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Hors Categorie Syrah 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • WA 100
  • JD 98
  • JS 100
  • OB 99
  • VIN 98
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Crafted by the skilled hands of winemaker Christophe Baron, Hors Categorie Syrah 2019 stands as a testament to his mastery. This exquisite creation is the culmination of both artistry and nature’s bounty, with consulting winemaker input from the esteemed Owen Bargreen.

In the glass, the wine showcases a deep, entrancing ruby hue that hints at its depth and intensity. The aromas that waft from the glass are a medley of spices, herbs, and dark berries. Layers of bacon, steak tartare, and black fruits intertwine with an underlying floral essence, creating an olfactory experience that is nothing short of captivating.

On the palate, this Syrah reveals its true personality. Silky tannins envelop the senses, guiding the journey through a symphony of flavors. Ripe fruit notes give way to savory hints of tobacco and leather, while the initial intensity mellows into a harmonious blend of taste sensations. The wine’s concentration and layers unfold like a story, leaving the palate intrigued and satisfied.

The critical acclaims resound in the wine’s profile. James Suckling’s perfect 100-point score and commendation as a “real McCoy” resonate, while The Wine Advocate’s Anthony Mueller praises its elegance, finesse, and power, declaring it a world-class gem. Owen Bargreen’s words are nothing short of awe-inspiring, highlighting the wine’s nervy and stony character alongside its astonishing palate that balances weightlessness with minerality.

Eric Guido’s notes on its Hermitage-like qualities and Jeb Dunnuck’s comparison to a great Hermitage further attest to its exceptional nature. The Hors Categorie Syrah 2019 is a liquid velvet masterpiece, deeply characterful, and poised to captivate connoisseurs and collectors alike. This limited-edition elixir, with only 1,800 bottles produced, is an investment in the finest expressions of Syrah, a journey through complexity and refinement that will age gracefully for years to come.

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16 reviews for Hors Categorie Syrah 2019

  1. Robert Costa

    The Hors Categorie Red, with its blend of smoke and blueberry, is a delightful surprise. Each sip is an exploration of flavors, thanks to Christophe Baron.

  2. Diana Colin

    The blackcurrant and pepper notes in the Hors Categorie Red are a revelation. Winemaker Christophe Baron has outdone himself with this one.

  3. William Bekis

    The Hors Categorie Red, with its smoky undertones and hint of salt, offers a wine experience like no other. It’s a testament to Christophe Baron’s expertise.

  4. Brenda Lares

    The Hors Categorie Syrah is a work of art. The salty undertone paired with the incense flavor is a unique combination that works wonderfully. Enjoyed every sip!

  5. Duane Mart

    The Hors Categorie is a symphony of flavors. From blackcurrant to black olive, it’s a journey of tastes that leaves you in awe of Christophe Baron’s skill.

  6. Ann Mcbride

    The Hors Categorie Syrah is pure indulgence. The peppery notes coupled with the sweet black cherry flavor makes it a winner in my book.

  7. Theresa Delima

    The Hors Categorie Red is a must-try. The blend of smoke and black cherry is subtly powerful, leaving every sip as exciting as the first.

  8. Edward Hyneman

    You can taste the magic of Christophe Baron in the Hors Categorie Red. The distinctive taste of black olive and the subtle hint of incense is pure bliss.

  9. Billy Gutshall

    Hors Categorie Syrah is truly a masterpiece. The bold flavor of olive tapenade and the sweet surprise of blueberry is simply irresistible.

  10. Jesus Abernathy

    The black olive flavor in Hors Categorie is incredibly unique. Paired with the peppery notes, it’s a wine lover’s delight. Kudos to Christophe Baron!

  11. Kelly Ferguson

    The Hors Categorie is an experience! Each sip reveals a new flavor, from smoky undertones to the surprise of salt and star anise. Love it!

  12. Israel Wilkes

    The Hors Categorie Syrah is a treat for the senses. The flavors of olive tapenade and blueberry are harmoniously balanced, creating a truly unique wine experience.

  13. Aaron Janow

    One can’t simply resist the Hors Categorie Syrah. The blend of blueberry and incense flavor is simply divine, leaving you wanting more.

  14. Hattie Kwan

    Sipping on the Hors Categorie Syrah was like tasting a rainbow of flavors. The hint of star anise was a surprising twist I thoroughly enjoyed.

  15. John Blakemore

    The Hors Categorie Red is absolutely divine! Winemaker Christophe Baron surely knows his craft. The notes of blackcurrant and smoke are impeccable.

  16. Janie Mosconi

    Enjoyed the Hors Categorie Syrah with a good steak. The black cherry flavor was a fantastic companion to the meal, leaving an unforgettable taste.

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Critical Acclaim

WA 100

Wine Advocate

Powerful and robust with a complex nose, the 2019 Syrah opens to aromas of spiced blackberry and black raspberry before primary and secondary expressions blossom in the glass with elegance and precision; it then articulates layers of truffle, hints of tar and roses, turned earth and succulent red flowers with dusty, ripe red fruit essences. Medium to full-bodied, this Syrah is a masterclass in capturing a sense of place as it somersaults across the mid-palate with elegance, finesse and power. At the same time, flaunting its well-deserved triple-digit score, this devastatingly gorgeous Syrah glides effortlessly to a complex, ever-evolving and lingering tannic finish. This is world-class juice that shines with stunning purity. Run, don’t walk to grab any of the 1,800 bottles made.
JD 98

Jeb Dunnuck

Reminding me of a great Hermitage, the 2019 Syrah comes from two steep hillside vineyards planted on the north fork of the Walla Walla River, in Northeastern Oregon. Its deeper ruby/plum hue is followed by a powerful, meaty, yet incredibly complex nose of ripe, blackcurrants, gunpowder, bloody meat, and peppery herbs. These all carry to a medium to full-bodied Syrah with a beautifully balanced, elegant mouthfeel, plenty of mid-palate depth and sweetness, ripe tannins, and flawless balance. It's beautifully done and a world class Syrah that warrants 4-5 years of bottle age and will keep for 20+ years. Don't be afraid to give this plenty of air if drinking any time soon.
JS 100

James Suckling

Tons of spices, bacon, herbs and steak tartare, as well as black fruit and berries on the nose, with an underlying floral character. Full-bodied with gentle, silky tannins. Extremely concentrated and layered. The ripe fruit turns to savory notes of tobacco and leather. So sleek and elegant. Burnt rosemary at the finish. Fantastic. This is the real McCoy. It is tasting wonderful now, but will go the distance. Only 1,800 bottles made. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.
OB 99

Owen Bargreen

The very nervy and stony 2019 Hors Catégorie Syrah is an astounding achievement in this somewhat challenging vintage. 100% Syrah, this exudes class with bulls’ blood and iodine tones alongside wet gravel and Mandarin orange rind with beautiful red florals on the nose. The palate is astonishingly good, coming off very weightless and full of minerality. Ripe black currants, iodine and huckleberry tones mingle well with garrigue notes and stony minerals on the palate. Flirting with perfection, this unbelievable effort will shine on for another decade or more. Drink 2022-2037.
VIN 98


Mesmerizing is the word, as mentholated freshness introduces the 2019 Syrah Hors Catégorie Vineyard, complementing citrus-tinged blackberries, rhubarb and white pepper. This is like liquid velvet, dense and textural, yet with stimulating acidity to balance, as savory herbs and mineral-tinged black fruits drench the palate in youthful concentration balanced by a contrasting twang of spiced lemon peels. The 2019 finishes incredibly long and potent with silky tannins that saturate, as hints of salted licorice slowly taper off. There’s simply so much going on here, yet also so much more below the surface, which makes the Syrah Hors Catégorie one of the most deeply characterful domestic Syrahs I’ve ever tasted... Frankly stated, the 2019 Syrah Hors Catégorie Vineyard is flirting with perfection.

What does Hors Categorie Syrah 2019 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

smoke, salt

Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

black cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry

Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

pepper, star anise

Citrus notes found in the wine

blood orange

black raisin

Food Pairing with Hors Categorie Syrah 2019

Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Hors Categorie Syrah 2019 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
hors categorie
hors categorie vineyards
hors categorie syrah
Nestled in the picturesque North Fork of the Walla Walla River, Hors Categorie emerges as a beacon of viticultural excellence. This pioneering venture, established in 2011, carves its niche on the steep slopes shadowed by the majestic Blue Mountains. The vineyard's location, where the North Fork converges with the Walla Walla River, is not just a geographical coordinate; it's a statement of intent and quality. Hors Categorie, with its Syrah vines clinging to the hillside, surrounded by striking rock formations, represents a bold step into the world of fine winemaking. The vineyards, strategically positioned on these rugged inclines, delve deep into the fractured basalt soil. This quest for nutrients beneath the surface is a testament to the tenacity and resilience of Hors Categorie's...check our brand Hors Categorie
Syrah grape varietal
Syrah, a dark-skinned red grape, has earned its place in the wine world as a producer of full-bodied wines boasting robust fruit flavors. While its origins have stirred debates, the northern Rhône Valley of eastern France is indisputably its modern viticultural home. Additionally, in Australia, Syrah reigns supreme and is often known as Shiraz, gaining a distinct personality in this land down under. One of the defining features of Syrah is its adaptability to various viticultural regions across the globe. It flourishes in temperate to warm climates, where it can manifest its true potential. The climatic conditions and soil profiles of these regions play a crucial role in nurturing this grape variety. Syrah wines emanate a captivating bouquet. In their youth, they can be quite...Please check Syrah for more information

Winemaker of Hors Categorie Syrah 2019

Christophe Baron

Christophe Baron

Christophe Baron, a visionary winemaker with roots in Champagne, France, has carved a niche in the Walla Walla Valley, Washington, transforming his passion into a diverse array of exceptional wines. His journey, which began with an intended focus on Oregon's Pinot Noir, took an unexpected turn upon his discovery of the unique, stony terrain in the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA. In 1996, this led to the establishment of Cayuse Vineyards, which he nurtured from a humble 5-acre beginning to an expansive 45-acre estate. Baron’s repertoire at Cayuse is a testament to his versatility and deep understanding of viticulture. He is renowned for crafting wines that vividly express the minerality and earthiness characteristic of the vineyard's basalt cobblestone terroir, echoing the... More Products
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walla walla valley ava
Nestled in the southeastern corner of Washington State, with its graceful extension into Oregon, the Walla Walla Valley AVA is an exquisite illustration of how geography and passion merge to define exceptional winemaking regions. This picturesque valley, cradling vineyards on both sides of the state border, flourishes amidst rolling hills and the serpentine Walla Walla River, a tributary of the mighty Columbia River. The story of Walla Walla Valley's wine is one of resurrection and innovation. It dates back to the 1850s when early settlers, captivated by the region’s untapped potential, introduced the first vine plantings. These pioneers recognized the area’s promise, but their initial viticulture efforts were... ...Check Region for more information

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