Amulet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2021

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Vintage: 2021
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Amulet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2021, skillfully crafted by renowned winemaker Tuck Beckstoffer, serves as a vibrant ode to the essence of Napa Valley. This single-vineyard marvel, sourced from the sustainably farmed Bettinelli Family vineyard in Yountville AVA, embodies the winery’s commitment to organic and heritage-focused viticulture, accentuating the distinct terroir of the region.

Exuding a deep, rich garnet hue, this Cabernet Sauvignon entices with a lavish bouquet of ripe blackberries, hints of cassis, and subtle notes of cedar. On the palate, it delights with its well-integrated tannins, revealing luscious layers of dark cherries, plum, and a touch of dark chocolate, harmoniously balanced with a subtle earthy undertone. Its lingering finish is marked by a tantalizing hint of vanilla and a whisper of spice, showcasing the wine’s impeccable structure and expressive complexity.


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Food Pairing with Amulet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2021

Our wine experts think this Bold and Structured Amulet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2021 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!
Amulet Estate
Amulet Estate, inspired by the Latin term amulētum, meaning "an object that provides good fortune," is a distinguished winery rooted in the pioneering viticultural spirit of Napa Valley. Established in 2016, the estate is strategically located in the heart of Napa Valley, allowing for the careful curation of a portfolio that embodies the region's diverse terroir. With a profound reverence for the land, Amulet Estate meticulously sources its grapes from select vineyard sites, emphasizing the essence of Napa Valley's rich viticultural heritage. The portfolio features five distinctive wines, including a refined Chardonnay and four vineyard-designate Cabernet Sauvignons, each showcasing the varied terroirs of the region. Championing an approach that prioritizes meticulous vineyard...check our brand Amulet Estate
Bordeaux Blend Red
The Bordeaux Red Blend is a versatile and internationally recognized wine varietal that has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from the famous Bordeaux region in France, this blend encompasses a combination of grape varieties commonly used in Bordeaux's red wines. Although the term "Bordeaux Blend" is not an official or legal designation, it serves as a useful concept to discuss wines made in a similar style, regardless of their origin. While the term itself is not commonly seen on wine labels, it is often mentioned by wine merchants and enthusiasts to describe wines that resemble the characteristics of Bordeaux-style reds. In the United States, a similar concept is referred to as Meritage, which holds a legal definition and is a registered...Please check Bordeaux Blend Red for more information

Winemaker of Amulet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2021

Tuck Beckstoffer

Tuck Beckstoffer

Tuck Beckstoffer, renowned for his winemaking prowess, hails from a family deeply rooted in Napa Valley's viticulture. Despite his early immersion in the family's farming legacy, it was winemaking that ignited Tuck's passion. He honed his craft at distinguished wineries like Cakebread Cellars and Far Niente, imbibing the art from experienced vintners who cherished winemaking for its essence. After stints abroad, where he enriched his expertise in Western Australia, Tuck returned to Napa Valley, establishing himself as a maestro of the craft. Recognizing the essence of exceptional vineyards, Tuck meticulously sources grapes for his diverse labels such as Seventy Five Wine Company and Amulet Estate, crafting wines that embody creativity, delight, and enduring quality. With over two... More Products
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Napa Valley AVA
Nestled an hour north of San Francisco, the Napa Valley AVA is acclaimed as a top-tier wine destination in the New World. This prestigious region, stretching 35 miles from southeast to northwest between the Vacas and Mayacamas mountain ranges, is home to some of the most esteemed vineyards globally. A scenic drive from Napa to Calistoga unveils the valley's viticultural gems, making it the best place to stay in Napa Valley for those seeking picturesque landscapes. In 1981, Napa Valley AVA earned the distinguished title of being California’s first American Viticultural Area (AVA), a testament to its esteemed position in the wine world. In Napa Valley's early winemaking days, vineyards displayed a mosaic of various grape... ...Check Region for more information

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