Cave des Vins de Sancerre Les Tuilieres 2021

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Emanating from the heart of the Loire Valley, the Cave des Vins de Sancerre Group presents an exquisite offering in the form of Cave des Vins de Sancerre Les Tuilieres 2021. Crafted from the revered Sauvignon Blanc grape, this wine is a testament to the artistry of the region’s winemaking. Its pale straw hue, delicately tinged with green, hints at the freshness contained within. As the aromatic bouquet unfurls, scents of quince and crisp apple intermingle with zesty notes of lemon and lime, underlined by a subtle suggestion of dry herbs. Upon tasting, the wine’s vivacious acidity takes center stage, flawlessly complemented by its pronounced mineral character. Flavors of succulent passion fruit harmonize with the vibrant citrus notes, while an elegant thread of chalky minerality weaves through each sip. The finish is a graceful encore, leaving a gentle reminder of the wine’s refined presence.

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apple, pear

lemon, lime


Food Pairing with Cave des Vins de Sancerre Les Tuilieres 2021

Our wine experts think this Green and Flinty Cave des Vins de Sancerre Les Tuilieres 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Cave des Vins de Sancerre, a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking the finest expressions of Sancerre wines. Established as a testament to winemaking expertise, this renowned establishment has been producing exceptional wines since its inception. Situated in the heart of the Loire Valley wine region in northern France, the Cave des Vins de Sancerre boasts a rich viticultural heritage. The vineyards, spanning across 15 communes, cover a sprawling 3,000 hectares. Of these, Sauvignon Blanc grapes dominate 80% of the land, while the remaining 20% is home to the esteemed Pinot Noir. Nestled within the IGP Val de Loire Wine region. The terroir of the Sancerrois region is an intricate blend of diverse soils. The "terres blanches" bring forth clay-limestone soils adorned with fossilized... Read More
Sauvignon Blanc, a beloved grape varietal in the wine world, offers an enticing array of flavors and aromas that have captured the palates of wine enthusiasts worldwide. With its origins deeply rooted in the historical vineyards of France, this versatile grape has found success in various regions across the globe. Let's embark on a journey to discover the allure of Sauvignon Blanc. With its roots traced back to France, Sauvignon Blanc flourishes in the iconic regions of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. However, its popularity has spread far beyond these borders, finding a new home in regions like New Zealand, California, and South Africa. The grape thrives in cooler climates, which often result in vibrant acidity and pronounced aromatics. Sauvignon Blanc is celebrated for its... Read More
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