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Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019

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Vintage: 2019
  • VIN 93
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    The newly released Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019 is an exceptional blend of vineyards from Santa Maria Valley and the Sta. Rita Hills, crafted to perfection by winemakers Gray Hartley and Frank Ostini. This complex and elegant Pinot Noir captivates the nose with a bouquet of aromas: black cherries, plums, clove, leather, mocha, and incense.

    The Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner shows a vivid ruby color in the glass with a bright, translucent hue. The aromas of black cherry, clove, and incense come through on the palate and are balanced by soft notes of leather and mocha. The palate is smooth with a full body and round tannins for structure. The wine has a lingering finish that is both elegant and inviting.

    Deservedly earning a score of 93 points from Vinous, the Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner is a remarkable expression of Pinot Noir from the maritime-cooled vineyards of Santa Barbara County. This top-of-line bottling has achieved balance and complexity with its forward fruit and richness from the Santa Maria Valley, and its earthiness and structure from the Sta. Rita Hills. Whether enjoyed on its own or with food, the Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner is an unforgettable experience.

    75 reviews for Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019

    1. Christopher Webster

      Unique California Pinot Noir with vegetal notes and hints of cedar.

    2. Jose Sullivan

      Raspberry aromas with a garnet hue.

    3. Peter Lussier

      Crimson color.

    4. Armanda Smith

      Excellent Cali pinot with a great nose of red berry fruit, spice, and herbal notes. Ripe raspberry notes on the palate with balanced acid.

    5. Justin Burns

      Excellent medium-bodied red with a balanced blend of cherry, orange, and spice aromas. The red fruit flavors and dry finish make it a great choice.

    6. Karima Ellison

      Peppery nose, not fruit forward. Spicy pepper in the mouth, pairs well with red meat. Hitching Post is a safe bet.

    7. Neil Maroney

      Review: Spicy aroma, may cause eye irritation. Pepper and coriander flavors, complements red meat. Best paired with food, needs aging. Hitching Post delivers consistent red wines.

    8. Geneva Pfeiffer

      Nice wine with dry fruit and raisin notes in the nose, average complexity, and a fruity and licorice finish. Ready to drink now.

    9. Travis Davis

      Great Pinot with refreshing lightness and delightful cherries.

    10. Judith Mclaughlin

      Deep color, peppery nose, complex taste with hints of pepper, coriander, and oak. Not refined like Bourgogne wines.

    11. Tina Chang

      Tart cherry and spice aromas, earthy and fruity taste with mild tannins and balanced acidity.

    12. Kitty Watkins

      Plum/prune notes with earthy flavor, heavy tannins and short tail. Good for the price, but sour.

    13. Brad Carron

      Deep red color with fast-moving curtains. Nose of berries and powerful with soft tannins. Age-worthy for 5 years.

    14. Rachelle Mahaffey

      “Agree with previous tasters. Dry fruit, raisins, average complexity, fruit, licorice. Nice wine, but drink now as fruit is fading and bitterness emerging. Hoping for a better ’08.”

    15. Barbara Perryman

      Complex taste with notes of pepper, coriander and oak. Deep color with fruity and peppery aroma.

    16. Cody Fitzgerald

      Great aromatics of black fruits, spice and oak notes with a lovely extracted dark ruby color. The medium/full bodied palate shows extraction and balance. Drinking well now, likely at its peak.

    17. Susan Jones

      Good value, clear strawberry red with berry aroma and taste. Decant for 2 hours for best results.

    18. Morris Sanchez

      Good American Pinot with pepper, oak, and plum flavors. Can age well.

    19. Lena Sheridan

      Decanted for 2 hours, strawberry dominates, enjoyable.

    20. Adriana Cyr

      “Excellent! New world style with warm fruit, pepper, and minerals on the palate. Decanting recommended. A true pleasure, enjoy now.”

    21. Nicole Ashalintubbi

      Smooth and easy to drink with a nice balance of tart dark red fruit. Modest depth and complexity with a pleasant finish.

    22. Richard Hart

      Ruby color. Aromas of sour cherry, fresh red fruits, raspberry, clay. Mineral component on palate. Nice wine.

    23. Robert Dierks

      Earthy with hints of dirt and clay on the nose, followed by a sour cherry taste. A bit bitter, but a heavy weight for a Pinot.

    24. Jessica Fullard

      Undrinkable wine with tartness and lack of elegance, green strawberries and animal fat flavors. Going in the sink.

    25. Sarah Hall

      Smooth strawberry wine pairs perfectly with tuna. Medium/full body, medium acidity, and a smooth finish.

    26. Michael Thomas

      Unbalanced wine with too much burn, some fruit notes, and spice. Boring.

    27. Paul Hayes

      Earthy with a feminine touch.

    28. Martin Perkins

      Fresh berries with a thicker mouth feel than most pinots. Great for pairing with BBQ.

    29. Theresa Waters

      Great potential for aging.

    30. Ellyn Stone

      Excellent SBC Pinot. A perfect blend of cherry, blueberry, and spice.

    31. Randy Carpenter

      Decent structure and pleasant finish with red fruit notes. A good choice for weeknights.

    32. Priscilla Riggs

      Balanced with earthy notes and a pleasant finish; no overpowering fruit detected.

    33. Shirley Gomez

      Light red with a nice nose of red fruit, tart cherries, and some strawberry. Good acidity, but the mid-palate is disjointed and angular. Light tannins, some awkwardness on the finish with lingering astringency. The wine doesn’t quite deliver.

    34. Cindy Siddique

      Large-scaled and elegant Pinot with sappy, dense fruit. Notes of black cherry, framboise, plum and spice. Good acidity, moderate tannin, and sweet fruit that gains when opened. Great for 4-5 years.

    35. Carolyn Roberts

      Great wine, long finish, balanced acidity, and bright fruit notes.

    36. Ricardo James

      Cork flaw present, not negligible.

    37. Laura Stanley

      Complex with ripe cherry, raspberry, earthy undertone, dried leafs, clove, polkagris, wild strawberries, sweet liquorice, round, smooth, and long finish.

    38. Micheal Jackson

      Balanced with fruit, structure, and earthiness.

    39. John Strom

      Light-bodied Pinot with soft cherry notes and earthy undertones. Slightly bitter finish.

    40. Dora Obrien

      Day two: Darker, unsettled strawberry juice. Top Pinot with hitching points.

    41. Tracy Smith

      Aging well with good acidity. Peak in 2-3 years.

    42. Laura Langehennig

      Overpriced, but nice.

    43. John Wyndham

      Expertly made Pinot with juicy red fruit, smoked meat, and faint vanilla notes. Well-balanced and exciting with firm tannins and a medium-length red berry finish. (90-92 pts)

    44. Virginia Juariqui

      Silky palate with deep fruit notes of black cherry, raspberry, and orange peel. Oak is prominent, slightly less complex than previous years. Thanksgiving wines 2016.

    45. Dustin Burgess

      SLH Pinot with lovely floral notes.

    46. Dolores Baca

      Great acidity and memorable finish, with deep cherry notes.

    47. Jeffrey Arata

      Fruit forward, not ideal with meal. Enjoyable for post-meal relaxation. Herbal and earthy notes on finish. Better in a year or two.

    48. Geneva Stcyr

      Great 2008 pinot from Hitching Post – earthy, juicy, semi-sweet and spicy. Medium finish. Worth the wait, wish I had more.

    49. Thomas Chan

      Hitching Post’s elegant Pinot Noir has a great acidity, red cherry, cola, and a long finish. A must-try for Pinot lovers.

    50. Patrick Murphy

      Enjoyed classic California Pinot. Rich, not overdone. Lots of spice, red fruit. Drink now.

    51. Karla Williams

      Highly recommended pinot with elegant balance, silky tannins, and perfect acidity. Strawberry, raspberry, and violets complement its medium body.

    52. Anthony Rose

      Ruby colored with medium legs, no sediment. Aroma of cranberry, strawberry, dust, mushroom and vanilla. Tastes like strawberry, red currant, dust, vanilla and clove with light/medium body and bright texture. Medium finish with medium acidity.

    53. Anna Hummel

      Good entry-level Pinot with woody complexity and decent fruit from Santa Barbara region.

    54. Barbara Johansen

      Lean wine with tart cranberry and red fruit notes. Burgundian style. 13% ABV.

    55. Douglas Dooling

      Bright red fruits with damp earth, good depth & balance, but simple & too much oak on PnP. Best after some air or decanting. Solid value for mid-$20s Pinot.

    56. Bernard Martin

      Smooth Pinot Noir with pleasant nose, chilled a bit. Easy to like.

    57. Michael Hilbert

      Decent, with acceptable fruit notes.

    58. William Ferdig

      Lovely Pinot Noir with a velvety mouthfeel and top-notch bouquet and palate. No noticeable tannins. Best California Pinot Noir example.

    59. Mary Johnson

      Distinctive Pinot with leather, tobacco, and earth notes. Great due to its atypical taste.

    60. Robert Carey

      Excellent Pinot, definitely worth a repeat.

    61. Sandra Fisher

      Dark ruby color with black cherry, blackberry, black pepper, and smoke aroma. Dark fruit flavors of black cherry, blackberry, plum, and cassis. Needs decanting for 15-30 minutes. Lengthy cherry and spice finish. Excellent, a favorite treat since Sideways.

    62. Steven Botello

      Great easy-to-drink Pinot noir from Santa Barbara. Will repurchase.

    63. John Signorile

      Disappointing, doesn’t live up to hype.

    64. John Blossom

      Improved score in recent Pinot shootout, 93+ by Vinnørd Holte.

    65. Charlotte Tucker

      Delicious. Paired with seasoned pork fillet and salad. Benefits from aeration.

    66. Deborah Sutton

      2018 vintage tasted great, bought at Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks. Enjoyed it for our anniversary celebration at Morongo Casino and Gipsy Kings concert.

    67. Helen Figueroa

      Wife-approved. Smooth. Bought 9 more at Total Wines.

    68. Jason Engler

      Great young wine, enjoyable now.

    69. Marvin Norton

      Ruby color with matchstick and smoked meat aroma. Medium body, acidity, and tannin grip. Red cherry and sauerkraut taste. Decanting recommended.

    70. Melissa Laffoon

      Full-bodied with a savory raspberry and red cherry palette, a medium cranberry finish, and mouthwatering acidity. A delicious vintage from Central Coast.

    71. Alfred Washington

      Smooth and good 2018 vintage from Total Wines.

    72. Gertrude Ernest

      Clean, pure and balanced with light tangy flavor, spiced mulberry aroma and good sweetness. Drinks well despite being young and slightly heavy.

    73. Virginia Healy

      A crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir with a focus on red fruits, oak, and acidity. Smooth with flavors of forest berries, vanilla, and cherry coke.

    74. Ramon Panebianco

      Red-purple color, black cherry, spice, and plum aromas. Black cherry, blackberry, plum, and cinnamon flavors with good balance and structure. Perfect with grilled or roasted meats.

    75. April Merriweather

      Magnum format of this wine was perfect – plush and in a great spot. Perfect storage made a huge difference. Fabulous with dinner at Hitching Post.

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    Critical Acclaim

    VIN 93
    The 2019 Pinot Noir Highliner is a blend of sites in Santa Maria and the Sta. Rita Hills. Black cherry, plum, cloves, leather, mocha and incense lend notable complexity to this mid-weight, refreshing Pinot Noir. There is good depth and plenty of freshness to pull it all together.

    What does Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019 taste like?

    Earthy Flavors of the wine

    leather, earthy, mushroom

    Red Fruit flavors of the wine

    cherry, raspberry, red fruit

    Oaky Flavors of the wine

    oak, tobacco, vanilla


    Black Fruit Flavors of the wine

    blackberry, plum, dark fruit

    Aromas and Flavors of Spices in the wine

    pepper, licorice, cinnamon

    Citrus notes found in the wine

    citrus, orange, orange peel

    cheese, cream

    Vegetal notes found in the wine

    tomato, asparagus, rhubarb


    Floral aromas found in the wine

    violet, perfume, apple blossom

    Food Pairing with Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019

    Our wine experts think this Light and Perfumed Hitching Post Pinot Noir Highliner 2019 wine would be a match made in heaven with these dishes. Bon appétit!

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