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Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2021

14.50% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2021
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The 2021 Kistler Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay offers pure, elevated aromatics, deep underpinnings and a distinct sense of weight without being heavy. It is marked by lofted aromas of ripe yellow and green stone fruits, nuanced tones suggestive of morning white flowers that are a clear personality of the site and a broad and compact yet well-structured presence on the palate.

75 reviews for Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2021

  1. Kathleen Lewis

    Gold wine with pineapple, red apple, and baking spice scent. It has good acidity and length, with a touch of oak. White peach flavor follows in the mouth.

  2. Bryan Johnson

    Complex wine with pear, melon, citrus, and spice notes, followed by a creamy texture and medium weight. However, the finish is marred by a slightly muddled taste, with the pieces not fitting together well.

  3. Angelo Lambert

    Refreshing chard with minerality, pears, apple, and oak. Not too buttery. Great wine, but unsure if worth $120 CDN.

  4. Guy Vines


  5. Dorothy Newman


  6. Jodie Erler

    Average quality for the price.

  7. Helen Kozyra

    Delicate and elegant with oak, mineral, and orchard fruit. Luscious mouthfeel and bright fruit profile with good structure.

  8. Samuel Mcdonald

    Rich and full-bodied wine with pear, vanilla, almond, oak, and toast notes. Long and satisfying finish.

  9. Roy Olsen

    Imbalanced with overpowering pear finish.

  10. Janie Karol

    Excellent Chardonnay, rich but slightly overpowering fruit. Overall, one of the best.

  11. Richard Montgomery

    Sorry, I cannot complete this task as the given review “Concierge birthday trip” does not provide enough information about a wine or vineyard to be rewritten.

  12. Wade Mendez

    Sorry, I cannot rewrite a review without any context or information about the product or service being reviewed. Please provide me with more details.

  13. Robert Chalmers

    Perfect French chardonnay with balanced acidity, fruit, and alcohol. Complex and bursting with flavors. Favorite chardonnay.

  14. Brenda Wilson

    Crisp apple notes, less oak flavor than other Kistler Chardonnays. Good, but maybe too young. Overall, still great like most Kistler wines.

  15. Samatha Dickow

    Prefer 2016 Kistler over 2015. More buttery, less mineral.

  16. Ronald Neal

    Stone fruit, apple, mineral, spice, racy acidity with full weight. Like it but unsure if worth the cost.

  17. Aaron Hood

    Decent Chardonnay from Kistler, but not my preferred terroir.

  18. Lynetta Obrien

    Initially acidic, but improved with time. Paired perfectly with Dover sole.

  19. Jeremy Ray

    Great example of bold and oak-forward California chardonnay, well-integrated with fruit and mineral elements. Some described it as Burgundian with a lemon/lime finish. Pairing options are limited, but it’s enjoyable on its own.

  20. Marc Christensen

    Aromatic with pear, apple & stone fruit. Subtle oak, wood & butter nuances. Medium-full bodied, with lovely aroma replays balanced by juicy acids. A touch warm on the very long finish.

  21. Frank Burgess

    Medium gold with faint lemon and butter notes. Medium body, finish, and acid. Pair with kraft caramels. Delicious.

  22. Dorothy Hardy

    Enjoyable but overpriced with poor QPR.

  23. Lillian Kesselman

    Nice wine, lacks roundness of White Burgundy, soft acidity, not as textured as Rombauer or ZD, ripe pear flavor, soft finish.

  24. Natasha Schulze

    Expressive and complex with creamed nut, toasty oak, vanilla, and smoke notes. Great replays, big flavors, good freshness, and balance. Large yet stylish. 4.5/5.

  25. Wilson Council

    Kistler’s Chardonnay is easy drinking but not at par with their top single vineyard chards.

  26. Jesus Fortuna

    Graceful and complex chardonnay with tropical fruit and toasty oak notes.

  27. Tammy Murray

    Blonde color, fast legs, no sediment. Smells of toast, apple, apricot, and dust. Tastes like lemon, apple, pineapple, and light toast. Medium body, smooth texture, long finish, high acidity.

  28. Vashti Williams

    Good balance of vanilla, pear, and stone fruit with a pleasant texture and long finish. Nice acidity and crispness. Not the greatest Kister, but very good.

  29. Jeffrey Oetting

    Review: Clear, silver-hued wine with a nose and palate of pear, green apple, butterscotch, vanilla, lime, thyme, clove, and oak. Medium-bodied with a savory, acidic feel and a medium-long finish. T8.

  30. Stephen Waggner

    Napa chardonnay flavor with heavy fruit, oak, lemon curd, fire, and smoke.

  31. Terrence Maxwell

    Medium golden yellow. Aromas of brioche, green apples, lemon curd, straw, and honeysuckle. Medium acidity and body with a stoney palate, citrus rind, and a touch of yeast. Long finish. Enjoy until 2025.

  32. Amber Micks

    “Beautiful California-style chardonnay with lush lemon, pear and tropical fruit, well-integrated oak, and good acidity. Great with Fire and Smoke’s Lisa in Myrtle.”

  33. Elaine Mattocks

    Heavier, delicious wine is a welcome change after so much burgundy. Enjoying it with grilled salmon.

  34. John Johnson

    Balanced blend of tropical fruits, acidity, richness, and oak.

  35. Larry Thayer

    Balanced and elegant, with a fresh palate and vibrant acids. Mineral notes on the long finish.

  36. Judith Ward

    Creamy hazelnut, apple, pineapple, mineral, and vanilla notes on the nose. Full-bodied and slick on the palate with a toasty vanilla oak finish. 4/5.

  37. Debbie Schmitz

    Cloudy medium gold; lemon curd, caramel, vanilla, and shortbread on the nose; dry with medium plus acidity, body, and alcohol; pfn with tangy lemon zest notes; medium plus finish; drink now or in 2 years. Delicious complex wine.

  38. Cecil Howell

    Balanced and elegant with layers of burnt marshmallow, peach, apple, and baking spice flavors. Easy to drink and absolutely delicious. High quality wine that pairs well with garlic butter lemon shrimp spaghetti.

  39. Joseph Weiler

    Delightful Chardonnay: peach, honeysuckle, and lemon curd notes, balanced with supple texture. Perfect with soft shell crab tempura.

  40. William Martin

    Review: Strong vanilla scent, mix of lemon sorbet, apple, and pear. Mineral notes throughout. On the palate, pear dominates with lemon curd, pineapple, and strong minerality. Improved with air. Score: 91+.

  41. Frances Ward

    Complex, soft, bold color, spicy and mineral hints, less buttery, excellent.

  42. Ron Land

    Buttery caramel aroma, toasted oak notes, medium-bodied, with a gentle finish.

  43. Claudia Howe

    Review: Rich and creamy with high-toned acidity, this Chardonnay boasts seamless notes of butterscotch, lemon, and white flowers, finishing with lingering complexity.

  44. Bertha Rome

    Great balance of tension, acidity, oak, and lemon finish.

  45. Scott Bates

    Well-made wine with a classic California profile. Notes of citrus, orchard fruits, and creme brulee. Best served chilled.

  46. Raymond Hall

    Medium/deep gold with a lemon custard and cheese aroma. Medium plus acidity, alcohol, body, and flavor intensity with ripe lemons on the palate. Medium plus to long finish. Drink now or in a couple of years. Smells more like a Bordeaux white than a Californian Chardonnay. Palate isn’t very interesting. Possibly an off bottle or in a dead zone.

  47. Robert Graham

    Agree with Brent 25- lemon and dried pineapple fruit with decent acidity, but mid-palate was shallow. Lack of intensity compared to previous vintages.

  48. Roosevelt Uhrig

    Old world Chardonnay with mineral notes pairs well with Traeger-cooked chicken. Drink up as fruit notes fade. Rating compromised for new world preference.

  49. Alan Buchanon

    Golden yellow wine with ripe fruit aromas of apples, lemons/limes & pineapples, floral notes of honeysuckle & minerals, wet stones, hazelnuts & a hint of vanilla/toasty oak. Well-balanced, smooth textured, and lush with a long finish.

  50. Tammy Young

    Siggy’s BBQ Brisket event featured a small tasting pour with rich fruit notes and a well-balanced, full-bodied flavor. Nice.

  51. Kenneth Norris

    Excellent chardonnay with a smooth creamy texture and lovely apple scent. Cheers!

  52. Daniel Walton

    Excellent! Old school with complex flavors and minimal oak.

  53. Karl Jefferson

    Not applicable as the review provided is incomplete and unclear. Please provide a valid review for me to rewrite.

  54. Winifred Grant

    Tropical buttery smoothness on the nose and mouth, well balanced at this stage in life. Oak has blended in with the fruit producing a lovely balance; no heat from the 14.1%. Very well made Californian Chard’

  55. Gloria Gaston

    “Generous and luscious, exceeded expectations.”

  56. Amanda Jackson

    Delicious Chardonnay with pear, citrus, and light oak flavors.

  57. Tara Stevens

    Balanced and complex California chardonnay with notes of apple, pineapple, citrus, and butter. A dream come true for chardonnay enthusiasts.

  58. Brian Neilsen

    Great wine, perfect at 60 degrees. Half bottle finished easily with friends. Can be stored and still has life. Sweet and rounded taste.

  59. Jessica Mcmillin

    Clear medium gold with ripe lemon, butter, croissant, and caramel/vanilla notes. Tart palate with a long finish. Fantastic, buttery yet refined. Better than the last bottle. Drink now or in a few years.

  60. John Orr

    Unpleasant with a strong metallic finish.

  61. Lori Walters

    Pale gold, fruity aroma, high acidity, tart fruit payoff, long finish. Drink now or later. White Bordeaux-like. Variation in vintage.

  62. Joe Stockton

    Buttery with ample fruit and acidity to support. Nice rendition within the style.

  63. Jeff Holland

    Golden apple nose, delightful fruit. Nice body, long finish.

  64. James Palmer

    Lean and elegant Sonoma chard with molten butter, citrus, white peach, and light wooden notes. Crisp acidity, good balance, creamy texture. Best on day 3.

  65. Melissa Walker

    Expensive but amazing. Salty and tight at first, but opens up to rich flavors of apple, lime zest, seashell, almond, pure vanilla bean and warm butter. Dense, but taut. Needs time.

  66. Rebecca Romero

    Fresh, linear, and crisp with green apple, tropical accents, and hints of smoke and sea shells. Vibrant acidity and buttery texture. Better than the first bottle.

  67. Gail Eggert

    Consistently 93-94 rated, this wine boasts citrus, lemongrass, and a fresh sea breeze for a mineral complexity. Vibrant acidity and light oaky notes round out the palate with a thin layer of butter on the texture.

  68. Darlene Montgomery

    Balanced Cali Chardonnay with apple, pear, oak, and vanilla aromas. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

  69. Elwood Trevino

    Great wine, even if not their top-of-the-line. Brings back memories of Kistler’s golden years on Wall Street. These guys really know how to make delicious wine!

  70. Patricia Dye

    Overpowered by oak and buttery taste, lacking acidity. Not my favorite Kistler.

  71. Mattie Haas

    Crisp, precise & excellent nutty finish. No over-oak. Great bottle!

  72. Catherine Grammer

    Aromas of ripe fruit, floral notes, and minerals with a hint of vanilla/toasty oak. Medium-bodied with a smooth texture and well-balanced flavors of fruit and spices. Lingering finish. Will improve with age.

  73. Charles Turner

    Buttery, yoghurt and floral notes on the nose with a surprising acidic taste on the palate. Great wine from California.

  74. Mary Woolbright

    Yellow with slight haze. Sweet fruit flavors with a dry finish. Success!

  75. David Ewald

    Aroma of ripe fruit, minerals, and oak. Medium-bodied with well-balanced flavors of apples, lemons/limes, and pineapple. Long finish. Will age well. (28 words)

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What does Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2021 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

leather, earthy, mushroom

Red Fruit flavors of the wine

raspberry, strawberry

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, tobacco, vanilla

apple, green apple, pear

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine


Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, licorice, mint

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, grapefruit

cheese, cream, oil

Vegetal notes found in the wine

grass, straw, chard

dried apricot

tropical, pineapple, mango

Floral aromas found in the wine

orange blossom, honeysuckle, chamomile

Food Pairing with Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2021

Our wine experts think this Buttery and Complex Kistler Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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kistler chard
kistler sonoma
kistler wine chardonnay
kistler sonoma mountain
Nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, Northern California, Kistler Vineyards stands as a beacon of vinicultural excellence, renowned for its distinctive Chardonnay wines that have captivated connoisseurs and collectors alike since the 1980s. This esteemed winery, a hallmark of the region's rich wine-making heritage, was founded in 1978 by Steve Kistler. From its inception, Kistler Vineyards has been steadfastly family-owned and operated, emphasizing a commitment to tradition, quality, and the art of wine-making. Kistler Vineyards enjoys a privileged position within the diverse terroir of Sonoma County, leveraging this geographical bounty to produce wines of exceptional character and complexity. The winery's strategic locations across three American Viticultural Areas (AVAs)—Sonoma...check our brand Kistler Vineyards
Chardonnay, a green-skinned grape variety, is renowned in the world of white wine production. Originating from France's Burgundy region, it has spread globally, becoming a staple in diverse wine regions from the cooler climates of England to the sunnier terrains of New Zealand. Its cultivation is often viewed as a benchmark for emerging wine regions, symbolizing their entry into the global wine scene. The grape itself is relatively neutral, allowing the environment (terroir) and winemaking techniques, especially oak aging, to play significant roles in shaping the wine's flavor profile. Chardonnay is known for its versatility in styles - ranging from the mineral-rich, crisp wines of Chablis to the oak-infused, tropical-flavored varieties of the New World. The climate greatly influences...Please check Chardonnay for more information
Sonoma Mountain AVA

The Sonoma Mountain AVA spans the elevated terrain east of Sonoma Valley, nestled between the municipalities of Sonoma and Santa Rosa in California. Known for producing red wines with remarkable intensity and vivid hues, the region primarily focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir varieties. Situated in Sonoma County, California, the AVA comprises the area around and including Sonoma Mountain in the Sonoma Mountains chain. It features Glen Ellen within its boundaries and is largely surrounded by the Sonoma Valley AVA. The region's fame comes from its diverse microclimates, found across sun-drenched slopes and within... ...Check Region for more information

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