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Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Ancient Field Blend 2020

15.30% /
750ml /
Vintage: 2020
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    Old Hill Ranch is a historic California “Grand Cru” if ever there was one. This site has produced some of the most incredible Zinfandel-based wines ever produced – not least among them, the single vineyard Old Hill bottling from the glory days of California Zin standard-bearer, Ravenswood. Planted in the 1885, this dry-farmed, organic vineyard is the pinnacle of old vine viticulture and farming. The 2020 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Ancient Field Blend is from 12 acres of vines, 30 different varieties, co-harvested and co-fermented into one spectacular wine. The blend ends up being about 65% Zinfandel, co-harvested and fermented with Grenache, Alicante Bouschet, Petite Sirah, Grand Noir, Syrah, Carignan, and Mourvadre, to name a few.

    75 reviews for Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Ancient Field Blend 2020

    1. Keith Tomlin

      Review: 15.3% abv. Dark crimson. Red and blue fruit, spice box and bramble. Excellent depth, length, complexity and focus. Will improve for years.

    2. Robert Waite

      Vivino rating translated to 100 point scale in Jan 2021.

    3. Mary Rodriguez

      Smooth and gaining red fruit expression. Very nice.

    4. Jesse Valenzuela

      Balanced and full-bodied, this Zinfandel has a brilliant nose of red fruits, spices, and pepper. Enjoy black cherry, raspberry liqueur, cocoa and pepper on the palate with a long finish. Best over the next 3-5 years.

    5. Earl Story

      Excellent value Zinfandel blend.

    6. Angela Moore

      92+ score. Popped and poured, showing spice, floral and dark fruit character with a fair amount of oak that will fade over time. Drinking well already.

    7. Roland Maisonave

      Medium-bodied blend with notes of current, vanilla, saddle leather, espresso, cocoa, and black fruit. Good value for money.

    8. Gary Swearingen

      Impressive Bucklin. Red fruit, spice, and floral notes. Great sweetness. Would pair well with smoked meat.

    9. Robert Ward

      Heavy Zinfandel, ideal for big groups.

    10. Roberta Himmons

      WS94 review: Exotic wild berry, cracked pepper, forest floor & black licorice flavors in this Zin blend with 15.3% alcohol.

    11. Juanita Buffey

      Delicious now with ripe raspberry and strawberry notes, a hint of basil and a fresh acidity. No need to wait.

    12. Nancy Mckamey


    13. Cordelia Thomas

      Raspberry/blackberry fruit with spicy notes and firm tannins. Balanced acidity with a long, spicy finish. Great old school zinfandel. Drink within 5 years.

    14. Linda Quinn

      Dark cherry and blackberry flavors with zin spice and savory soy character. Great structure for aging. 93-95.

    15. Mildred Gutshall

      Soft tannins, black fruit, earthy nose, red fruit with black pepper finish, long finish with candied cherry. Depth.

    16. Harry Lorusso

      WS 94, $37 wine.com, Zin blend, smooth, black fruit, vanilla, spice, medium tannins, long finish. Good stuff, Bucklin is a keeper. 👍

    17. Elizabeth Johnson

      Bucklin’s 2018 Old Hill Ranch is brighter and fresher than its predecessors. Balanced by clear, ripe red fruit and with an earthy, herbal finish, it’s a winner.

    18. Michael Johnson

      CB at Wineworks recommended this first-time wine to us, and it was a sleeper hit. Slow to open, but worth the wait!

    19. Tiffany Keener

      Fantastic Zinfandel with a great nose of black and blue fruit and baking spice. Reflective palate with blackberry raspberry and baking spice. Well balanced with fantastic acid and lovely mouth feel. Impressive complexity and wonderfully long finish.

    20. Sheri Heckman

      Simple yet enjoyable, perfect for immediate consumption.

    21. Deborah Manalo

      Impressive wine with aromas of black pepper, cherry, licorice, raspberry, and a hint of boysenberry. Flavors of wild cherry, raspberry, boysenberry, strawberry, and a hint of white pepper. No heat detected in this 15.3% wine.

    22. Diane Mccoy

      2018 red wine with restrained fruit and earthy flavors. Good acidity and tannins. Benefit from aging. Lovely.

    23. Myron Brown

      Not as good as the last bottle. Possible inconsistency. Will try another one.

    24. Brian Bowling

      Perfect with pulled pork. Fruity blend, soft tannins, round mouthfeel complemented spice and smoke. Long finish.

    25. Lillie Andrews

      Great pairing with steak, lively with long finish. Compared to Prisoner, less perfumed but not syrupy.

    26. Opal Marshall

      Red fruit and cocoa powder with smooth tannins. Improved with time, but not as good as other vintages.

    27. Dana Marsh

      Smooth and balanced with ripe dark fruit notes. Tannins not overpowering, could age into a claret style.

    28. Crystal Cozart

      Enjoyable wine, can’t recall why.

    29. Antonio Hill

      Aromatically rich with ripe plum, cassis, and blue fruit. Balanced and poised with great complexity and length. Will age well for 6-10 years. A favorite rendition.

    30. Margaret Mcgee

      “Consistent but coarse. Waiting for last two bottles.”

    31. Thelma Panther

      Rich mouthfeel, happy red fruit, rusticness with a nice gravitas. Some mid-to-rear palate spiciness. Perfect for burgers.

    32. Jason Kahl

      Balanced with fruity notes of blueberry, raisin, plum, and blackberry. Tannic yet with a great mouthfeel. Perfect for a meal with citrus and aromatic ingredients. Nice finish.

    33. Mee Ford

      Spicy but fitting with burrito. Not my type of wine.

    34. George Keim

      WS 95: Excellent wine.

    35. Joseph Cotrell

      Dark berry flavors of blackberry with a hint of raisin and brambly notes. Salinity adds complexity, but tannins are firm.

    36. Regina Barton

      Silky and supple with long aging potential, Grenache shines through.

    37. Jennifer Long

      Great wine by Will Bucklin – balanced and delicious. Don’t miss the ancient Grenache. Listen to the Winemakers/Bedrock podcasts for more information.

    38. Eva Davis

      Terrific zin field blend, meant to age. Less fruit forward than some favorites, but still has red fruit, earthy and spicy notes, and ample acidity and tannins. Solid value from 140-year-old vines.

    39. Jose Patillo

      Smooth and tasty with notes of dark berries.

    40. Angel Birks

      Cherry red wine with raspberry and blackberry aromas. Lively, fresh fruit on the palate with warm spices. Sharp tannins and beautiful acidity. Finishes long and spicy with bramble fruits. Enjoy within 8 years. Classic OV field blend.

    41. Harold Jones

      Garnet color with purple undertones. Nose of bramble, red raspberries, and waxy violets. Palate is soft with waxy warmth.

    42. John Leary

      Super Bowl PnP. Red fruity, spicy, depth.

    43. Michele Fogel

      Outstanding Old Hill: Burgundy red with black raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, and a touch of mint. Excellent depth, length, and balance. Energetic and delicious. 15.3% abv.

    44. Marie Wright

      Delicious wine with caneberry flavors, ample acids. Young and may improve. Lacks individual character despite age of vines.

    45. Darlene Mata

      Plum-colored with spicy dark fruit aroma. Light hit of red fruit, black pepper spice, and slate mid-palate. Drying tannin. Darned good wine.

    46. Arthur Thrasher

      Aromas of red and dark fruits with a spice background. Smooth, long finish with balanced acid and tannins. Perfect with Hungarian sausage and potato goulash.

    47. Mark Araujo

      Delicious Zinfandel, worth keeping in the cellar for a few more years.

    48. Cathy Moore

      Silky smooth, rich and balanced with dark fruit, smoke and spice.

    49. Mary Carpenter

      2015 Zin-based blend with ripe berry fruit, Zin spice, warm herbs, and a minty finish. Balanced tannins and no need for aging.

    50. Robert Jacobsen

      Great tasting and versatile with food, could be a 90+++ wine.

    51. Emily Ready

      Bucklin Zin is the best with rich fruit, spice, and balanced acidity.

    52. Danielle Warren

      “Depth, complexity, and poise in this field blend. Notes of ripe plum, raspberry, sage, mint, and blue fruit. 15.3% ABV. Will improve for years.”

    53. Helene Acosta

      Excellent field blend with nuanced, balanced, and complex flavors.

    54. Gloria Griffin

      Crimson Zinfandel with stunning nose of red fruits, peach, anise and pepper. Medium body, juicy fruits and exceptional length. Best over 2-4 years.

    55. Susie Stewart

      Smooth and well-balanced, with notes of brambly fruit and spice. Enjoy until 2028, great with BBQ.

    56. Roni Clay


    57. Sara Oritz

      Moderate mixed fruit with black licorice notes. Easy to drink due to low acidity and tannins.

    58. Tamara Barnhart

      Buy again.

    59. Jennifer Matthews

      Beautifully complex and graceful. Wonderful expression of grand cru vineyard.

    60. Brian Losee

      Tasty PnP wine.

    61. Janet Kanas

      Delightful surprise with integrated fruits and soft tannins. Perfect for BBQ.

    62. Chris Henry

      Dark crimson, 15.3% ABV. Stunning nose of red and black fruits, citrus and herbs. Full bodied with mouth watering acidity. Blackberry, raspberry, blood orange and pepper on the palate. Tremendous length on the finish. Best over the next 4-6 years.

    63. James Schwenke

      This Old Hill wine is a perfect combination of freshness and power. Its ripe fruit comes with a finishing brightness and hints of blackberry, herbs, licorice, and strawberry preserves. A great choice for a long sleep.

    64. Sarah Bria

      Ideal wine for Thanksgiving dinner.

    65. Charles Willey

      Will knows OHR – an energetic, flavorful and distinctive wine.

    66. Jayson Chalender

      Phenomenal wine with currant, dark cherry, raspberry, cocoa, zesty notes and hints of smoke. Smooth, creamy and bold. Decanted for hours over 2 days.

    67. Shirley Kropf

      Youthful and flavorful wine with bright cherry and raspberry notes. While enjoyable now, it will improve with age.

    68. Jacqueline Katz

      Dark red with raspberry and anise on the nose. Smooth, intense fruit with firm tannins and great balance. Finishes long with blackberry and pepper. Classic Zin blend. Age for 2 years, drink for 6.

    69. Michael Nitta

      Complex and tasty field blend with sweet blue and black fruit, herbs, and spice. Medium body with tannins and acidity for staying power. Needs more time.

    70. Floyd Mitchell

      Impressive first experience with Bucklin’s old vine field blend. Can’t wait to try their 2021 vintage.

    71. James Proctor

      Review: Leaner zin with red cherries, cranberries, and cinnamon. Good acidity. Similar to Scherrer OMV. Can age up to 5 years.

    72. William Chiles

      Fruit-forward zinfandel with a jammy taste and briar finish. Ready to drink.

    73. Brandon Dekany

      Dark crimson with savory dark fruit and herb nose. Medium-full bodied, medium acidity with black cherry, raspberry, cocoa and pepper on the palate. Long, supple finish. Best over next year.

    74. Emma Jeffcoat

      Excellent wine, no detailed notes yet. Will update after trying it again.

    75. Kimberly Ness

      Excellent complexity, deep and rich, a remarkable job by Will in a challenging year.

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