Caymus-Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend 2021

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Vintage: 2021
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Caymus-Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend 2021, a red wine, sources its grapes from Suisun Valley in California. The wine has 14.70% ABV. 
This wine has a lovely crimson hue with brilliant highlights and an earthy start, featuring the scent of rough wood mingles with sweet spice, a whiff of cigar box, dusty pavement, and aged leather. The palate is smooth and lively: juicy raspberry flavors are subtle yet present in this medium-bodied wine; cranberry provides a tangy acidity on the finish. The tannins are firm and ripe, providing good structure without being astringent.
This wine would pair well with grilled meats, especially lamb or beef, as well as hearty stews and casseroles. It would also be a good choice for sipping on its own or enjoying with a group of friends.


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Food Pairing with Caymus-Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend 2021

Our wine experts think this Red Wine Caymus-Suisun The Walking Fool Red Blend 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
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Cabernet Sauvignon
The term "Red Blend" encompasses a vast and varied spectrum of red wines, each crafted from a unique amalgamation of grape varieties. This category of wines is a canvas for winemakers to express creativity and regional character, often blending traditional varieties with local, lesser-known grapes. Red Blends are not confined to a single formula; instead, they represent the artistry of blending, where each bottle offers a unique narrative of its origin, grape composition, and the winemaker's vision. Red Blends flourish across the globe, thriving in regions that offer the optimal conditions for a diverse array of grape varieties. The climatic conditions and soil profiles in these regions are pivotal in nurturing the grapes that compose these intricate wines. In the Bordeaux region of...Please check Red Blend for more information
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