Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Vintage: 2018
  • WE 94
  • WA 90
  • JD 93
  • JS 95
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Crafted under the expertise of winemaker Philippe Bascaules, the 2018 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon is a testament to the legacy of Inglenook Estate Winery. This vintage, a blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3.5% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot, and 0.5% Petit Verdot, showcases the finesse and balance that define the wines of this renowned Napa Valley estate.

The wine presents an opaque ruby red color, inviting the eye with its depth and intensity. On the nose, it opens with a rich array of aromas, including ripe cassis, succulent blackberry, and nuances of espresso and cedar. These elements combine to create an aromatic profile that is both sophisticated and inviting.

On the palate, the 2018 Inglenook Cabernet is characterized by a powerful yet focused and well-balanced structure. Silky tannins and ample freshness contribute to its vibrant profile. The wine exhibits flavors of juicy blueberry and black cherry, complemented by a hint of wild game. The influence of oak aging adds a layer of spice and contributes to the wine’s polished tannins, allowing them to expand and grip gracefully. Additional notes of cherry, tobacco, and a subtle hint of eucalyptus add complexity to the tasting experience.

The wine’s mouthfeel is both medium to full-bodied and silky, offering a concentrated style on the palate. Flavors of blackcurrants, leafy tobacco, chocolate, and damp earth-like aromas blend harmoniously, revealing the purity and freshness of the vintage. The finish is lengthy and polished, with an intriguing crescendo of flavors, including chocolate, hazelnut, and hints of black truffles. This rich, expansive profile is balanced by a firm framework that adds form and interest to the wine.

Critically acclaimed, the 2018 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon has garnered impressive scores: 94 points from Wine Enthusiast, 90 points from Wine Advocate, 93 points from Jeb Dunnuck, and a remarkable 95 points from James Suckling. These accolades reflect the wine’s balanced full-bodied frame, juicy fruit character, and the plush, polished finish that is a hallmark of Inglenook’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Inglenook wine price is a reflection of the quality and craftsmanship that go into each bottle. This vintage is not just a drink but a journey through the rich terroir of the Inglenook estate, offering a wine experience that is both luxurious and memorable. It is recommended to try this exquisite wine after 2022 to fully appreciate its layered fruit, round, creamy tannins, and long, flavorful finish. The 2018 Inglenook Cabernet is indeed a wine of charm, energy, finesse, and a joy to drink.




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Critical Acclaim

WE 94

Wine Enthusiast

Showing balance within a full-bodied frame, this wine is juicy in blueberry, black cherry and a hint of wild game. Oak adds spice and length, giving the plush, polished tannins room to expand and grip as a finishing touch of coffee bean builds.
WA 90

Wine Advocate

A solid example of Napa Valley Cab, Inglenook's 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon features notes of cherry, tobacco and cassis, along with a hint of eucalyptus. A blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3.5% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot and 0.5% Petit Verdot, it's medium to full-bodied, silky and focused, with decent length on the finish.
JD 93

Jeb Dunnuck

A darker, meatier wine than the Rubicon release, the 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon offers lots of blackcurrants, leafy tobacco, chocolate, and damp earth-like aromas to go with a medium to full-bodied, mouth-filling, concentrated style on the palate. It shows the vintage’s purity as well as its freshness, yet brings a rich, expansive vibe that's a joy to drink. Give bottles 3-4 years and enjoy over the following two decades
JS 95

James Suckling

Full-bodied with lots of layered fruit and round, creamy tannins. The palate shows lovely ripe-berry character with chocolate and hazelnut and a long, flavorful finish. Hints of black truffles. Plenty going on here with a firm framework that gives the wine form and interest. Try it after 2022.

Food Pairing with Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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inglenook estate
inglenook estate winery
Inglenook, a name synonymous with rich history and exceptional wine, is nestled in the heart of California's Napa Valley, specifically in the quaint area of Rutherford. This iconic winery, established in 1871, is not just a testament to the evolution of Napa's wine industry but also a beacon of high-quality winemaking. The acquisition of Inglenook by renowned filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola in 1975 marked a new era for this storied estate, blending artistic vision with viticultural tradition. The origins of Inglenook trace back to when Gustave Niebaum, a Finnish sea captain and wine connoisseur, bought a 31-hectare (78-acre) estate in 1879. He also acquired an adjacent 178-hectare (440-acre) parcel, laying the foundation for what would become a legendary winery. Over the years, the...check our brand Inglenook
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Cabernet Sauvignon, often referred to simply as "Cabernet," is one of the world's most widely recognized and acclaimed red wine grape varieties. Renowned for its robust structure, alluring aromas, and complex flavors, Cabernet Sauvignon has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. This article delves into the essence of Cabernet Sauvignon, exploring its origins, the regions where it flourishes, and the unique sensory experiences it offers. What is Cabernet Sauvignon? Originating from a chance crossing between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc in 17th century France, Cabernet Sauvignon has since become synonymous with quality and prestige in the wine world. The grape is known for its thick skin and hardy vine, making it resilient against...Please check Cabernet Sauvignon for more information

Winemaker of Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

philippe bascaules

Philippe Bascaules

Philippe Bascaules, a renowned figure in the world of winemaking, has been shaping the destiny of Inglenook as its Director of Winemaking since 2016. His journey in the lush vineyards of Napa Valley began in 2011, coming from the prestigious wine region of Bordeaux. At Inglenook, his innovative winemaking techniques, combined with a sense of careful restraint, align perfectly with the Coppola family's vision of reviving Inglenook's historic reputation and exploring the rich possibilities of its land. Bascaules' philosophy towards winemaking is intriguing and poetic. He believes that an exceptional wine should not only exhibit remarkable aromatic complexity and structure but also retain an element of mystery, reminiscent of a captivating perfume. This pursuit of a delicate balance... More Products
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Rutherford AVA

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, the Rutherford American Viticultural Area (AVA) has long been hailed as one of the world's premier wine regions. Renowned for its exceptional terroir and ideal grape-growing conditions, Rutherford AVA is a place where extraordinary wines are born. From its distinct microclimate to its unique soil composition, this region cultivates grapes that produce wines of exceptional quality and distinction.

Rutherford AVA is celebrated for its signature grape, Cabernet Sauvignon. The region's gravelly and well-drained soils, coupled with warm days and cool nights, provide the perfect environment for these grapes to flourish. The resulting wines are marked by their exquisite balance, complexity, and... ...Check Region for more information

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