changes to farming and canopy management ensure even ripening. This wine is always hard to analyze in its youth. It needs many more years to soften and flesh out. Give it time.
DEC 100


Intense and full on the nose, fragrant with ripe black fruit, floral aspects and soft spicing. Round and full on the palate, it's rich and muscular yet tight and neatly coiled with a liquorice, graphite, pepper, cinnamon and clove tang that gives this immediate but enjoyable spice. Feels well worked, juicy with high acidity that lifts the palate and gives freshness and brightness alongside really quite mouthwatering strawberry and raspberry fruit with such captivating dried floral and bitter orange rind aspects. Tannins are super fine and so well integrated yet this maintains a grip and hold from the very beginning through to a long and sustained finish. Nuanced and complex, still packing a punch in terms of power, but this feels sophisticated, suave, purposeful and controlled. Not elegant, this is more of a caged animal with it's full potential yet to be unveiled, but it is classy. A truly delicious wine with so much purity and sense of place. Malolactic fermentation in 100% new barroques, with each batch kept separate for the first 12 months of ageing before being blended and returned to barriques for another year, totalling 24 months. The wine was then aged for a further 12 months in bottle before being released.
JD 99

Jeb Dunnuck

Tasted from barrel, the 2020 Masseto is incredibly expressive out of the gate, with a sweet perfume of candied plum, boysenberry, crushed flowers, mocha, sweet earth, and fresh sage. The palate is full-bodied and decadent, with a velvety texture and notes of black plum, fresh leather, and scorched mineral earth. It delivers great finesse and polish that features opulence without having weight. I look forward to tasting this next year from bottle.
JS 99

James Suckling

Intense aromas of ripe herbs, plums, green coffee beans, and hazelnuts. Turns to crushed berries and orange peel. Full-bodied with superb concentration and fine, velvety tannins that run the length of the wine. It's big but agile and gorgeous.

Food Pairing with Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020

Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Nestled in the picturesque Bolgheri region on the sun-kissed Tuscan coast, Masseto's rich viticultural history began in 1984, marking the onset of a winemaking journey steeped in excellence. Embracing an ethos of precision and tradition, the vineyards of Masseto are strategically positioned within the 6.6-hectare (16.3-acre) expanse of a former clay quarry. Once a coastal marsh centuries ago, the Masseto vineyard's foundation lies upon ancient clay deposits, veiled by layers of gravel, sand, and rock fragments. This diverse geological tapestry serves as the bedrock for the thriving Merlot vines that grace this hallowed terroir. A serendipitous interplay of the temperate Mediterranean sun and the gentle coastal breeze imparts an ideal microclimate, fostering the balanced growth of...check our brand Masseto
Merlot, a red wine grape variety, boasts a rich heritage intertwined with Bordeaux and the southwest of France. Revered for its versatility, Merlot is equally at home in easy-drinking reds and renowned labels from regions like Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, epitomized by the sought-after Petrus from Pomerol. Globally, it ranks as the second most cultivated red grape variety, only surpassed by Cabernet Sauvignon, showcasing its widespread acclaim. Merlot's success is attributed to its adaptability to various climates and soil profiles. In Bordeaux, it thrives, particularly in Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, owing to its reliable ripening. Beyond France, Merlot has made its mark in regions such as northern Italy, southern Switzerland, the United States (notably California and Washington),...Please check Merlot for more information

Winemaker of Masseto Toscana Merlot 2020

Axel Heinz

Axel Heinz

Renowned for his exceptional contributions to the Italian wine scene, Axel Heinz, esteemed for his meticulous approach to winemaking, bids farewell to his longstanding roles at Ornellaia and Masseto. With roots in Germany and a formative winemaking career in Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion, Heinz's visionary leadership since 2005 amplified the stature of both renowned labels, fostering their ascent to the pinnacle of the Liv-ex Power 100. Notably, his tenure witnessed the expansion of the portfolios, featuring stellar additions like the Ornellaia Bianco and the coveted Massetino. Described as humble despite numerous 100-point accolades, Heinz's departure resonates as he reminisces, underscoring Italy's indelible imprint on his winemaking journey. His departure raises questions about the... More Products
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Toscana IGT

The Toscana IGT Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) wine region, a beacon of innovation and creativity within the Italian wine landscape, represents a significant departure from the traditional confines of winemaking regulations. This region, encompassing the entirety of Tuscany, has played a pivotal role in the evolution of Italian wines on the global stage, offering a canvas for winemakers to express their artistry without the stringent limitations imposed by the more rigid Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) and Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) classifications.

History of Toscana IGT

The inception of Toscana... ...Check Region for more information

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