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Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021

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Vintage: 2021
  • VIN 91
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The Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021, a testament to artistry by winemaker Jason Drew of Drew Wines, with consultation from a revered winemaking mind. This Chardonnay blend harmoniously marries the offerings of Valenti Ranch and Clow Ridge Vineyard, embodying the dichotomy of Anderson Valley’s essence.

With its enchanting color reminiscent of pale gold kissed by sunlight, this wine beckons with a vibrant melody of aromas. The nose reveals intriguing notes of flint and lime zest, evoking the coastal breeze. Hints of pear and citrus intertwine seamlessly, while a mineral core reminiscent of crushed stones captivates the senses.

On the palate, the wine unveils its multifaceted personality. The upfront brightness of white peach dances with the subtlety of lemon confit, crafting a symphony of flavors that speak to the vineyards’ unique terroir. The gentle embrace of almond lends depth and texture, adding layers to the wine’s character. Anchored by a mineral-driven foundation, the palate takes an adventurous journey over hills of gravelly sandy loam and ancient oceanic sedimentary soils.

This exquisite Chardonnay embodies the coastal spirit with an invigorating flintiness and a refreshing burst of lime zest. Its versatile nature invites you to embrace your culinary imagination, whether paired with the briny indulgence of oysters on the half shell or the enchanting flavors of a grilled octopus salad.

Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021 has garnered its well-deserved acclaim, receiving 91 points from Vinous. This soft and delicate wine, with its white peach, lemon confit, and earthy notes, showcases Jason Drew’s mastery and encapsulates Anderson Valley’s grace. While enjoyable now, the wine promises even more allure after 2023, maturing like a cherished memory of a coastal breeze.

7 reviews for Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021

  1. Mark Laboy

    Good acidity, decent fruit.

  2. James Ward

    Drew’s Chardonnay is a powerhouse with vibrant acidity and stone fruits. It has superb balance with a smooth mouthfeel. Perfect for pairing with Baked Scottish salmon fillets.

  3. James Musso

    Acidic with tropical fruit, citrus, and oak finish.

  4. Margaret Bally

    Elegantly styled with tension and minerality, resembling a warm vintage Chablis. Lemon, citrus, and salinity dominate. Not angular or unpleasant, but needs a couple more years. 90+.

  5. Thomas Sylvester

    Simple and refreshing with notes of yellow and green apples, lemon water, and white peach. Lacks depth and complexity. Best enjoyed now.

  6. Patsy Jakeman

    Affordable and complex, with lingering flavors. Refreshing taste.

  7. Andrea Riel

    Consistent notes, excellent value for the price, maintains freshness.

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Critical Acclaim

VIN 91
The 2021 Chardonnay Bahl Briney is a soft, understated wine. White peach, lemon confit, almond and a touch of earthiness all grace this delicate, soft Anderson Valley Chardonnay from Jason Drew. Best After 2023

What does Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021 taste like?

Earthy Flavors of the wine

minerals, stone, saline

Oaky Flavors of the wine

oak, vanilla, butter

apple, pear, peach

Citrus notes found in the wine

citrus, lemon, lemon zest


Vegetal notes found in the wine

straw, chard

tropical, pineapple

Food Pairing with Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021

Our wine experts think this Buttery and Complex Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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Nestled within the Mendocino Ridge Appellation, Drew Wines is a beacon of cool-climate winemaking excellence. Founded in 2000 by Jason and Molly Drew, their vision was clear: to create small-lot wines that celebrate site-specific nuances and the essence of traditional grape varietals. The Drew journey began when they stumbled upon a forgotten 26-acre apple orchard within Mendocino Ridge, an orchard that others saw as daunting. Jason and Molly, however, saw the potential in the ancient oceanic soils, the south-facing slopes at 1250 ft elevation, and the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a mere 3.3 miles away. This was the birthplace of the Drew estate winery, Faîte De Mer Farm. Their eight-acre estate vineyard is a testament to their commitment to quality. It features a diverse...check our brand Drew
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Winemaker of Drew Bahl Briney Chardonnay 2021

Jason Drew

Jason Drew

Jason Drew, the visionary winemaker behind Drew Wines, is a true craftsman of cool-climate wines. With a profound commitment to showcasing the distinctiveness of site and varietal character, he embarked on this winemaking journey with his partner, Molly Drew, in 2000. Jason's path to winemaking excellence included studies in agroecology, viticulture, and a graduate degree in enology from the University of Adelaide. He honed his skills through years of experience at esteemed wineries and vineyards, totaling an impressive 29 years in the industry. At Drew Wines, Jason's passion is Faîte De Mer Farm, where he tends to eight acres of vineyards, practicing certified organic farming and sustainable viticulture. His winemaking philosophy embraces tradition, employing whole-cluster and... More Products
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